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Genital herpes symptom??

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I have my first OB on Jan. 8th, and got serial symptom, for example,

(1) diarrhea on Jan. 10th ~ Jan. 12th, and stop after I take a medicine

(2) muscle aches

(3) low fever or fever on Jan. 14th, but get well tomorrow

(4) there are some red rash on my calf and upper arms on Jan. 14th ~ Jan. 18th,

(5) there are two or three blisters around my penis after fever on Jan. 14th

(6) Groin lymph nodes on the left side (it will pain at begining 5 days, but get no pain finally), and neck lymph nodes left side on Jan. 14th ~ now

(7) Pharyngitis on Jan. 14th ~now

And my question is, I go to hospital and detect positive on HSV-2, HIV negative in RT-PCR after oral sex 19 days, and doctor let me take Acyclovir tables 5 days, but my (6) (7) are still happen (continue),

1. Is it normal for groin lymph nodes continue three weeks or more longer (no pain)?

2. Are neck lymph nodes (no pain) and Pharyngitis connecting with my genital herpes?

I am very worry, because many people quickly recover after got HSV-2, why my lymph still happen.

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i feel for you mate, ive got over my first OB and about to start my second only a week after my first cleared up. So you might need a second dose of the anti-vi drug, your body is working overdrive to build anti-bodies, the lymph nodes are trying to combat the virus.

Drink plenty of water and try and eat as healthy as you can to help build up your immune system.

Im no expert as ive only just been diagnosed myself only 3 weeks ago. It feels like hell, emotionally and physically.

Talk to people on here, post your story, have a moan, we are all together on here, we know what you are going through because we are living the dream too

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I am appreciate for your reply.

I am glad to hear that my symptom similar like yours, especially "ive got over my first OB and about to start my second only a week after my first cleared up".

Yes, i have my second OB, and it is closed to first one about three days.

I hope your are right about my body is building a immune system (Groin lymph nodes).

I am helpless, because it can't share to my friend or family.

Thank you again. God bless us.

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try not to worry, i know its not easy, we are probably on the same time scale regarding our OB, at the end of the day we have herpes, and unless things change, we have it for life, it can come at any time without warning, and can cause severe pain that can keep you off work, i spoke to my nurse on Friday as i needed some more drugs and she told me she has seen people who can not put one foot in front of the other due to the pain, this could happen to us.

So keep you chin up and learn quickly of the best way to deal with your case, what foods to eat, how to clean yourself. The gen herpes we have a hidden problem, a problem that we cant tell people as they will look at us as dirty.

Its just a cold sore, its just a cold sore its just a cold sore nothing more nothing less, we are the same person as before this came along. Tell yourself this when you have an Ob.

We are on a learning curve. Im still learning myself and dont have the answers. Ive been through hell with my gf over this. Share you anger on here, you need to release your emotions and thoughts everyone on here will listen

take care, you are not alone

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • WilsoInAus
      No I’m sorry the only person that needs to be reported is you. Your posts are unacceptable by societal standards, that’s plain to all readers. Your damage to people with HSV is reprehensible. The only person bashing is you, until your attitude changes and you grow up, there is no place for you on this website.
    • Jessie67
      Okay,  here's an update... the new site that was bothering me this morning looks clearer and is no longer raised but it's still red.  I've started using tea tree oil mixed with coconut after someone suggested it.   I didn't take an extra dose so I don't know if it was the oil or the medicine.   I'm driving myself nuts with all of this. 
    • f*ckedOver

      The truth of the matter is that you have no idea what you're talking about.  You seriously have issues trying to tell someone about how they suffer, what their test results are.  You apparently suffer from HSV-1 oral based on your profile and you're here for who knows why...sure you must suffer a lot or possibly none at all.  Either way most of the population is okay with someone have HSV-1 orally.  HSV-2 Genital & Oral is a different ballgame for obvious reasons. 

      You think that by my symptoms which include 5 oral lesions since exposure and test results aren't good enough.  I don't need to post my results online to let the world see.  In fact I am done explaining myself. 

      THIS IS A SUPPORT COMMUNITY NOT A BASH COMMUNITY. YOU THINK IT'S OKAY TO BASH PEOPLE FOR LORD KNOW WHAT REASON.  You attempt to manipulate my character with your slander of my character.  The only person proving them self of poor character here is yourself.  

      I have reported you. You have no reason to be here, you are the classical keyboard warrior-troll. I have every right to be pissed off and trust me if I could. I would beat the shit out of you, bc you need lessons learned.  You're alien trying to tell another human being his/her symptoms and feelings.  FUCK OFF. I will never reply to you again. I don't care how much you try to stir the pot. You have lost all credibility and you have nothing better to do than try to demoralize other people. You're a shitty human being. 
    • WilsoInAus
      @Tone123 could of points. A person with genital herpes is already infected through their entire genital area as marked out roughly by a pair of boxer shorts. Once your immune system is in full swing (a few months from infection) then further infection of the same type, regardless of any sub strains, is of negligible chance.
    • ManagingIllness
      You can have HIV for many years without developing AIDs, if that is what you're asking.

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