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God is the Sole Healer and He resides in u n everywhere

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Dear friends,

First i'm expressing my sincere gratitude and prostrations at the Holy Lotus Feet of all the Great Masters,Saints,Avatars who as God Almighty representative are guiding and protecting us by operating at various realms of existence which the human limited mind can't perceive for our liberation.I thank my Satguru for using me as an instrument to share my experience with u all.

Before starting Let me clarifies all Gods are same Lord Jesus,Lord Buddha,Lord Krishna, Lord Sai Baba,Mohammed Prophet as different forms in which God Almighty has appeared to us (Mankind) to liberates us from the mundance existence of life and death. He is formless"omnipresent,omnipotent,omniscient" pure consciousness. Supreme Soul.

I used to sleep with prostitutes to find relief from my breakup with my exgirlfriend which later on became an addiction.I was of the wrong assumption that having sex with condoms will protect u completely . I had no clue about STD's other than AIDS. I took things for granted.But the mercy-full God took pity on me.He thought of using me has his instruments to spread his message of unconditional love to the world.

It all started of with Boils in my ass which the Dr's told as fistula /Piles thereafter my mother expired . As i was going to attend her funeral i developed sores in my throat followed by heavy headache. The Dr's there told that this was because of the tension . As i was coming back i developed white sores around my gential area. I got scared.I thought something was wrong and was thinking of AID's . went directly to Dr's who have treatment but i was not cured completely at that time.

I started developing skin burns, rashes on my things.The suffering was so much i told my close colleague who was with me who started avoiding me therafter.

All this sufferings,my mother's death . I was just praying to God to just relief me from the Pain and disease. I took a owe that if i 'm not cured i will not pray u again. As God's will would have it "Its was testing time of my Faith in Him". I went to the Dr who told it is Herpes . That day i thought my end was near. I became depressed started crying. The thought of suicide came to my mind.

I told myself that in one month i will commit suicide but will be chanting/praying God's name till my last breath.

When u surrender complete to GOD's will then he sends his messenger to rescue u and give u a New life "A Rebirth" so that u realize who really ur are and what is the whole purpose of this life.How to get liberated from the cycle of Life n birth

The person the God sends as his messenger was none other than my own colleague whose stature i didn't understood till the time he came to me.

One of my friend told that there is a Holy Saint in northern part of India n my colleague used to go and meet him. My Colleague took pity on my suffering and after consultation with the Saint told me to continue praying and apply sacred ash on my forehead after finishing the prayer.

I continued with my prayers , as i was praying my boils around my gential area started to worsen n increases. I was getting nervous "testing times again Faith" ..I continued praying within 10 days one afternoon as i completed my prayer . i thought of looking at my gential. As soon as Looked Miracle of MIRACLE "God Almighty Grace.The Scared Ash which the saint told to put on my forehead . The whole area where the boils or red marks of herpes where there started to burn out right in front of my eyes. At first i got frightened , couldn't understand what was happening .THE BOILS WERE GETTING RED AND SPREADING OUT . I just couldn't make out what was happening and went of to sleep. I woke up after 3-4 hrs in evening. AS soon as i woke up . I recollected of that has happened and suddenly a thought came in my mind "That was healing and u r healed". As if somebody has passed this message to me in my sleep.

My happiness bound no joy when i realised this and that at the same moment my room was filled with sweet fragrance. I shared my whole experience with my colleague who then told " Its God's Grace and ur faith and patience in God which has cured u.

After that God guided me to read the book of " Shri Sai Charita" about life history of God incarnate"Shri Sai Baba" wherein it was clearly mentioned God Loves all of us so much that all the suffering we undergo in ones life is attributed to ones own action(sins)/karma of this life or previous life and we must bear its fruit Good or Bad .One can't Escape from its repercussion by commiting suicide or wat so ever. U have to take another birth to nullify it.

Similarly If u have hurt somebody .Do meet him /her and ask for forgiveness. If physically not possible at least ask forgiveness to God and to them mentally. This is very much essential in ur inner purification. U will become more close to God who resides in u.

Also forgive all those who have hurt u .Feed and help the poor and needy as per ur capacity and cabability God will be Happy with u and assist u in ur life to attain peace and happiness.

All the living Saints don't have any other agenda but to unite all of us back to God.They express our true nature viz Unconditional Love and they come to our life once we have complete faith and patience and surrender our Self(Soul) to GOD(Supreme Soul).

All the spiritual message which i have written is those of my Satguru I dont own anything . Its his grace and guidance which persuaded me to share my experience to u all and guide u all to the ultimate path of our Life "Liberation".

Liberation from everything and anything that binds us to this mother earth,then u will be back home.U(soul) dissolve or merge with the Consciousnesses of God Almighty.

Faith and patience is the key. Be aware of what ur doing now .past creates sorrow future creates anxiousity, live in the present .and accept life as it is don't resist .

