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Please help - is this herpes?

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Initial outbreak months later and only one blister?

I would appreciate any feedback on this. I was dating a guy for a couple of months. He had cold sores on his mouth. I have never developed cold sores on my mouth even though we had lots of kissing. There was one day I really wish didn't happen. We had oral sex... his mouth to me. It only lasted for a few seconds... I hadn't wanted it to happen. Anyways, that was 7 months ago. I just now found a bump ... Right above my clitoris. It wasn't sore or itchy at all. Just a bump. Today, it was crusty and fell off. There is a little wounds underneath, but it isn't sore at all. I haven't experienced any other symptoms. I did just get back from Mexico. There was lots of sand and heat and ... Shaving. Anyways, do you think that it's likely this is genital herpes? It is only one blister from an instance 7 months ago... And I never it cold sores. I thought the cold sore virus spread more easily to your mouth.

I really didnt want this to happen... And he knew it at the time. I'd hate to have lasting effects from this few second nightmare.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Optimistic46
      Diagnosed a year ago. Tried suppression therapy to no avail. Dr prescribed 500mg Valtrex increased to 1000g no help. Two HIV test negative. The worst experience ever. Tried oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, lysine, Multi vitamin. Just read because I’m peri menopausal it might be hormones. Outbreaks are constant hsv 2.  If anyone can can relate, I’m pleading for insight.
    • Superman1027
      Hi walkthetalk can you please give us more details about your experience with synergy as for how long you been in it, you mention you didn’t get outbreaks do you still feel the flares etc, are you planing to get retested?
    • WilsoInAus
      The medications are mainly based on disrupting replication. I am not aware of medications for herpes with the purpose of reducing antibodies directly. Do you have an example?
    • Tone123
      I've been reading up on alot of this and I'm just curious about the meds they offer here. They stop it from replicating and others keep the antibodies down. Just a thought and I'd appreciate any input on this. Wouldn't you much rather have high antibodies for this so the immune system can keep it at bay. Or am I all the way off?
    • tayelle
      Why do you say Lemon balm salve is dangerous?  Its been a godsend

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