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shocked and deptressed

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last week I was diagnosed with HSV 1 and 2. I haven't had any symptoms...the only reason why I decided to take an STD test was because I had 2 relationships last year and found out that one of the guys was seeing other women as well. So I thought oh I probably don't have anything but still wanted to see that NEGATIVE come back.

Last Thursday I received the call from my Dr. wanting me to come in to discuss my lab results and right then I knew something was wrong.

The Dr. sat me down and explained that I have HSV 1 and 2. Right then I felt like passing out... I didn't know what to think. I already struggle with personal issues that stem all the way back to my dad. The feeling of no one wanting me and my dating history proves that too. And then to get this news honestly made me want to just drive off the bridge on my way home.

I do have a few questions... I have educated myself on this and know a lot of information now...so when I do start dating again and when I tell the person I will have answers to their questions... but my question is this...

When should I tell the person I am dating ???????

I have always struggled with trust and I am honestly scared that once I tell someone about this they will run and tell and I don't want anyone knowing my business.

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Hi I also have 1 and 2 ....I have stuggled with it also''...but it has gotten better ..as for dating I tell up front before the kiss.. As l can pass 1 and 2 to them ..I let them make the call and I only

Been turned down once..not bad ...but u tell you feel more comfortable. Sun

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Hi!! I also have type 1&2. It's not the end of the world. Things do get better.

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    • Marie053
      I believe it’s type 2 but apparently either strain can be found either end! So I will hopefully clarify all this in the coming week! 
    • Lakisha
      @WilsoInAus https://forums.herpesopportunity.com/topic/8577-unprotected-sex-and-transmission-of-hsv2-with-no-symptoms/ Here they say we can shed the hsv2 virus up to 35% of the time. We are far from the 4% transmission rate. That rate is not for everyone. So if i always have prodome and i shed more than others my transmission rate is a lot higher than just 4% so please stop spreading false information. 
    • KikiB
      Pictures  http://imgur.com/a/uK7T8jt
    • John1988
      Unsure whether this is something to be worried about or not. Coming up to 3 weeks now. I’ve been to a sexual health clinic and they said there’s nothing to worry about. I haven’t had sex in 6 months I’ve also never done it without a comdom. There is no fluid in them even when I’ve tried to squeeze them. There’s also 2 of them near my belly button 
    • KikiB
      Apologies for lack of photos, all.pics I have exceed the size limit for the forum
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