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Got some questions about HSV-1 Genital. Would love some input, please help

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Im gonna try to make my questions short and to the point, but first a little Background on me. Diagnosed through culture of having HSV-1 in genitals, no clear first outbreak, just months of constant symptoms (redness, itching, swelling, burning, tears, and finally an ulcer like sore.)

1. Can herpes cause vulvodynia? my symptoms are almost always present, the ones mentioned above, however they are not always severe.

2. Since my problems are always present, I am not really able to distinguish a true ob. But for the past couple of weeks I have had headaches, dizzy spells, sore muscles and joints, red and swollen belly button, and finally today extreme sensitivity and nerve pain in pelvic area, around vaginal opening and what I believe is a sore. Does this sound like an OB, if i can pinpoint specific outbreak symptoms i can better prepare.

3. Are all these symptoms common with HSV-1, I am starting to freak myself out thinking I have something far worse.

4. Last, I have no insurance, and cannot afford valtrex, or any other prescription, are there any vitamin supplements that help supress symptoms?

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I can't speak for women's symptoms, but as a guy I can tell you that I had redness, slight itching, a clammy-sticky feeling, and a bunch of other strange symptoms for almost 8-9 months. They were almost constant. The very strange thing to me is those symptoms would disappear right before any physical sign would emerge. They also disappear now if I take valicyclovir, which is suspect.

I feel strongly that you get a huge systemic reaction when first infected and that it takes your body a substantial amount of time to really get on top of things. This would explain why you see people newly diagnosed with symptoms all over the place, yet the old-timers of 20 years telling them it doesn't cause symptoms like that. It could be that they simply forgot how it was initially, or more likely blocked it from their mind. I need to go back and document everything I went through to help people out, it was the whole of my symptoms researched together that convinced me I couldn't believe the negative blood tests.

That said, you need to explore all options to make sure you are taking care of yourself. I had a biopsy, lots of blood tests to rule out other things, prostate tests, and several swabs for bacteria. When all of those came out negative and perfect I knew it was only a matter of time until I figured it out. It's true when Grace says not everything can be blamed on herpes, you have to explore all avenues.

On vitamin supplements, you'll see a lot of suggestions on here. It doesn't hurt to give them a shot, I think you'll find that nothing you try is going to work as well as Valtrex. Valtrex works by disrupting the DNA chain of viral replication, which means your body has less or no virus to fight. Supplements will help keep your body strong to fight viruses, but it's not always going to win, and some things will simply feed the virus.

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Where did you get tested and do you have the read out of the name of the test and values given?

Do you have any free clinics in your area where you could get an prescription from? Some of the larger drug stores / grocery stores, such as Walmart etc do a drug programme for $4, the copy valtrex is on their lists.

Don't freak - know it's hard not too, but HSV can be a slippery little sucker and many people don't get the "textbook" breakouts.

Also you should if possible (realise access to care maybe limited) to get checked out to rule out other conditions. These may be the true cause or they may be making the HSV "worse" as if your body is fighting an infection then HSV can often surface as your immune system is finding it hard to fight both at the same time.

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Thanks for the advice :) I got tested two years ago while pregnant with my son, when my problems developed, my husband had cold sores before we were married, nothing genital, and I went almost two years with no symptoms. i think the pregnancy lowered my immune system to allow for an outbreak. It was at my ob/gyn, however they would only write me a prescription to cover me until I gave birth. They never gave me a copy of my blood test, but at the time they were negative for both HSV-1 and 2, but i had a positive culture on a sore. there is a free clinic in this area where i could go, which I probably will soon. The more I track my symptoms the more I am confident they are all due to the HSV-1. They seem to peak when a sore appears and then level off and get better. Last night i was in extreme pain, with bad tingling and sensitivity, today, they are significantly better, seeming to me that my body is recovering from outbreaks quicker than when I was first diagnosed. I just a little overwhelming at times how many symptoms can come with an outbreak, but it is refreshing to be able to post questions on this board and get answers with no judgement. Thanks!

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