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it just wont go away..

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I was diagnosed with HSV1 genitally via swab culture and blood tests in September of this last year. I thought my world was crashing down. I felt sick sick SICK emotionally and physically for some time after the initial outbreak had gone away. Now.. iv come to terms with my diagnosis and out of nowhere I get smacked with out break #2 which seems to be dragging on longer then the first with much more pain then the first (going on 4 weeks now) I was prescribed Acyclovir (sp?) took it faithfully to no avail... I have noticed the sores have gone down drastically but they are however STILL present none the less. I've read so many different suggestions from one to another most seem ridiculous.. So far I've done the hot water and warm hair dryer on my sores to dry them out. but i have also read that i need to keep them moist.. I prefer to use medicine to clear up thing since its just easier and less tedious and time consuming then home remedies. Is there anything else i can do? I'm growing more and more frustrated as the days go on. :madd::madd::madd::madd::madd:

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You want to really improve your immune system, because HSV is a virus that takes advantage of you when you are weak.

This is working for me:


To build immune system:



Vitamin C



And for the treatment of HSV:

Supplements (one pill in the am, one in the pm):

St Johns Wort: 300mg x2

L-Lysine: 500mg x2

Garlic Odorless: 2500mg x2

Daily Topical Treatment (alternate between the two):

Aloe Vera Raw

Zinc Ointment

Neosporin (for pain only)


You'll find something that works for you. Acyclovir also does not work for me.

Try to stay optimistic!



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    • MaxTX
      Hello, thank you for your generous donation. I donated on Monday after finding the amazing work that has been done. I got a lot of answers from this forum and I hope more people get involved.  Donation send a great message of the interest that we have for a cure. Thank you and I really believe the cure is in the next couple of years. 
    • Inevitablecur3
      I’m bringing us to 20k; I really believe in the research the Jerome lab is doing and want it to cure everyone.
    • Inevitablecur3
      I think people are discouraged by past failures but remember in failure, new things are learned and the progress on understanding hsv is increasing. Up until Jerome’s lab devised a way to attack the latent virus in 2012 there was never a way to potentially cure it; now there is. Couple in the advancements in technology and I think there’s more hope now than ever that it can be cured in the near future.
    • infoguy123
      That's actually a comforting statistic
    • Misterx
      Because it is still a non curable threat in community. Whether it's a small group of people who experience the most severe symptoms, they're still people, just like you. Hsv prevalence will only grow due to lack of effectiveness of treatment and eventual resistance of virus. The virus will infect more and more people and this virus will and may affect your quality of life and in some rare cases it may lead to severe complications and blindness, meningitis etc. Last time I checked by 2025, US will have half of its population infected genital herpes. Do you think WOH and health community will like that?
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