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35% Food grade hydrogen peroxide

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Hello friends, :wavey:

I got this information online from researching ways to kill herpes. I know there's "no cure" I've read it over and over. We all got in this mess from trusting the wrong people. I know many remedies online are scams.

I've been researching about "Ozone" and this is a treatment that I copied. Perhaps you all can research this with me.

Has anyone tried oral 35% Food grade hydrogen peroxide? Ozone?

*** Please let me know, no negative messages please. I just want to know if any of you have tried this and what are yours results. ***


It is suggested to take the below dosages either one hour

before eating or 3 hours after eating.

Use the dosages listed in the chart with 5 ounces of

distilled or purified water. When reaching higher dosages,

more water may be used.

Take on an empty stomach, 1 hour before a meal and at least

3 hours after a meal. If your stomach gets upset at any

level, stay at that level, or go back one level. NOTE:

Candida victims may need to start at 1 drop 3 times per day.

Dosage Schedule for undiluted 35% H202

1st day,use 9 drops ( 3 drops, 3 times/day)

2nd day,use 12 drops ( 4 drops, 3 times/day)

3rd day,use 15 drops ( 5 drops, 3 times/day)

4th day,use 18 drops ( 6 drops, 3 times/day)

5th day,use 21 drops ( 7 drops, 3 times/day)

6th day,use 24 drops ( 8 drops, 3 times/day)

7th day,use 27 drops ( 9 drops, 3 times/day)

8th day,use 30 drops (10 drops, 3 times/day)

9th day,use 36 drops (12 drops, 3 times/day

10th day,use 42 drops (14 drops, 3 times/day)

11th day,use 48 drops (16 drops, 3 times/day)

12th day,use 54 drops (18 drops, 3 times/day

13th day,use 60 drops (20 drops, 3 times/day)

14th day,use 66 drops (22 drops, 3 times/day)

15th day,use 72 drops (24 drops, 3 times/day

16th day,use 75 drops (25 drops, 3 times/day)

For more serious complaints stay at 25 drops, 3 times per

day for 1 - 3 weeks. Next graduate down to 25 drops, 2

times per day until the problem is taken care of. This may

take from 1 - 6 months.

When free of complaints, you may taper off by taking:

25 drops once every other day, 4 times

25 drops once every third day for 2 weeks

25 drops once every fourth day for 3 weeks

A good maintenance would be 5 - 15 drops per week, depending

on the amount of cooked and processed foods you are eating.

Possible Reactions to Hydrogen Peroxide

Skin eruptions, nausea, sleepiness, unusual fatigue,

diarrhea, colds (in head or chest), ear infections, boils,

or any other method that the body uses to emit toxins from

the body (the toxins have been rooted out by the use of

hydrogen peroxide).

This is the natural way for the body to cleanse and the

natural cleansing will be of short duration, as you continue

to maintain your program. Above all, even if you must

decrease the dosage, continue the program, don't give up.

If you get a cleansing reaction, you may want to increase

the dosage to hasten the cleansing. A cleansing is the

effect on the body of bacteria dying off, or various forms

of poisons being released through the eliminative organs of

the body, i.e. skin, lungs, kidneys and bowels.

Remember: When hydrogen peroxide come in contact with virus

and streptococcus, it will liberate free oxygen (02).

This may be happening in your stomach. If your stomach

feels uneasy, it is only the hydrogen peroxide seeking out

the virus and streptococcus to destroy.

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Hello MiamiBeauty,

I looked into this a year ago and actually purchased the H202 and began this regiment for a few days...i was and still am hopeful that this would work based on the theory behind it...but honestly got scared after reading things online about not safe or no data to support what is happening in your body because of the low dosage overtime...there is no FDA approal obviously and nobody that i know personally that has done it...maybe we can talk more about it if you like.

