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Rashes & bumps all over..

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So I was diagnosed with hsv1 early November 2012.

I had not had any signs or symptoms up until I was told I had antibodies in my blood.

After being told some very strange things have been happening to me and am now pretty confident it's ghsv1 despite what the Dr.'s have told me. I have never, and yet to have, any cold sores my entire life.

My 1st sign it was ghsv1 was that after masturbating I would get these tiny shiny bumps on the head of my penis that would be gone by morning. Shortly after I developed a strange raised rash type thing near my urethra. None of these bumps or rashes itched, hurt, burned, or turned into open sores. I went to the Dr and he said he didn't know what it was but it "wasn't herpes".

He prescribed me a steroid cream and a single pill for possible yeast. I was told to use the cream for 2 weeks, and if that didn't work take the pill. The cream seemed to slightly help, but it did not clear up until about a week after taking the yeast pill. How excited I was that maybe I was just an asymptomatic ohsv1 carrier like countless others!

About a week of joy passed before I got this strange swelling on the corona of my penis. At first I was certain it was a bluster but when I tried to pop it, it felt hard! Wtf I thought. Not that I want burning lesions but these mystery symptoms are no help!

Prior to my visit with the Dr I had gone to ER because I was also suffering from itchy bumps on the back of my thighs, and an itchy rash between the shin & calf of my left leg. The ER told me it was was eczema on my leg and probably folliculitis on my thighs. I've tried everything under the sun to heal these spots with no avail.

From what I've ready herpes has been mistaken as folliculitis before.

I've also been getting strange dry skin patches across the bridge of my face. Sometimes there are little red bumps sometimes its just dry looking. I know this may not be related, but that's why I'm posting. I've never had eczema before, but I di have some skin issues in my family. I guess what I'm wondering is it possibly for hsv1 to cause other problems like this? Does anyone have similar symptoms? Is it possible that with my immune system being focused on my hsv would it allow other "bad genes" to surface?

I tried to get Valtrax from the Dr. But he said no because its "just hsv1, everyone has it, and I don't have (what he will call) symptoms"

Since seeing Dr.'s some issues have gotten better, yet I've also had other things happen like red itchy bumps near my hip on one side, smaller red bumps that don't itch appearing on my arms. Blotchy redness that appears on my arm and face after showering, and dry red patches on my left hand.

Wtf is happening to me? Did I spread the herp all over and because its away from the mouth and genitals its appearing different? Am I just getting old and a lot of these other things are poorly timed side effects of bad skin genes? I'm just so freaked. In scared to touch or be touched. I sleep in all my clothes and a hoody on my head. I'm not as stressed as I was 2 months ago, but I'm still living like I walking virus. I also just heard from my ex who was negative on his blood work back in Nov because he got bumps on his penis that the clinic thought was herp. The swabbed it and he's waiting on results. The only thing that kept me somewhat happy was thinking my ex made it out clean. Now that's gone!

Sorry this is all so scattered. That's just how my brain has been. I guess what I'm looking for is some insight on these other rashes. I don't have insurance and I don't want to waste any more $$$ on Dr.'s or Valtrax. I hate the idea of pharmaceuticals, but I'm wondering if maybe 1 bottle of Valtrax would clear me up and put the virus to sleep. I just want to be asymptomatic like I was before I found out about the antibodies!! I think the stress of knowing I had herpes woke it up! Now that I'm over the shock I'm praying it'll just go away for good!!

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I'm sure we all wish we could help you some more, but you will need to persevere with medical help to get proper diagnosis and treatment.

Just on the general rashes, I've had a similar thing in the past. A body that is fighting a virus (HSV, flu, anything) can overproduce or continue to produce antibodies when the virus has subsided. I understand if not utilised, the antibodies break down into histamine that causes the rashes. (I'm no medio!) They look like a mosquito stings, white bumps with red surrounds and disappear after a number of hours, often to reoccur elsewhere. I discovered this after I took antihistamine that contained the problem. The first diagnosis of allergic reaction was then replaced with the diagnosis of immune system oversupply of antibodies. Just a thought

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Thank you. I plan to go back to the Dr. soon. I was just holding out because things were getting a little better. What you said makes sense though. I'm gonna give it another week or so and see how it goes. Thanks again!

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Ok i'm starting to get pissed...

I'm so tired of visual diagnosis's. Went to a new Dr. today. She's cheap, so that was a plus. Showed her all my spots. She is the only one that said it Could be viral.. another plus.. but now i have to wait for her to get the info from my previous Dr.'s before she'll give me any Valtrax. grrr.. i just want relief. I hate not having insurance. I've wasted so much money on NOTHING!!! The only good thing about this new Dr is she's cheap, and said she'd give me the Valtrax when she can read the results of my ER blood work so she can totally rule out fungus, bacteria, and whatever.

How did i go from asymptomatic to a 4 month OB?!?!?! WTF!!! Something is NOT right. --and of coarse my OBs aren't blisters or typical so no one even thinks it's herpes. BUT IT HAS TO BE! My ex just got a + swab of a lesion on his genitals which means i had my 1st OB after 10 months of being with him. His blood was - in Nov after my + blood result. So he must have JUST got it at the end of the relationship right before i had noticeable symptoms. I hate this virus! Obviously ghsv1 is only/mostly communicable during an OB otherwise he would have had it much sooner because we had A LOT of sex.

I just want this to go, and stay, away so that MAYBE i can remain asymptomatic and find me someone with asymptomatic ohsv1 and we can just live like this stupid herpes doesn't even exist!!

