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feeling particularly shitty tonight

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I was diagnosed with genital hsv-1 in November. I was sleeping with this guy who I wasn't too into, but he really liked me and I figured we could just mess around and keep it casual. Ended up ending things with him, he slept with some other chick and then I, like an idiot, slept with him again and he passed this on to me (we think it came from the girl that went down on him). Since being diagnosed I've pretty much come to terms with it but I'm just frustrated tonight.

I'm barely 20 years old and I just feel like I've lost a great deal of freedom. I don't sleep around, I just hate that I have to relinquish the freedom of flings and meeting new people and seeing where things go, because this will always be in the back of my mind. I have all the facts-- I get it. I know HSV-1 is the lesser of two evils, I've read every possible piece of information on it. I know I should be grateful. I'm upset because the doctor who diagnosed me brushed it off like it was no big deal and told me that I don't need to tell anyone about this, but I know that others feel strongly about disclosure which I understand. And since I'm young and my potential partners will be young, I feel like I'm going to have to settle. I feel like once someone I'm seeing finds out about this, they'll just move on to the next one since we're not looking to settle down at our age. I feel tainted, like my desirability is gone. Just having a bad night. Most days I can shake it off and snap myself out of the funk.

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im the exact same way tonight i know exactly how you feel... its been like this for a few days actually. it sucks and i hear the same things about disclosure and others are so adamant about it. im only 23 myself and it sucks having it in the back of your mind. it sucks because i feel the same way about them not being accepting when in reality theres like a 70 percent chance that the next person they hu with has the same thing i do, and if they have it orally theyre actually more of a threat. ive read all the info possible too i just feel like the statistics though they help me realize its not that bad wont be enough to convince someone. im terrified of telling someone and never had to worry about it myself as i dated the guy who gave it to me for three years

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    • MaxTX
      Hello, thank you for your generous donation. I donated on Monday after finding the amazing work that has been done. I got a lot of answers from this forum and I hope more people get involved.  Donation send a great message of the interest that we have for a cure. Thank you and I really believe the cure is in the next couple of years. 
    • Inevitablecur3
      I’m bringing us to 20k; I really believe in the research the Jerome lab is doing and want it to cure everyone.
    • Inevitablecur3
      I think people are discouraged by past failures but remember in failure, new things are learned and the progress on understanding hsv is increasing. Up until Jerome’s lab devised a way to attack the latent virus in 2012 there was never a way to potentially cure it; now there is. Couple in the advancements in technology and I think there’s more hope now than ever that it can be cured in the near future.
    • infoguy123
      That's actually a comforting statistic
    • Misterx
      Because it is still a non curable threat in community. Whether it's a small group of people who experience the most severe symptoms, they're still people, just like you. Hsv prevalence will only grow due to lack of effectiveness of treatment and eventual resistance of virus. The virus will infect more and more people and this virus will and may affect your quality of life and in some rare cases it may lead to severe complications and blindness, meningitis etc. Last time I checked by 2025, US will have half of its population infected genital herpes. Do you think WOH and health community will like that?
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