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Positive Result from Blood Test for HSV2 - Thoughts?

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I had a full STD screening done over the past couple days and the one positive result I had was for HSV2, with a value of 3.2 from a blood test. I had Kaiser insurance before (2009-2011) and while tested, I don't think they did the full test including Herpes because I wasn't at high risk, and never knew if this was a positive result. Obviously, this came as a shock, but I am prepared to deal with it, but I would greatly appreciate some opinions on the result. I sincerely appreciate any responses from members of this forum.

I've read a lot of posts on this topic, regarding false positives and symptoms, and while there is a lot of good information out there, everyone is unique.

I have never had a single symptom of herpes type 2 - nothing in the genital area nor any other health problems. Nothing even approaching a potential symptom. I have had very few sexual partners over the past five years - vast majority were longer term, including a three year and close to one year relationship, and never had multiple partners. None of them mentioned HSV2 or more importantly showed any signs of the virus while we were together.

So here are my questions. I appreciate any response:

  • Should I get another test, such as Western Blot to confirm this result?
  • If, in fact, my 3.2 result is correct would that indicate how long I have had HSV2?
  • If the test result is correct, is it possible that I would never show any symptoms? Ever? I am healthy, but not a marathon runner and my job is extremely stressful (I saw this as one trigger)

I do apologize if this has been posted/responded to before, but again everyone is unique and it doesn't hurt to try.



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Hi Steve

If you are in doubt then re-test. Western Blot is thought to be the gold standard but with all tests there is a grey area and false positive do happen.

The number is within the grey area - anything less than 3.5 is considered to be - so again a re-test would be a good idea.

If you do have it then unfortunately there is no way of knowing when from the number - the higher the number doesn't equate to length of time.

Lots of people have HSV and never show any symptoms that's why HSV is such a slippery little sucker. And as you said everyone is unique and they are also unique to how their body reacts to HSV.

Hope that helps

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Thank you for the reply

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