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Tips for Men to alleviate symptoms

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I have not read through all of the threads in this site, but I've discovered a few things which help my symptoms. I'm a biochemist. None of these recommendations are herbal or anything like that. They're methodological improvements to things I've seen floating around.

1) Soaking with saltwater; it sounds easy; the science is reasonably obvious, but for the men out there who have tried it, it's a rather dysfunctional thing to do.

Tip: put 2tsp or so of salt in a condom, with 1-2" of water, then put it on. Slosh it around, especially if you're uncircumcised. How long you leave it on is a matter of debate and individual biology, but certainly don't try and do this for very extended periods of time, the osmosis will pull all of the water out of your penis. That's bad.

Physicians generally recommend salt twice a day or whatever... That literature is all over. The key here is: use a condom. It's unbelievable functional, and you can make a rather concentrated solution without using half a box of salt.

2) If you find your outbreak is seriously distracting you from something important. Studying for a stressful final exam, etc. you can always buy ointments or sprays with lidocaine (here it is called Polysporin Complete). It burns like hell for 5 seconds but by god, you will have relief enough to accomplish your task. Be warned, many of the sprays use alcohol as a solvent. Use ointments when possible to avoid the extra stinging.

Consider this before using salt if your sores are bad enough for the salt to be especially painful. It is, in my experience, FAR more effective than painkillers; and scientifically it is far less harmful to your body than medium-long term acetaminophen (Tylenol) use.


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • WilsoInAus
      That’s right, most infections of the one type are in one nerve ganglion. As such, the virus only appears at the skin’s surface where that ganglion reaches to.  This does all come down to the numbers though, if you have no other evidence than a firmly positive HSV infection, the default assumption which is not likely to be wrong is that type 1 is oral and type 2 is genital. A positive swab is the only evidence to the contrary.
    • Lulupazoola
      I was having back to back OB's and decided to try several things I had read about here.  The first one was instant gratification:  oil of oregano diluted with fractionated coconut oil.  I could feel another OB coming, tingles, and just spread the oil all over the area.  In a few minutes the tingle was gone.  The lesions and red scarring i had responded well to it too.  Went away promptly.  The second thing was diet.  A person on this forum said they had good results by eating more vegetables, some fruit, meat and mostly using potatoes for carbs.  Like, leaving grains alone.  I decided to leave wheat alone and use other grains occasionally.  I no longer eat chocolate, nuts, seeds, coconut, oats, as these r all potential triggers for an OB.  I take 1000 mg lysine 2 x day in case i unknowingly eat some food that is high in arganine.  So far so good.  Another person on this forum said she took neem capsules 2 x day and hadnt had another outbreak in 2 years.  So i do that too.  It hasnt been long enough for me to make any great claims, but the continuous, never ending breakouts have stopped, i have energy and feel good.
    • Friends
      Is it possible to catch HSV 2 somewhere else other than the penis... And if so does this mean you will not transmit from that area? 
    • Lulupazoola
      I wouldnt want to give anyone info that they might decide to use against me at some point.  U must tell those that u must tell, but otherwise, i would only unburden myself anonymously, like on a forum.  No judgment or harm here.
    • Thomas29
      Could you recommend any decent treatment if you know of any?

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