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Outbreaks and subtle issues along spinal column

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Tested/Confirmed with HSV2 for 25 years (donated to me in college)

I have tested for other STD's and such and the panels/tests come back clean.

I didn't notice anyone commenting on outbreaks at each end of the spine, so thought I would share my experience with you.

During times of high stress, an outbreak is almost certain on either side of my tailbone. Very intense, pain in hips, single location on either right or left of the base of my back (at the point where the separation of butt cheek starts). Comes on in a day and lasts in earnest for a week, but takes a month to heal to a hard bump, and typically three months to visually disappear.

In all cases of outbreak, back or genital area, my legs hurt and that is the telltale sign of an impending visit from the unwanted friend.

In other cases, I will have itching on either side of the spine at the point between the top of my shoulders. No outbreak, but after many years, the old unwanted friend is fairly familiar and I know what it is.

I find it quite interesting that a disease that is marked by genital/oral contact can pick new places to emerge. I happen to believe that there is still a great deal we don't know about the 'potential' behavior of this virus. My belief is confirmed by my experiences and by the fact that the medical community is still even trying to figure out how to stop even the basic cold virus.

Best luck to all with this unwanted friend.

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    • VladimirM
      I do belive. It is going to be SADBE and Sqarex. I am on it and it is great.
    • Miss Annie
      Thank you. Yes, I was on Positive Singles and met someone I was with for 2 years. We recently broke up but may work things out. Truth be told, dating is touch. With or without a virus. 
    • Godsaveus
      A possible problem is that it will possibly be overshadowed by emails regarding other health problems such as cancer which carry no stigma and therefore have a more massive amount of requests.
    • WilsoInAus
      @nydb1 I feel you can be quite confident that you do not have genital herpes here.  Please return to your doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.
    • f*ckedOver
      Maybe this has been asked already, but is there way we could get everyone on the site to write emails to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation?  If they got 1000s of emails about this issue maybe they would fund people like the researchers at Penn?????????

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