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Still smiling

I rarely think about it...

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Still smiling

When I was just 18 years old I went to the E.R and learned that I had been infected. My boyfriend was with me; and I can tell you without a doubt that this was the most defining day of my life FOR A LONG TIME. Now I am 41; married to that boyfriend of mine for nearly 20 years....I have a beautiful son - and most important - my life is not effected by this.

This evening I was google'ing something that ironically brought me to this web site and I read someone's post that compelled me to write...

Please know that the first few years are the worst with the outbreaks but after your immune system picks up you might have one every six months to a year; and the duration shortens. I have been with the same partener for over 20 years - using no protection and he has never been infected by me as I am very careful to avoid contact if I suspect any occurrance - and we always use good hygiene before and after contact.

The first few years were the worst for me because my self esteme and self image took a real blow. I didn't "sleep around" and always had the same boyfriend....but he occasionally got cold sores .... which led to my condition. Unless you have experienced this first hand you really can't understand what this does to a person.

Everybody in life goes through something embarrassing and life-changing; I don't care who you are. The important thing is to push it into the back of your head, live your life and try not to think about it....soon you will go a day, then 2 days, then pretty soon you will be going months without giving it a thought. It somebody would have told me 20 years ago that this would be possible - I wouldn't have believed it.

I am not going to tell you that if there was some cure for this that I would not be the first one in line; or that I would not die inside if I had to tell someone that I have this condition - but I am happy, content and living my life to the fullest - and rarely give this a thought anymore.

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oh thank you so much for posting this! i was officially diagnosed today! and i think my mom is having a harder time accepting it than i am. i just had my first ob so yeah right now it seems my life is over. i know it will get better. do you take meds daily? my doc said she doesnt want to put me on them daily unless i have ob's a lot. i have meds incase an ob comes though

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Still smiling

I dont take any meds. Years ago I tried taking them but they gave me a headache and upset stomach. As time goes on you won't need them. Now when I get an outbreak I only take a few pills for the first couple of days to shorten the duration and that is it; you can also apply Zovirax cream which helps. Extreme fatigue and stress cause my outbreaks - so I try to avoid them.

I am so glad that I could give you some encouragement and some friendly advice. I promise you that with time this will fade into the background of your life.

When you do get an outbreak though, take the meds right away to lessen the severity; there will be a couple of days when this can be quite painful if you don't. I have found that the meds shorten the duration to 5 days and if you don't take any meds it lasts about 10 days. I have also found that on occassion when I do get an outbreak; which is now AT LEAST 6 months apart - sometimes I get another outbreak soon after - but my condition always goes into a remission. Once I almost went an entire year. The more time that passes...the longer the duration between outbreaks.

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I think it's a much easier thing to accept if ur with the person still who gave it to you... When many ppl are facing it alone and dealing with a world that has it so stigmatized it can be a harder pill to swallow.. Life goes on but for many they suffer, we need better meds if not a cure.. If someone has oral herpes and gives it to their partner genitally its harder for the giver to get it genitally if they already have antibodies from it orally, although not impossible to happen but the chances are very low..

I'm glad ur hubby stuck by ur side we need more of this to happen.. Some ppl can't bare the social impact herpes causes.. Praying for better meds

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Thank you this really helped i am currently going through my first ob and i can't believe how painful it is.

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    • Miss Annie
      Thank you. Yes, I was on Positive Singles and met someone I was with for 2 years. We recently broke up but may work things out. Truth be told, dating is touch. With or without a virus. 
    • Godsaveus
      A possible problem is that it will possibly be overshadowed by emails regarding other health problems such as cancer which carry no stigma and therefore have a more massive amount of requests.
    • WilsoInAus
      @nydb1 I feel you can be quite confident that you do not have genital herpes here.  Please return to your doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.
    • f*ckedOver
      Maybe this has been asked already, but is there way we could get everyone on the site to write emails to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation?  If they got 1000s of emails about this issue maybe they would fund people like the researchers at Penn?????????
    • nydb1
      Hey Folks. I have been taking Acyclovir 400MG 3 times a day orally since 1/17. It seems to have helped the burning, but the pain stills comes and goes. Should I continue to take the antivirals? Is it normal for a burning pain to last this long? I think I may continue to take the prescription until I am out of pills, but I am concerned that I am still in pain.

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