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Exposure Time to Symptoms? How I got this?

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I was recently diagnosed by an doctor on Thursday for genital herpes. I started feeling the onset of symptoms late Monday (small red bumps, yeast infection, discomfort). By Tuesday/Wednesday I noticed the bumps becoming more prevalent and more "pimple" like. This is was when I became really concerned and went to the dr. the next day.

It has definitely been an emotional roller coaster since. Sometimes feeling okay and other times feeling completely depressed. I am usually a very active/social person, and found myself sleeping on and off all weekend. I have been on valtrex (twice a day) since thursday.

My main question i keep running through my head, is when the heck did i get this?! I have been sexually active for the past couple years (I am 22 now). I have always been religious about getting tested after any unprotected sex. I was actually tested just after the new year, and came out negative for everything. Little did I know herpes testing is not a routine testing unless you show symptoms which i have never had.

I have been having sex with a guy i have been dating since mid November. Starting using protection in the beginning and then began to have unprotected sex (regretfully now). I assumed he was clean, and i never noticed any herpes type lesions on him. We last had sex on 1/17 and i noticed the beginning symptoms on 1/21. I read a lot about how exposure time to first outbreak is about 4-10 days/1-2 weeks. Before this i hadnt had unprotected sex since October and I had never seen anything like bumps or something ever. This was definitely something new. I havent talked to him about it yet, but my fear is that chance that I got it before him. It just seems so unlikely though from all the research ive read online. I want to go in confident when I speak with him, not accusing him or blaming him, but know that i really didnt have this before him.

What do you think is the liklihood i caught this from him?

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Hey Cali,

I am in the exact same situation as you. Literally. I had symptoms a few days after having sex with a girl that I started seeing in December. She is now in Chicago and I am in Northern California, but she is coming to visit in a few weeks and I am going to have to have the talk with her. I have been researching myself to see how likely it is that I got it from her, but neither of us will really know. A lot of cases have the initial OB in the time frame you mentioned, but there is also a chance that one of you had it without any symptoms. Blood tests will measure the amount of antibodies in your system, which is a good indicator of how long you have had the virus. I had a blood workup done in addition to a swab, but I haven't looked at the numbers myself. I don't know if I want to find out if it was my new friend or my ex-girlfriend right now, but I will surely be looking at them in the near future.

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Yeah, my next move is to go to the dr and get a blood test. I heard that a lot of the times when you are recently exposed it will show up negative for herpes in a blood test because there hasnt been enough time for antibodies to produce and appear. Guess its worth a shot. I know it still may have come up positive since I had sex with that person multiples times this month, and could have gotten it maybe 3 weeks ago.

Ugh, just makes me so uneasy not knowing the for sure cause or root of the virus.

Thanks for your response. Glad to know someone is in a similar sitch and I am not alone!

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It's a good idea to get a blood test now so that you have a benchmark. Some people show antibodies within days some take weeks or even months as it depends upon your body and how it reacts to the virus.

You are DEFINITELY not alone - this site wouldn't exist if you were lol.

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      It is a dark void people get into. the phsycological side of the diagnosis is the worst for alot it isolates you,also again there are people clearly suffering horrible pain from it that doctors ignore and disbelive, its clear as day hsv causes alot more harm than the medical boards understand. You see it day in day out on here, so many new infections. hsv is something the world can rid and people need to start backing up every attempt to remove it from society. your story was a great read on youre tumbler, you pushed that step forward at trying something new to help people! This forum has helped alot of people and will continue to do so
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      I've had symptoms, like back to back weeks my thighs will itch and have bumps, last night it was itchy but no bumps this morning , I don't know
    • Tiredmom96
      Yes I get the same thing and it's miserable. ;(. I used to only get localized prodromes.  Now they go down into my legs and feet too.  I think things change over time. If you're having flare ups often you might want to consider suppressive therapy.
    • Rational Vaxxer
      Since I have a outed myself on public media and made available the information about the vaccine, the positive and negative outcome has been polarizing to say the least. The extremes sides of opinions have been so strong, it's reminiscent of the current upcoming election.   The deep and dark side of this disease has the ability to leave people empty and most people tired. Tired because they lay awake at night and tired because they are in need of peace. I'm commenting here because I think it is important to realize, the effect this disease has for a large percentage of unknown people. Even I did not realize it until just recently how many that are affected in such a negative way. The amount of messages I have received from social media, other than Facebook, of those who are desperate for relief was quite revealing.
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      Aw, not this kinda spam here?! Let me guess- "Dr" Odoma is from Nigeria.
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      Once you start to open up and tell people, you will realise that most people really don't give a shit about herpes. I actually felt a little embarrassed after I told friends and family and they were 'yeah and so what'? I'm sure there are judgemental people out there that will say 'ewww gross', but they are generally people that add no value to your life anyway
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      Best paragraph on here ever
    • b12castles Thought it would be good to start from here. Anyone with links to US congress or MoH in any country?
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