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outbreak quest

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I took a blood test on oct 5 and was diagnosed with hsv2 on oct19. I never had an outbreak I actually had no clue I had it. I wake up having a stuffy nose or my throat feels a little funny. I read that flu like sympoms happen before an outbreak. Its hard to distinguish somethings because im pregnant and throw up a lot so idk if thats y my throat feels funny. also me and my bf had unprotected sex oct 18 this is a day before I got the results. Seeing that idk how long I had this do u think I would have had an outbreak by now? All I know is he is the only guy I ever been with and neither one of us ever had an outbreak.

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non stop guy

You need to call your dr and find out 1-what type of test you were given(igg;igm,ect.)2-what your number score was.3-what type there saying you have (tpye1 or type2) there is false positives.not very often.but they happen.don't take no for an answer on any of the 3questions.

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    • Marie053
      I believe it’s type 2 but apparently either strain can be found either end! So I will hopefully clarify all this in the coming week! 
    • Lakisha
      @WilsoInAus https://forums.herpesopportunity.com/topic/8577-unprotected-sex-and-transmission-of-hsv2-with-no-symptoms/ Here they say we can shed the hsv2 virus up to 35% of the time. We are far from the 4% transmission rate. That rate is not for everyone. So if i always have prodome and i shed more than others my transmission rate is a lot higher than just 4% so please stop spreading false information. 
    • KikiB
      Pictures  http://imgur.com/a/uK7T8jt
    • John1988
      Unsure whether this is something to be worried about or not. Coming up to 3 weeks now. I’ve been to a sexual health clinic and they said there’s nothing to worry about. I haven’t had sex in 6 months I’ve also never done it without a comdom. There is no fluid in them even when I’ve tried to squeeze them. There’s also 2 of them near my belly button 
    • KikiB
      Apologies for lack of photos, all.pics I have exceed the size limit for the forum
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