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how its going since first talk/so far so good

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ok you guys, so heres how my week has been. all week i have barely heard from new guy, since having the talk, my first time having the talk. im all a jitter, partly from having someone in my head and potentially my heart for first time in so long, partly nerves about the effect having to tell him has had on where we go from here.

before i told him things were getting pretty intense physically (no sex, clothes still on... but...) and lots of warm sweet texts. after i told him, saw him one time we cuddled but not even really a kiss. then days and days and hardly any texts nothing like before. so when he cancelled another visit i couldnt take it anymore and just flat out asked him if we were drifting, and if it was because of what i told him. he was very honest and said that yes he has been thinking about what i told him but it hasnt changed how he feels about me as a person but is hesitant to take it much further until he does some research and i talk to my doctor about precautions and options...

i have seen him since and am happy to report that the sexy kisses are back and the holding and the hope... in the mean time its christmas, everyone is busy so here is to looking after ourselves, getting lots of rest and good food and making secret wishes on christmas candles!

happy holidays everyone!

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So any new news to report (even though it's only been a couple of days?). I got HSV2 from my husband while we were dating, who didn't know he had it. When I got married, I still didn't think I really had it because the cultures had come back negative. That was about 20 yrs ago. I am now divorced. I met someone a few months ago (first person I've dated since my divorce), and it has gone so well. He is wonderful to me and I know he really likes me a lot. I had not really even thought much about my "issue" in the beginning because it really has never affected my life. I don't really have outbreaks. I will occasionally get the "tingling, itching" sensation for a few days, and then it goes away. In the past week, the physical relationship has been progressing, and now I'm going to have to tell him. I felt like I was so fortunate to have the first person I met be such a sweet man who is so crazy about me.

I guess not everyone knows all the "facts" about this disease.....but honestly, it seems like if 1 in 4 women have this, it really shouldn't be much of an issue once someone realizes that fact. If he were to choose not to be in a relationship with me, then he has a 1 in 4 chance that the next person he gets involved with will have it also.....and may not even know it (if I understand the statistics correctly!). Ugh....I sure dread this conversation.

Please update how things are going!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • WilsoInAus
      That’s right, most infections of the one type are in one nerve ganglion. As such, the virus only appears at the skin’s surface where that ganglion reaches to.  This does all come down to the numbers though, if you have no other evidence than a firmly positive HSV infection, the default assumption which is not likely to be wrong is that type 1 is oral and type 2 is genital. A positive swab is the only evidence to the contrary.
    • Lulupazoola
      I was having back to back OB's and decided to try several things I had read about here.  The first one was instant gratification:  oil of oregano diluted with fractionated coconut oil.  I could feel another OB coming, tingles, and just spread the oil all over the area.  In a few minutes the tingle was gone.  The lesions and red scarring i had responded well to it too.  Went away promptly.  The second thing was diet.  A person on this forum said they had good results by eating more vegetables, some fruit, meat and mostly using potatoes for carbs.  Like, leaving grains alone.  I decided to leave wheat alone and use other grains occasionally.  I no longer eat chocolate, nuts, seeds, coconut, oats, as these r all potential triggers for an OB.  I take 1000 mg lysine 2 x day in case i unknowingly eat some food that is high in arganine.  So far so good.  Another person on this forum said she took neem capsules 2 x day and hadnt had another outbreak in 2 years.  So i do that too.  It hasnt been long enough for me to make any great claims, but the continuous, never ending breakouts have stopped, i have energy and feel good.
    • Friends
      Is it possible to catch HSV 2 somewhere else other than the penis... And if so does this mean you will not transmit from that area? 
    • Lulupazoola
      I wouldnt want to give anyone info that they might decide to use against me at some point.  U must tell those that u must tell, but otherwise, i would only unburden myself anonymously, like on a forum.  No judgment or harm here.
    • Thomas29
      Could you recommend any decent treatment if you know of any?

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