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I just need to talk...

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I haven't received my official results yet, but two doctors have told me it's definitely herpes and I can see myself that it fits the bill perfectly - trying to deny it would just be more stressful.

I only begun to see blisters yesterday, and went to the doctor immediately; they've become worse today. It was extremely painful, but I finally took some anti inflammatories and feel better (the first Dr. prescribed T3s, they took the edge off but the second doctor said to get anti inflammatory instead and it's much better - this is the kind of thing I need to know about!). I have a lot of questions though, and when I was trying to talk to the Dr. they made me feel like it was too late to be asking questions.

Maybe I should have been more careful, maybe I should have taken more time with my new/current partner, maybe it's been here all along and I didn't know, maybe it's bad luck. Whatever the case is, I'm here now and I'm not as depressed about it as some people (luckily) but I do feel lonely. I'm not ready to tell my friends and family yet (once I understand more myself and have dealt with it I will feel more comfortable sharing) but I do need to talk.

So, if anyone has time let's chat. It doesn't have to be all about herpes lol just someone who understands where I am right now.

If email is preferred: five.am.early@gmail.com

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Well you came to the right place to find people to talk you. Let me be the first to welcome to. I would like to know which test you had done? Was it a swab test or a blood test?

ALso, there is no judgement here on this site from members. We all have herpes too, and some of us got it in odd ways. I am glad to hear you are not as depressed as some of the new members we get here.

I'm 23, female, and from Texas. I'm a graduate student. I have GHSV2, or genital type 2 herpes. ANy and all questions that I might be able to aswer, please feel free to ask. If you do not feel comfortable talking here, you can always private message me any questions. :) Or catch me in chat!

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    • Hallie
      Hey all! I’m new and my diagnosis is pending. I’ve done so much research that I have a new understanding and respect for people living with herpes. That being said it wasn’t like that alway, I had been a part of a stigma we all know very well up until my latest annual pap. So I went in and had my pap and just a routing std check. Two days later and my OB calls and says everything’s good on the pap and the bloood work came back but there’s an acute result for herpes. Although he states he doesn’t know which kind or where and to come back in 6 weeks. So me being the 22 yo uneducated student, freaks out. I am asymptomatic and at the time he advises to check around my mouth and lips for any cold sores. I had a minor canker sore like lesion on my gum above my tooth and that was it super minor discomfort. So I went into a care now and the doctor did a pcr swab of the cut and another igm and an igg. So it’s about 5 days waiting period and during that time I get sick, similar to pharyngitis ( it was so bad I went back, the doctor gave me  Valacyclovir in case it was an outbreak). So now I really am thinking ok this is most like HSV-1 being it’s possible but less likely to be HSV -2 And I have zero symptoms on my genitals unless it’s dormant. And then plot twist, I get all results back, second igm, viral swab, and igg and all negative! What is going on? 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @sheikha and welcome to the website. Different tests around the world have different numbers as to what means positive.  Do you have details of what test was performed? Does the paperwork indicate what number means positive? For some tests it’s 1.1, others 11 and some more than 20!
    • Mikeike3
      What symptoms brought you to test in the first place 
    • Mikeike3
      Over 3.3 is a strong positive. You could repeat that test. I'd assume I had it. 
    • Kev003
      Lysine seemed to dry the blisters during outbreaks.  They would take about the same time to heal but there would be no/less fluid while using lysine.  At first it seemed like it was reducing the amount of outbreaks, but after a couple months they were coming just as often as before - if not more often.  
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