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We both have HSV-2 - what about infecting new sites on our bodies?

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We both have HSV-2 (both diagnosed by IGG blood antibody tests). I (male) rarely get outbreaks and use acyclovir, supplements and diet to suppress any outbreaks. She rarely gets outbreaks, and they have been on the side of her body along her waistline, but until recently, not vaginally (at least not that she was aware).

Today, it appears she has some sores on the inside of her vagina. Everything we have read says we cannot reinfect each other, but what about creating new infection sites FROM each other? One information source on a web site said this was rare, but not impossible. It is also possible that she simply wasnt aware of the vaginal outbreaks. We are in a long-distance relationship, so sex is limited to weekends only, when we are together. So, maybe she wasnt even aware, and sexual activity simply aggravated it?

Any help here would be appreciated. Links to good sites for this specific information, or comments from you guys...


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Hey Will, yes h 2 can outbreak anywhere in that boxer shorts area. Unfortunatly for us females, it can be internally as well. Tell her to get some Epsom salts for her bath waters. I have have ghsv2 for 25 years. You are correct you cannot reinfect each other with h2 genitally, but you can still outbreak anywhere in that genital area. This h lays in the Spinal Ganglia Nerves system, base of spine, so therefore the ob can be anywhere in or on that area. Maybe this ob is from stress?. This time of year brings on tons of stresses. Take care and you will make it ;) . Hugs, Truly, Ace

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Guest AlUrker

I was in a relationship with a positive woman for almost three years. There was no "migration" of infection sites. There were outbreaks most likely triggered by hormonal changes though, like when we started having sex after a long dry spell and she started wearing her "happy patch" again. The long distance thing has also most likely caused some changes in your diet and sleep habits? If she's got the antibodies then you can save the cost of the acyclovir, it's not your virus causing the obs. H is also frequently misdiagnosed, or other ailments are thought to be h check with a doctor if you want to be sure.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • WilsoInAus
      That’s right, most infections of the one type are in one nerve ganglion. As such, the virus only appears at the skin’s surface where that ganglion reaches to.  This does all come down to the numbers though, if you have no other evidence than a firmly positive HSV infection, the default assumption which is not likely to be wrong is that type 1 is oral and type 2 is genital. A positive swab is the only evidence to the contrary.
    • Lulupazoola
      I was having back to back OB's and decided to try several things I had read about here.  The first one was instant gratification:  oil of oregano diluted with fractionated coconut oil.  I could feel another OB coming, tingles, and just spread the oil all over the area.  In a few minutes the tingle was gone.  The lesions and red scarring i had responded well to it too.  Went away promptly.  The second thing was diet.  A person on this forum said they had good results by eating more vegetables, some fruit, meat and mostly using potatoes for carbs.  Like, leaving grains alone.  I decided to leave wheat alone and use other grains occasionally.  I no longer eat chocolate, nuts, seeds, coconut, oats, as these r all potential triggers for an OB.  I take 1000 mg lysine 2 x day in case i unknowingly eat some food that is high in arganine.  So far so good.  Another person on this forum said she took neem capsules 2 x day and hadnt had another outbreak in 2 years.  So i do that too.  It hasnt been long enough for me to make any great claims, but the continuous, never ending breakouts have stopped, i have energy and feel good.
    • Friends
      Is it possible to catch HSV 2 somewhere else other than the penis... And if so does this mean you will not transmit from that area? 
    • Lulupazoola
      I wouldnt want to give anyone info that they might decide to use against me at some point.  U must tell those that u must tell, but otherwise, i would only unburden myself anonymously, like on a forum.  No judgment or harm here.
    • Thomas29
      Could you recommend any decent treatment if you know of any?

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