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Doc didn't specify 1 or 2 for genital case - Can I guess by symptoms?

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I was diagnosed 6 years ago, so not new but I put my head in the sand and so I'm new with the information. I don't know when I got this or how long I've had it. I get one little tiny spot near the perineum but still on the vagina. It's very mild, gone within days, and has flared up maybe 3 times in the last 6 years though I don't take Valtrex or anything else. I had a b/f that used to get cold sores and I may have gotten it from him. I got married and had an episode so I got tested and it was positive but doc didn't specify HSV1 or 2. Though he refuses to get tested, I don't think my husband has it. We don't have sex if I'm flaring, but haven't been cautious other than that. Given this information, can I assume with a high probability that I have HSV1 and that the chance of me passing it to my husband is super low? I'm trying to get out of retesting b/c my insurance hardly pays for anything these days. I'm really wanting to find out b/c the H has basically ruined my sex life w/ my husband and if I can make him feel more comfortable about his chances of catching it, I'm hoping he'll feel better about sex. Thanks!

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Actually, the primary OBs for HSV-1 and HSV-2 are the same, but the recurring OBs for HSV-2 occur 10 times more than genital HSV-1 and genital HSV-1 OBs tend to be really mild. Sounds like HSV-1, but I would post on MedHelp.org in the Herpes Community Forum for free to get a better idea. 50% of those with genital HSV-1 never get another OB; 40% get a few over 1-2 years; and only 10% get recurring OBs. It sounds like HSV-1, and genital HSV-1 only sheds less than 12 days per year, and only 10% of new genital HSV-1 infections are caused by genital-to-genital sex; the other 90% is caused by oral sex. It's highly likely that your husband already has HSV-1 orally since 60-80% of the population has it (most get it as a child from a relative giving them a peck on the lips or maybe he got it orally from a previous gf). If he does have it, you are highly, highly, highly unlikely to spread it to his genitals; an exception would be if he is immunocompromised from diabetes, HIV, etc.

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You cannot guess by the symptoms, or the rate of recurrences.

Genital HSV-2 tends to reoccur more often than Genital HSV-1, but since both strains can reoccur very rarely (most people with HSV-2 are either asymptomatic, or have such mild symptoms that they don't recognize them), it's difficult to try to guess which one you have that way.

If you are really concerned about what strain you have, go to another doctor, or a clinic, and have a test done that will tell you the type.

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    • Lulupazoola
      Anyone know anything about potential side effects?
    • LovedAnyway
      You obviously can’t read. Why don’t you actually read the article, or the excerpt I posted? Here it is even simpler for you: prostaglandins were shown to enhance the spread of herpes virus in cell culture 26 27 and to inhibit interferon production 27 28 and were implicated in the reactivation of herpetic skin lesions. 
    • viralfrog
      Hormones definitely affect HSV outbreaks according to research. I'm a male but on anti-estrogen medication in constant trouble. Have a look at my thread here: https://honeycomb.click/topic/76903-over-4-years-with-hsv-2-symptoms-keep-getting-worse-with-non-stop-outbreaks-despite-suppressive-therapy-need-help/ 

      First page, 8th post with studies about E2 / Progesterone effects on HSV. 
    • viralfrog
      It's getting pretty terrible now, I don't ever remember the last time I was feeling normal. I'm so sick of this constant flu-like feeling that makes me depressed and very unproductive. I have so many ideas and ambitions for life but I end up just doing the bare minimum due to constantly feeling like shit.  A week ago I tried stopping my anti-estrogen medication if that could have been the cause (it states "infection" in the listed, common side effects). Had my hopes up for a day or two but just got another outbreak this week that makes me want to sleep in bed all day. On top of this, now my breasts hurt because of increased E2 levels. 

      I guess I still have some hopes with new research drugs such as Crispr and Amenalief. I would order Amenalief from Japan immediately, but it costs more than my monthly rent.. I might have to start a business on top of my full time job so I can afford it. Better option than self-pity but extra stress will surely not help with the HSV2 ;) 
    • VladimirM
      Probably the therapy with SADBE helps us to develop a partial immune system on HSV. If you use more SADBE you will develop more immune system on HSV. This is most likely a mechanism of action.

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