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Please help.... I'm panicing

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How can you spread herpes?

I am recently infected. Two weeks ago my 5 year old son had surgery on his penis.

After surgery - everytime he went to the bathroom we had to put neosporin on the tip of his penis. I was careful and washed my hands before everytime. EXCEPT once in the middle of the night - I was half awak - he went potty - I grabbed the neosporin and put it on - and then quickly realized I had not washed my hands and that I had probably touched myself downthere because I was in the middle of an outbreak and it itched.

Could I have spread it to him - OMG he is only 5 and I'm freaking out.

What kind of horrible mother am I??? Is it possible that I could have given it to him.

We are twelve days out and I keep asking him if his penis burns, etc. Then today he said it hurt him to pee twice - once yesterday and once today. I dont know if he was serious or not. Because I was asking him a lot.

He just went pee and said it didn't hurt at all. I'm confused and panicked.......

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Soap and water left on hands a few seconds kills herpes. Likely you didn't. To put your mind at ease, buy a box of gloves, and wash hands and put gloves on before applying ointment.

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    • LemonOne9
      Awesome. If all goes well when might this realistically be available for purchase?
    • MikeHerp
      Dude, you just got severely censured by Mods for denying the link between HSV and HIV and spreading dangerous misinformation.  This isn't the right time to begin spouting off your crackpot theories again.  
    • WilsoInAus
      I have no real idea why it says positive, something to do with the IgM - I’m not sure. I chose my words carefully though, this does show you do not have genital herpes. Why? Because HSV-2 testing is very accurate especially for recent infections. So is HSV-1. However HSV-1 can produce flaky results if you’ve had the virus a long time. If this is you then you may have an oral HSV-1 infection from childhood.
    • Roxanne11
      Hey Wilson! Thank for responding yet again to me! What are your thoughts on the line that says ‘Herpes Simplex Virus 1     Positive’?? this doesn’t state IgG - it just says I’m positive for HSV1?
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Roxanne11 those results are quite clear for IgG. Being negative you can be highly confident you do not have either type genitally.
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