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Good technical paper about HSV vaccines, why they've failed and what's on the horizon

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I realize its not exactly cure research but its recent and an interesting read if you're curious why and how the previous and potential vaccines work.

"Towards a Rational Design of an Asymptomatic Clinical Herpes Vaccine: The Old, the New, and the Unknown"


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Hi StayingUpbeat,

Thanks for this article. The paper goes to depth about the current research. Epitopes based vaccines may be the future. Lets hope for the best on that.

From what I see the next few vaccines we are looking at are:




Coridon/Allied Health Care

Those are all for HSV-2 though. No idea when there will be something for us HSV-1 folks.

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I have genital HSV-2, but I imagine cold sores and genital herpes are equally stressful, just in different ways, so it is interesting that the four companies all targeted HSV-2. It could be because it's the traditional virus that causes the more stigmatized genital herpes and they had to pick one. We should probably ask them.

I think that when any HSV-2 vaccine first shows evidence of really and truly working, the savy business people in charge will set up a separate clinical trial using HSV-1 people. But HSV-1 people should just get the HSV-2 vaccine anyway, as it will already have been proven safe in a phase 1 trial.

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    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @sheikha and welcome to the website. Different tests around the world have different numbers as to what means positive.  Do you have details of what test was performed? Does the paperwork indicate what number means positive? For some tests it’s 1.1, others 11 and some more than 20!
    • Mikeike3
      What symptoms brought you to test in the first place 
    • Mikeike3
      Over 3.3 is a strong positive. You could repeat that test. I'd assume I had it. 
    • Kev003
      Lysine seemed to dry the blisters during outbreaks.  They would take about the same time to heal but there would be no/less fluid while using lysine.  At first it seemed like it was reducing the amount of outbreaks, but after a couple months they were coming just as often as before - if not more often.  
    • sheikha
      Just been diagnosed but no symptoms beyond a tingling in my uretha opening. Result via IgG was <3.5 herpes 1 and >3.3 herpes 2..(what does that even mean in terms of advancemen). 4 Drs later - told can be a false positive and another - its a true reading. So im still in the dark. 17 days after first tingle still nothing beyond the tingling. freaking out as not young....my new partner of 7 months has been unfaithful. If i have i’m pretty certain he was aware, came back from overseas acting weird.  Previous partner was 33 years monogamous relationship.  Disclosure- what am I disclosing? Do I or dont I have it.  I wanted to do a PCR but no area to swab!
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