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it just wont go away..

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I was diagnosed with HSV1 genitally via swab culture and blood tests in September of this last year. I thought my world was crashing down. I felt sick sick SICK emotionally and physically for some time after the initial outbreak had gone away. Now.. iv come to terms with my diagnosis and out of nowhere I get smacked with out break #2 which seems to be dragging on longer then the first with much more pain then the first (going on 4 weeks now) I was prescribed Acyclovir (sp?) took it faithfully to no avail... I have noticed the sores have gone down drastically but they are however STILL present none the less. I've read so many different suggestions from one to another most seem ridiculous.. So far I've done the hot water and warm hair dryer on my sores to dry them out. but i have also read that i need to keep them moist.. I prefer to use medicine to clear up thing since its just easier and less tedious and time consuming then home remedies. Is there anything else i can do? I'm growing more and more frustrated as the days go on. :madd::madd::madd::madd::madd:

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You want to really improve your immune system, because HSV is a virus that takes advantage of you when you are weak.

This is working for me:


To build immune system:



Vitamin C



And for the treatment of HSV:

Supplements (one pill in the am, one in the pm):

St Johns Wort: 300mg x2

L-Lysine: 500mg x2

Garlic Odorless: 2500mg x2

Daily Topical Treatment (alternate between the two):

Aloe Vera Raw

Zinc Ointment

Neosporin (for pain only)


You'll find something that works for you. Acyclovir also does not work for me.

Try to stay optimistic!



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    • MikeHerp
      Just read how Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez helped raise $340,000 for transgender youth. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-casually-joins-171241889.html It sure would help if we had some celebrity or public person champion our cause. Maybe that should be our focus, to reach out to public persons and try to enlist them.  All it takes is a tweet from the right person.
    • MikeHerp
      Dr. Iwasaki is definitely deserving of funding. I'd love it if we could do a fund raiser for her. I guess at the moment we are already doing the Fred Hutch Center.
    • hopeful22
      Thank you for all this info. This is very encouraging. 
    • Alice28
      Hi, I’ve had HSV1g for 4 years and only ever had my first and only breakout. I’m super thankful for that. I still hate disclosing as it sets off alarms. Finally met a guy I really really like and disclosed last night to be clear about why I’ve been hesitant to be intimate.  We have for sure kissed and after telling he was in a panick about us having kissed. I’ve never ever had cold sores and have never passed it to anyone. Again in 4 years only my first and only genital HsV1 breakout. I’ve always been told kissing for me was fine....Can anyone help clarify? I’m resllt struggling as I like this guy a lot and hoping he can look past it. 
    • bluebell87
      nah, i downloaded an app for a day but there wasn’t anyone in my area, i’m not from a small town or anything . im not really a fan tbh 

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