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Newly Diagnosed...Struggling

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Hey there,

Last week I was diagnosed with herpes. It was a visual diagnosis but I am pretty sure its the right one just from my symptoms and the fact my anti virals have seemed to help. I don't know what strain I have but I seem to have blisters "down there" and also on my face. My boyfriend has never had any of these symptoms and still hasn't even though we've been have unprotected (no condom) sex for awhile now. At first we thought maybe it was him but now after reading it might be me. How long can someone have herpes and never have an outbreak??! I'm always worrying about things and stressing out, why would all of a sudden I have an outbreak? I haven't even been stressing much!

Now I'm done my anti virals and I'm worried that it will just come back! My boyfriend has promised he isn't going anywhere and that I'm still beautiful but I just feel so dirty and alone. Please can anyone help or be a friend to talk to? Someone who has gone through this and knows what's up a little more than me and my boyfriend who are going by what google tells us?

The doc took a swab off a sore from down there when she diagnosed me but with the holidays it will be forever before I get results back...:dong::dong:

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Well, let me start off by saying I get how shitty you feel and I'm very sorry you have to go through this. These boards have been very therapeutic for me though and I'm sure they'll be for you as well.

It's very possible, your boyfriend is one of those lucky people who might be infected yet never have any physical manifestations of the virus. However it's a smart move for him to get his blood tested to see if he's infected none the less.

As far as battling this virus, I've been dealing with a non stop outbreak for over a year and have only just now found a way to keep it in check.

I was infected by my girlfriend who I knew going in had genital herpes. However I was in the middle of a burn out after 5 years of grinding at my international job with time differences, little sleep, bad food, irregular hours and a lot of stress.

Fact that I had this many problems with the virus was because of adrenal fatigue which I've been dealing with by taking extra cortisol.

Anyway, optimism and allowing yourself to remain beautiful to yourself are key. It's hard because with an outbreak usually comes that depressed feeling of being broken.

However that feeling mostly stems from society's view on herpes.

Now I'm not saying this isn't a dangerous disease because it is, however acceptance, meditation, a positive outlook, proper diet and supplements are the key to dealing with this son of a bitch of a virus.

Dynamiclear has a website, with supplements, ointments and things that I've found to be helpful. You could also find them somewhere else, but Immune boosting vitamin supplements, olive leaf extract, lysine, zinc, fruits and vegetables are a must. Then perhaps you can add, anti virals in pill form when and if you do end up having an outbreak. But that blue dynamiclear stuff does make the outbreak last a lot shorter in my experience. Zovirax which I used to get for my outbreaks was a lot less effective.

Let me know or DM me if you want to know anything else.

Good luck!

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DOM 72

If your profile didn't say Canada, I would have thought this was my girlfriend writing this. I mean we're going through this exact same scenario. She just found out a couple days ago and I have never shown signs or hae had any symptoms. I'm getting rested Wednesday where I'm sure to bet told that I am positive too.

All I can say is that it can ony get better and it's not the end of the world. Like your boyfriend I have assured and reassured my girlfriend I'm not going anywhere and I'm here to stay and she has told me the same. I think that is a good place to start to help make each other feel good and again, it's treatable and there are tons of options to make life easier on us.

I just joined the site yesterday as for the short time I've been on here, it's been a huge help.

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Hi XBananaX,

I'm in the exact same boat as you right now. I was diagnosed two days ago with hsv2, just in time for the holidays. Funny how things works out like that...ugh.

The guy I'm seeing has been really supportive to me, but I think he's also feeling really guilty (he said he has/had what he thought was strangely behaved razor burn, which has not gone away) which is not at all what I want him to feel. You're lucky to have such a supportive guy there beside you, I mean, can you imagine having to do this alone? I can't! Remember, you're not dirty and you're most certainly not alone! Anybody can get this virus, it's so common. I think it's almost pointless to try and figure when you got it and from whom because it just leaves you dwelling on things that you can't change now.

Like I've said I am a total newbie to the virus but I've spent the past few days researching and trying to get a firm grasp on this thing. It seems like it can be perfectly manageable with the right actions. I am still on the super strength anti-virals, Valtrex 1g twice a day I think, and my doctor suggested that I do the suppressive treatment. So after this ten-day treatment is done I will take Valtrex 500mg once a day. From what I've read this really helps reduce outbreaks (which I am sure you know are just awful!) and spreading the virus. You can make sure that h stops with you.

I'm so sorry you had to be diagnosed right before the holidays, I know it's absolutely awful. I'm having a lot of trouble keeping my spirits up for friends and family right now but sometimes when you pretend to smile enough, it becomes real. Send me a direct message if you want a friend, I'm definitely feeling a lot of what you are.

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Thanks for your post!

Apparently men can be less affected then women (hormone related) so they can luck out with showing little to no signs. I've been tested positive for HSV1 and my boyfriend does have a tendency towards cold sores so even though he hasn't had testing we're pretty positive he has it and accidently gave it to me.

It is very helpful to hear that this diagnoses hasn't changed his feelings for me even though the outbreak it a little gross so keep being supportive of each other! It goes a long way with the mental side of being diagnoses.

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    • Sarah889
      Really wasn't sure which topic to put this in! I'm guessing a lot of you will have seen the recent news that Mel B was rushed to hospital thinking she was blind from her eye herpes.  I know she's not as famous as she used to be, but I really don't understand why celebrities with a big presence aren't doing anything about this, such as fundraising for a cure or even just talking about it to raise awareness. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think she's ever spoken about it before!  She clearly suffers from some bad symptoms. Thinking that you've gone blind must have been one of the most terrifying experiences, and to me, after that ordeal I would try and do everything in my power to raise awareness and find a cure.  Maybe she just doesn't know about all the vaccination research that's currently happening, and how many of these places need the extra funding to keep going?  Not sure where I'm going with this 😂 But does anyone think it's worth getting in contact with her about raising some awareness?
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Alda whatever is going on for your arm you can rest assured it is not at all likely to be herpes. Could the blister type things be from the massage causing irritation, perhaps even contact dermatitis? If you aren't seeing improvement soon consider seeing the doctor but it doesn't strike me as anything of much concern.
    • Alda
      I need help; i went and got a massage and 2 days later my upper arm feels super sore and is red with 3 blister type things, each about a small pea size the place I got a massage at was  not very sanitary , it was hot in there and the masseuse was sweating I think (i do have the down south H but haven’t had a breakout in about a year and I still don’t.) my arm does not itch just super sore. I wonder what is on my arm. any ideas?
    • Quest
      It did! There are combinations you can take that will not give you this effect, I just didn't want to do medication anymore. What I am doing https://www.amazon.com/MakingCosmetics-BHT-4-4oz-125g/dp/B01DE780OS read Steve Fowkes free book BHT1/8 t in coconut liquid MCT chain oil. Extremely hard to dissolve. I leave it for a day, must read Steve Fowkes free book online, overdose gets people dizzy! More is not better! Oils will also not get Rancid if you put some in your cooking oils! whole food vitamin, glutamine 3x one gram, suggested by case9 love it DHEA,25mg, most people who breakout have low levels lugols iodine worked way to four drops. Fulvic acid minerals. Thyriod granular meds   When I used to have obs I used monolaurin and st.John s wort. I used diaper rash cream for obs I also still spray genitals with zinc sulfate mixed with water. I learned it kills any virus plus summer sweat won't smell at all!  There is one thing I will not be without and that's BHT and zinc sulfate
    • blurneworder
      Did your hair grow back?
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