I've gone from depressed to PISSED. The only thing i can think of that made this virus show up after so long is i had just quit smoking weed. I think somehow it kept the herp asleep. Between quitting weed, my blood diagnosis, and the rough spot my relationship got to before the breakup my body went into some kind of stress overload and woke this seep giant! GO BACK TO BED HERPES!!! I HATE YOU!

I so badly wanted to believe the previous Dr.'s that whats happening to me is not herpes, but now with the recent news of my exes + swab, i KNOW it has to be!!

Has anyone else had these issues with Dr.'s before?! Or gone from asymptomatic to a 4 month OB?!?! The thing i fear most is that i have atypical eczema herpiticum and that these ignorant Dr.'s are just gonna wait til it's too late and i'm dead.

Sometimes i wish i WAS dead.. I just don't really wanna go out covered in lesions. X_x

One more thing.. she said she couldnt swab anything (just like all the other Dr.s) because i have no puss or fluid. I asked her to culture and she said something about why she wasn't going to. She was Asian and i coudnt really understand everything she said. I begged for the Valtrax and and a culture but she was dead-set against it. WTF?! Why do i have to ASK Dr.'s to do their job and still have them tell me no?!!?!?

I read all your posts and swabbing/culturing seems like it's the 1st thing your Dr.'s do.. but out of the ER, dermatologist, and my last 2 follow up NO ONE was willing to do ANY science!! D:<

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    • cantdoit
      I didn't even get a sorry.  The only thing that makes me feel a little better is I made sure he lost his job. Further, sociopaths are found in high levels of politics, CEO's and cops. He was a cop. 
    • Disc0rdant
      I would say having sex w/o disclosing is sociopathic if he knew.  Doing it with no condom on top is 2x sociopathic. Again.  It does not make him one.  Look up sociopathic behavior.  They dont typically intentionally try to injure.  They have zero regard for other humans.  All about pleasure and manipulate to get what they want.  We all have behaviors that are.     Showing a lack of remorse or shame. The DSM-V entry on antisocial personality disorder indicates thatsociopaths lack remorse, guilt or shame. RED FLAG #5. Staying eerily calm in scary or dangerous situations.
    • Disc0rdant
      I do suspect people.  Especially after the last girl arguing that "STI tests" that I would pay for wouldnt catch bacterial stuff.  I told her they test for bacterial STI's, too.  I refused to accept her saying she had nothing and that I would forget about testing.  I respect both myself and her more than to back down, there. I am not desperate and stupid.  I had told her I hadnt had a date in 2 months.  So she prob thought I was.....  Even if I hadnt dated for 5 yrs, I respect myself first.  Anyway.  It wasnt until I completely insisted that she disclosed.  People just know when you are serious.  They arent stupid.  
    • thehopeisnear
      The most amazing thing just happened! @Chip Clark re-tweeted all of these tweets (  I have never seen an CEO so involved in helping a community like this.  He really wants change for us and wants to see the HSV community get better treatments.  Today is a great opportunity for all of us to make a big impact.  I don't mean to spam anyone, but I want people to see this! A lot of people know other people with the disease.  There's a lot of support out there.   @crisper @GlitterDx @Norwegian123 @dont quit!17 @Sean123 @OhFuckMyDickHurts @Whyyyyy @SD777 @MoniqueLow @jreemi @eva13 @EyeOpener @Untouchable1 @Constant Diplomat @jpg @silverdream @LiveLife100 @LucyLevi @Elle22 @HC-Support-Team @LillianPanos @Ajuda @Malcolm @Mackie82 @Atrapasueños @JJ2017 @Rational Vaxxer @RVX Patient and Investor @Theblues @Smart_1 Please post here and get the attention of other users with the "@" sign with their username on HC so they can see what we are doing and how they can contribute!   We may have had differences in our views on some things, but we can all get on board for this!        
    • K_Sock
      How would less people get HSV with better education? Certainly I remember sex-ed very well and was told that the majority of people have oral HSV-1 and that it doesn't cause symptoms in 80% of people, even if transmitted to the genitals. To the teenagers this is taught to, the reaction is either that of disbelief (and fear or such = "I don't want to get it!") or it would be a complete disregard for HSV-1 as a concern as it's to prevalent & insignificant to worry about ("I probably have it..or will get it. I want to kiss boys/girls and I want oral sex."). In this way education poorly characterizes the disease, but it certainly should be eliminating the stigma more than it is.. The stigma exists because a) it's gross and b) it's unfamiliar (no one really hears about, or talk about HSV.). Stigmas are very very hard to eradicate..The only way to eradicate the HSV stigma would be to follow Ella Dawson's lead and keep putting real people behind HSV!  Coming out of sex-ed class, HIV, Hep-C and HSV-2 were really the only viruses to fear. HPV, EBV, CMV and HSV-1 where basically communicated as viruses we'd all get...   
    • cantdoit
      Thank you. He knew he had it and didn't disclose. Did he intentionally try to infect me. I'm not sure. Did he convince me how clean he was and how he always always uses condoms so that I would agree not to use one. I believe he did. Does this make him a sociopath?  To me. Yes. Am I stupid because I believe what he said to me. Yes. But I never went through life thinking what people tell me are lies. I believe them unless they show me differently. At the end of the day this guy was a pathological liar. Why did this happen to me?  Why was he put in my path in life?  I wonder every day. It's been over a year and I'm waiting for a cure to come. 
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