I thank all those people who has devouted there precious time to read this blog

Believe in ur Guru. Believe in ur God . Believe in Ur self. Ur Self is ur Guru.Guru's/Saints whom u see external are just extended part of ur inner Self.

God Bless u n ur family with Peace, Happiness and prosperity always.

"Aum Shri Guruvaye namah." "Prostrations to Holy saints"

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    • readytostart
      Hi everyone,  Just a thought, I'd like to read your take on that.  How can be possible, technically speaking, that in less than a year from the discovery of the Covid19, many vaccines are in phase 2, and research like the one in Fred Hutch  are still years away from human clinical trials.  It's been discussed before the possibility of doing peritions in order to fast track trials, but now there's an evidence that it just depends on the rush for finding a solution to a problem, my point being, don't we have still enough evidences of how many health problems do herpes cause, and how many people are infected... This is being a pandemic  for a long time now... 
    • Goran123
      If it gives you OB's you should just stop drinking it. Beer gave me OB's....stopped drinking it, no OB's any more HSV OB's is a lot like learn as you go, different people have different OB's for different reasons. If you feel you get OB from one thing, stop doing it and so on. Good luck, remember you are not alone. We are 2 billion strong positive members
    • LemonOne9
      I had a few things in mind... 1) Avoiding sex on days where the virus is detected could help to reduce long term transmission risk. I had also thought that if no virus is detected then at least sex could be more relaxing since the chances of transmission would be lower, though if the friction of sex stimulates shedding then I guess that wouldn't be fool proof. Of course, shedding could also spontaneously initiate between the time of the test and before sex is initiated even if it's on the same day. But at least I'd know the chances were lower. 2) I'd be curious to know how shedding rates differ between different genital areas. For example, do I shed more from the area where I typically get outbreaks (around the glans) and less toward the base of the shaft? If I could determine that very little shedding is happening toward the base then that would give me more confidence during protected sex. I'd also be curious to see if it's true that shedding only happens from the penis as has been said, or if the scrotum or pubic area do in fact shed. 3) I'd like to see if/how my shedding rate is reducing over time (I was infected only a year ago), and I'd also like to see how it responds to certain medications like Valtrex, Amenalief and to see if barrier gels like Viblok reduce the number of exposed virions as has been shown in some research. 4) I tested positive for oral HSV-2 via a PCR swab, and I'm also curious to see how often virus is shed orally since there seems to be little data on that. I've heard "1% of days" but I'd still like to investigate further. Part of this would be for practical purposes and part of it is also just for psychological purposes. With more knowledge of exactly how the virus is behaving in my body I would just feel a greater sense of control, and it would give me some data that could hopefully reduce my chances of spreading. Anyway I know this sounds "out there" but if it really is just a moderate sized machine that I could maintain myself, and if the procedure could be done relatively easily, then if such a device could be purchased for around 10k or less I'd honestly consider it.  
    • Roxanne11
      Firstly I’ve now realised after my stress in 2019 I can no longer have a normal sex life but anyway questions of possible transmission I engaged in a threesome 8 days ago. I was cautious throughout the act with my genitals however not oral! I refused to receive oral sex by either of my two partners and engaged in vaginal sex for only 30 seconds PROTECTED (Whilst holding the condom in place)! I did not allow any other rubbing of genitals against mine.     Assuming the male had herpes - with my encounter what is the possibility of getting genital herpes?    I was the giver of oral sex - what are the chances of getting oral herpes? Note the male was clear of any sores anywhere. i have now had a sore throat since (although I remember having one before the encounter due to tonsil stones). Having a sore throat without the presence of symptoms doesn’t mean herpes correct?    ive been having electric shocks, dull pain on my vagina but this doesn’t mean much in the absence of symptoms correct? Also does prodrome occur for first outbreaks?    my friend who was in the act, she accepted full intercourse without protection - it is 8 days and she has had no outbreaks. If either of us were infected, would one of us likely had an outbreak now?    How can I move on with casual sex without freaking the f out every time now? I feel like I should stay abstinent as my anxiety is getting the better of me and in the way of living my life!    @WilsoInAus I’d appreciate your input again :) 
    • Catherinr
      Hello everyone!!    I was diagnosed a month ago... Got my first OB that I was aware of and got it swabbed (came back positive). The first one was a year ago, but no one tought it might be herpes, even at the hospital...  Well... I started drinking ketones (from a company named pruvit) almost 2 months ago and I feel really great on them but since day 5, I have an OB and it’s not going away... I have tried to not drink them for a couple of days, and no symptoms when I don’t drink them... But symptoms come back has soon as I am done drinking them and other OBs are appearing...  I’ve read on another post that maybe the body comes acidic and it might me the reason... I will try to drink lemon water...    But was wondering if anyone had a similar experience.    thank you everyone!! ❤️
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