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I just got my test results a few days ago and found out I have genital HSV-1. I noticed my first bump last Sunday (Dec 9th) but didn't have any idea it could have been herpes. I thought it was just an ingrown hair or pimple. After that it got a lot worse, so I went to my doctor. It got quite bad and was very painful. I've been on Valtrex for about 10 days now, and just started taking Lysine tablets yesterday. Glad to say I've been feeling much better.

I've never had any symptoms until now, and have been with my current boyfriend for about 8 months. My doctor thinks he likely has oral HSV-1, even though he doesn't think he's ever had a cold sore, and that I probably got the virus through oral sex. I had no idea before that people could carry the virus orally without visible sores, or that it could be transferred oral to genital. I definitely wish I would have known! He has been really supportive and great about the whole thing, I'm trying to convince him to get a blood test so we can know for sure if he has the virus or not.

Since I've been diagnosed, I've been very paranoid and anxious about spreading it to other parts of my body. I've been washing my hands a lot since I found out I have it, but I'm worried I could have transferred it elsewhere before I knew what I had. I'm worried I could have it orally too, and don't know how to be sure if I do or not. My lips have been really dry lately but I haven't noticed any actual sores. I've also been worried that some pimples on my hairline and near my eyebrows could actually be herpes sores. This may sound silly, I've just been worrying a lot about it.

I have a few questions:

1) Does it seem worthwhile for my boyfriend to get a blood test to see if he does in fact have HSV-1?

2) How likely is it to transfer the virus elsewhere on your body? Can HSV-1 sores occur on 'normal' skin like on the forehead?

3) Should I ask my doctor for a refill perscription in case I start to experience another outbreak on a weekend, or during the holidays when my doctor's office is closed? Also how long do you generally stay on valtrex for to treat an outbreak? I have a 10 day perscription, with only 2 days left and I still have some sores.

Thanks in advance, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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hey the good news is hsv 1 is not all that commeon genitally and harder to spread! however, i would highly reccomend your partner get tested. my giver had no symptoms and still gave me hsv1 genitally! dont know about occuring on normal skin but if you touch a sore then your lip or eyes then you could spread it. hand washing is paramount when going through an outbreak!

discuss with your doctor what pattern of medication is best for you, some people take tabs daily.

my prescription was fora week and im all finished, still a couple of sores but im fine now. i would advise some nappy rash cream like sudocrem or iodine cream like betadine to help with pain releif and to dry up sores quicker-these were magic for me with my first ob this week! also epsom salts are supposed to be good

everyone is different so see what works for you, some poeple like tea tree oil and lysine others dont. nothing is wrong though!

hope this is of help to you and good luck in the future!

take care, dive mad :)

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I'm going to give you answers based on what I've read from the leading STD experts (Dr. Handsfield and Dr. Hook) and Herpes expert (Terri Warren) about HSV-1.

1) Yes, he should get tested just to confirm his status if he never remembers getting cold sores. Realistically, 60-80% of adults carry HSV-1 while only 20-40% of those get recognizable symptoms (cold sores or fever blisters) and the rest are asymptomatic. If you both have it, but it's in different places, there's no need to take precautions according to Dr. Handsfield as he explains in the thread below. bebc http://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/Partners-have-different-HSV1-genital--oral-/show/1129351

2) Extremely unlikely for you to transfer HSV-1 to another part of the body. If you're going to spread it, it is going to be during your primary OB, but even then, the chances of you spreading it are very slim. After that, it's extremely, extremely difficult to spread. If you think about it, many babies get cold sores and are prone to touching everything, so if it was easily spread then we'd see babies walking around with genital herpes from touching their cold sores then their genitals. Thankfully, we don't see babies with that lol. The forehead is an extremely abnormal place for HSV-1 to be unless you're a wrestler. If you're going to spread it anywhere, it would be to your mouth, lips, nose, ears, and possibly fingers (herpetic whitlow). It's important to know that this is extremely rare, but wash your hands before touching your eyes, ears, nose, mouth. In the future, you won't have to worry about spreading this at all since your body will have built up antibodies that prevent HSV-1 from being spread to other locations. Right now, your body is just developing them, and your antibodies will become protective around the 3 week mark. Here's some more about that by Herpes expert, Terri Warren. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Herpes/Spreading-Cold-Sores-or-HSV1/show/1822568

3) The primary outbreak is almost always the worst, but it's important to know the genital HSV-1 doesn't cause another outbreak for 40% of people, 50% only get 1-2 outbreaks over a few years, while the very few get recurring OBs like with HSV-2. HSV-2 recurs 10 times more than genital HSV-1. Genital HSV-1 recurring outbreaks tend to be much more milder than HSV-2 since they're out of their site of preference. Zinc has been proven to help reduce outbreaks whereas Lysine has been proven to not have any effect on OBs. Most people with genital HSV-1 do not need medication because the outbreaks are few, if any in the future. If you want to play it safe, go ahead and get a script for Valtrex just in case you have another OB, but it's likely that you'll have the Valtrex sitting around untouched for years! Genital HSV-1 is so mild that I know many people who haven't taken meds even for the primary OB. Feel free to ask more questions!

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Thanks so much for your replies! You've made me feel a lot better. I think I'm just being paranoid that I've spread it to other parts of me. I was even a bit of a hypochondriac before I was diagnosed and this has just made that worse! My partner is going to get tested now, just so we know for sure. My doctor also told me the same thing Victor mentioned; that if he does have oral HSV-1 there's almost no chance of me giving it to him genitally as well.

I'm glad to hear that HSV-1 OBs don't reoccur very often. Hopefully this will be the OB I ever have!

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Yes I would ask him to get tested so that you know.

The changes of you passing it too another area of your body are low.

Yes I would recommend getting some back up antivirals to have on hand incase your doctors office is closed..

I don't want to upset you.. but there is another side to HSV1..

I have as many outbreaks with genital HSV1 as someone with HSV2.

While you should hope for the best and that this is the only outbreak you get.. expect that you may get another one because you need to be emotionally prepared.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      I’ll stop doing it then hahah yeah mine doo too they are like milk spots but these bad boys have got a lot of them in them!! I think these are the ones that was under my skin I’ll stop touching them hopefully they’ll go away I’ve never had a blister/ spot on my lips or inside my mouth so i was just been curious if it’s on my face or so, thank you for advice tho lovely 
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      I would suggest you don t have to tell many people about it you have HSV ..May be you can tell people with whom you are in relationship now or any future partners ..telling anyone else will make unnecessary more worrying only ... 
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      Stop picking them or poping them and see does it goes away on its own ? i also get some of these on my forehead with white discharge sometimes ..but my poping them it spreads to more area of skin ..
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      No I’m kinda embarrassed to go pick up the prescription to be honest. How do they work for u?

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