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Swallowing concentrated hydrogen peroxide has been reported to cause the following problems:

Severe burns of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach

Stomach bleeding

Ulcerating colitis

Intestinal gangrene

Air embolism (a potentially life-threatening air bubble in the bloodstream)

Swelling of the brain




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    • WillToLive77
      @Blondii So sorry to hear that you're in... well, the same boat as me and just about everyone on here. The guy I'm pretty sure I got it from made me feel really bad after we hooked up and is really a pretty horrible person, so having contracted it from him, makes it feel SO MUCH WORSE, because it wasn't worth it. I'm still trying to get through the whole, why did I do it with him? However, I really feel much more sad and mad with myself than him, even though I took all the necessary precautions. Unfortunately, we dealt with some not-so-great people, but maybe this happened to us for a reason. Maybe it was fates way of pushing us in a direction to start dating better people who are understanding and caring. 
    • adiebear
      See here regarding Halford's response to shedding- and more:  
    • b12castles
      Wouldn't be possible to ask Dr. Halford why he did not include viral shedding and how he plans to address this point? I do not have the background to build a proper email with scientific quotes unfortunately... Moreover, it would be interesting to know how he plans to avoid another AuRx story... I do not understand... does he plan to go out with a phase I based on safety with no additional trials or data (i.e. shedding) and hope for the best? What is his approach, leverage real world patient data in the coming years to build a semi-robust sample to be presented to the various countries and respective ministry of health? I am confused also on the way the phase I study is going to be finalised, will it be solely spontaneously self reported by Halford's patients or will it design differently? Apologies if some questions are noob level...
    • adiebear
      Hi all. Just joined- having been directed here by a penpal from H-Ype.
      Rather excited about the Halford vaccine trial results and keen to keep up to speed. Not seeking help or counselling as I am not 'suffering'- am used to HSV2 and generally keep it in check by recognising prodrome symptoms and adjusting diet and lifestyle accordingly. Have a good day wherever you are. Adiebear.
    • Bukx
      wow, I just read about seems live atenuated has been absolutely in reach since ever;im not a conspiracy kind of guy but is so amazing that a vaccine that produced 85% reduction in symptoms was stoped because of financial reasons, I mean, if you see the ammount of money people is putting in developing apps that have almost no chance to succeed, it seems imposible .... I can`t think other explanation other than big companies deliberately avoiding the easy way to put their more complex (and so, more difficult to imitate) product in the market; it`s crazy
    • WilsoInAus
      I'm not sure what viral shedding studies would actually do. To do any good, the study of shedding needs to be both continuous and include determination of copy volume (that is, professional and consistent swabbing or related technique by a professional); how is this possible? For example, shedding can remain on the same number of days (or should it be hours?) but if the copies are dramatically reduced, the vaccine is 'successful'. For those with HSV already, then shedding reduction is not as important as symptom reduction. And what is most important of all is whether the preventative vaccine is effective against an unvaccinated carrier. 
    • StayingUpbeat
      Sadly no.  The too good to be true vibe mentioned by @Malcom coupled with the lack of measured viral shedding in the trial is troubling.  Don't get me wrong, Halford's vaccine has the potential to be a biblical good.  I volunteered for the trial.  My greatest worry is that history repeats itself and Dr. Halford is fundamentally repeating the AuRx folly.  In the early 2000's a researcher by the name of Laurent Aurelian, citing the same fundamental headaches with the FDA about performing clinical trials of his live attenuated ICP10 vaccine, went to Mexico and held a Phase I trial.  In the published results 84% of those injected claimed to have significant symptom relief.  Without numeric shedding reduction results it was impossible to differentiate between placebo effect and viral transmission impact.  14 years later, the AuRx website: has the same statement indicating that they are awaiting investors to move forward.  I really, really, wish that Dr. Halford had included viral shedding results in his trial.  I hope that he plans to in later phases and that he is able to collect that metric before RVx runs out of money just like AuRx did.
    • JBnATL
      Hi there, you have come to the right place.  This website has the most accurate information about this virus on the internet. Most people who do get an outbreak do so 2 - 20 days after getting this virus, so it does sound like you did get it from your current bf.  However, if you are in the minority and did have it prior to being with him then the chances of you passing it to him are remote when you don't have an outbreak. You asked for links about ttansmission risks and here are two great ones for you: Good luck! JB
    • Srsly.Ovr.It
      If you're anywhere near a Planned Parenthood, they have a sliding fee scale for all services (including testing) based upon your income.
    • cantdoit
      Do we know anything about shedding reduction ?
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