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The beginning of a cold sore, I'm not sure?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

On October 4th I started having this tingling sensation directly above but connected to my top lip. It has a small, barely noticable discoloration and is about the size of a pencil eraser. It is now November 12th and has not gotten any worse in size or color. There has been no blistering. It just burns and feels tight if I don't use some type of lip balm. Could this be the start of a cold sore and why is it staying around so long without blistering if it is a cold sore? I've never had a cold sore before and am puzzled.

I am making an appointment with a doctor for other reasons and will ask him about this too.

Any ideas on what this could be?

Thank you.

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Guest Anonymous

Still Puzzled!

Another week has gone by and nothing has changed. It still has some discoloration but no blister or raised areas. It still burns somewhat if I don't keep it moisturized.

I can't imagine what it could be. I'm hoping it isn't a cold sore developing. Does the first cold sore take this long to appear? Doesn't anybody have some idea about what this could be?

Thanks for any help or ideas.

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Guest Anonymous

Search The Web..Go to google and do some research or read the many threads on this board..

Looks like a coldsore but then im no doctor. And don't make the area wet dumbass, you have to let it scab for it to heal..

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Guest Anonymous

I have searched the web but I could not find anything about a cold sore taking so long to form. This has been present for about two months now.

Why are you so rude? I had a concern and I thought this was a forum for support and having questions answered. Sorry if I was wrong about that.

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Hi Puzzled,

Did you get it looked at by a doctor? Does it still hurt? I think it's hard to guess what it is from the symptom you have described.. Even for doctors.... they probably have to culture it and send it to a lab to diagnose it accurately. And if it is cold sore, it's gotta be tested (culture) within 48 hours ( ? I think) of it's appearance for an accurate result.

But.. I think, you should go see a doctor anyway, if you didn't ...

Please take care.


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Guest Anonymous

Wow.. Me too

Ok.. I have the same symptoms but I have a faint, or what looks like a small blister in the corner of my mouth. It has never became filled with fluid or opened. It does itch or tingle when i eat too much cholocate or drink coffee.When i am sick with the Cold or flu it does raise with 2 extra blisters, but they do not bubble.

The blister like symptom never goes away. I have had it for about 5 years now. I first began to notice it in college when i picked up the nasty habit of smoking m.j. and cigarettes. I have quit, and the blister is not as noticable but nevertheless the flat round darken circle that never becomes fluidy is always there. Like Puzzled I keep it mositurzer such as Carmex or some lip therapy treament and it feels better.

I went to the demertologist and he told me that if it was herpes, I was blessed with the lightest form he has ever seen.

Sincerly, Touched

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I'm no proffessional or even expert but I have the wimpy sort (HSV-1) and it's not anything like what you've described. I've had recurring cold-sores on my mouth ever since I was in pre-school and they've always been preceded by a slight but increasing tingling sensation always in the same spot in the corner of my bottom lip. The area begins to blister within about twelve hours. The blisters at most cover an area no larger than a penny, and itch and annoy me periodically - sort of like an unpaid bill: I dwell on it unless otherwise distracted - but, other than that, the only damage done is to my vanity. I become self-conscious and complain about it to my friends, but they simply tell me, "Shut up, nobody notices it but you." [An exact quote from earlier today]. It has never spread to other areas of my body and in fact did not reoccur for several years until two months ago, and again yesterday. This is, of course, because I've been unhealthy and stressed lately. During the years when it was away, I was mostly healthy, eating well (no meat or dairy) and excercising daily. Now I'm flabby, moody and, surprise, I've got a coldsore. They usually scab up within a few days and heal within a week or two.

My point in all of this is that you guys, Puzzled and Touched, don't seem to me to have HSV-1 - it seems more like some kind of super-stamina-zit - but if you do, you still have small reason to complain, seemingly even less than myself and my precious vanity. Learn about it - read that article by Richard and whatever else you find - and don't go down on anyone. I myself have ignorantly gone down on women while I've had cold-sores (As a teenager who didn't even know my cold-sores were even transmittable to genatailia) but luckily there have been no known passages to those areas as far as I know, and I've known most of those people quite well for over 10 years since. Amazingly, they are also free of the HSV-1, above and below, even though my cold sore was also (inadvertantly) smeared all over their mouths as well. In fact, at least two of them say they've had plenty more contact with other mouth sores besides mine, still without ever having been inconvenienced by them. I've heard it said, probably wrongly, that occasional people are seemingly immune to HSV-1.

Regardless, as I said, you guys seem to be doing well.

Take care and feel lucky. It wouldn't be the end of the world.

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  • 10 years later...

You or anybody ever find out what this is or get diagnosed I'm very interested in finding out due to.me possibly having something similar

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      Hi @Anxious 1234 Did you get diagnosis for this?
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      Hi @WhatDidIDo2023, hopefully all is well with you and your significant other and are still together.   Did she develop any other symptoms after you mentioned her getting itchiness? Was it determined what you had was contagious? Most likely developed a fungal disease and caused her a yeast or uti 
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      Been a few weeks it went away but reappeared again tiny red marks not raised spots or anything no pain or itching ,I have had all negative tests on Sti's ..
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      Well thank you I appreciate it 
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      Hi @Luna 01 I really feel it is worthwhile obtaining a proper Herpeselect test given the outcomes of the home panel test. Regardless, your current symptoms are almost certainly not related to herpes. Hopefully, your doctor can assist in resolving these.
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