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Genital and Oral Hsv1 (Same Time) Question

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I was diagnose with Genital Hsv1, i had an Outbreak about more than a month ago, this was on genital.

Ok since then im on valtrex 500mg, b12, lysine and Vitamins (Daily).

Its been a about 40 days approx, from that OB, i think i had a mild OB about a week ago.

Ok the question is, has anyone got it genital and oral also? And if yess, what OB did come first? Oral or genital?

Im having strange feelings on my lips, and i dont know what to think, everytime i see something on lips i get anxious and scared.

Obviously cause if she had hsv1 and gave oral and kissed, common sense it should be on both..

But also, others tell me that genital hsv1 does not like much to be in genitals, so the recureence is much less for many people.

Thing is that, if the hsv1 likes more the oral part does it make sense that it should Outbreak first on oral?

Thats what people Have said. Cause i had genital OB first.

Does someone has any knowledge about this?

Or does someone has experienced something like this?

I really appreciate your input.

Thank You

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