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Back with a positive diagnosis

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It's taken me awhile, but the results were as expected, positive for HSV-2

I've had awhile to digest this, but it's still horrible to see in writing...

I guess the thing that is bothering me most, is besides initial tingling and such, I've never really had a true "outbreak" that I can tell anyway.

Overall, I know people go on to have children, and have quite normal lives, but I guess what I can't really understand is how you can have children with someone without possibly infecting them? Do some of you take anti virals all the time? Or just during outbreaks? What if I don't even know I'm having an outbreak? From my understanding I would need to use condoms all of the time, and even they are 100% effective.

My doctor seemed shocked that I heard of people here who take valtrex everyday.

Could anyone please help? I'm just so worried this will mean I can't get pregnant without infecting someone :(

Thanks in advance for any advice...

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I can't answer anything for certain but other than the other people who have said they've successfully had families when one partner is HSV2 positive I'm talking to a guy at the moment who had a partner for 4 years & they had a daughter & the mother is still negative so it's definitely possible even though I question the whole no protection theory. Also he had had it for a few years before being with this woman so I think time is on your side with regard to the virus and you become less contagious with time?

Also in the UK they don't like to prescribe you with antivirals after a year so I don't know how that works with positive people wanting to continue in relationships with negative partners. All a bit of a unknown :-(

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Thomas29
      I’ll stop doing it then hahah yeah mine doo too they are like milk spots but these bad boys have got a lot of them in them!! I think these are the ones that was under my skin I’ll stop touching them hopefully they’ll go away I’ve never had a blister/ spot on my lips or inside my mouth so i was just been curious if it’s on my face or so, thank you for advice tho lovely 
    • sameer82
      I would suggest you don t have to tell many people about it you have HSV ..May be you can tell people with whom you are in relationship now or any future partners ..telling anyone else will make unnecessary more worrying only ... 
    • sameer82
      Stop picking them or poping them and see does it goes away on its own ? i also get some of these on my forehead with white discharge sometimes ..but my poping them it spreads to more area of skin ..
    • Lilhurp
      Im from The Illinois side
    • Lilhurp
      No I’m kinda embarrassed to go pick up the prescription to be honest. How do they work for u?

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