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Hopefully I will finally get some answers.....

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So about three weeks ago I had sex with this guy. He originally told me that he was only seeing me (yeah right). We had been seeing each other for six months. Well the last time we had sex a few days later I came down with this "yeast infections". So I went and bought an over the counter med which was a kind I hadn't used before. A little while after I started swelling on my perineum and then starting getting cuts down there. They were never blisters just open sores and there was no discharge to it. Other than that I felt fine, no flu symptoms, no burning except when urine got onto the cuts and obviously to wipe the cuts. I figured I got an allergic reaction to the med an since I never used that kind I figured it was possible. So my symptoms besides the cuts resolved after a day. But obviously the cuts freaked me out so I called my dr and made an appt. she said it could possibly be that or a bacterial infection. Well then we had a huge snow storm and they had to cancel my appt. I work at a hospital so I just went to the emergency room to get it checked out. If I needed antibiotics I wanted them right then and there. The er dr did about a 30 second pelvic exam and said I had sores inside as well and he was certain it was herpes. Obviously in disbelieve I told him I wanted a swab done but he refused (yes there is a complaint being filed). He gave me a prescription and sent me on my way. I did take the anti vitals but I wanted a second opinion cause the first dr wouldn't confirm it. He even joked that I was having the most mild first ob he has ever seen an he normally gets girls who can't even tolerate him touching them but I went through talking with him while he was doing the entire pelvic exam. Plus I was mortified too because he diagnosed me with this in front of nurses I work with on a daily basis. Anyways, I a few days later at a completely different company clinic. The dr sat there and did a pelvic exam, listened to everything I had to say. She said that some of the sores kind of looked like herpes and some didnt look anything like it. I was relieved at that. She said that I could have actually had irritation and an allergic reaction to the yeast suppository. She didnt do a culture either but did blood work. It's been weeks and I was going out of my mind. I finally got a call hoping that they ha my results in buy they told me it could be a few more weeks! Sorry but wtf! So I made another appt with a dr to get another blood test. I had an hour long conversation with the dr about everything. Because of my research since first diagnosis I knew way more about herpes than he did. He asked me how my lesions were and I told him. They were never blisters, never scabbed over, I even have a tiny scar where one was and I had never messed with any of the sores. I kept track numerous times a day and throughput all the pictures I have seen on hundreds of websites from mild to severe outbreaks only one picture even closely resembled my lesions. I had no typical symptoms except before I took the yeast infection cream and yes did the sores heal. But I don't know if it wa because of the anti vitals or they healed because they were regular sores. I did however after my diagnosis find out the guy was not just sleeping with me but two to three other girls. I work overnights so our schedules are completely different. He won't tell me the truth and he doesn't care. So I don't know. Does this sound like your typical herpes? I wish I would have saved the pictures or I would have posted them. I mean my sore just slowly closed no scab, no puss or drainage. Just nothing!

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unfortunately it sounds like your doctors giving you visual diagnosises...which are INACCURATE. and where are you from? why are these blood tests taking so long?? unfortunately you should have gotten a culture swab of these lesions! what were these doctors thinking!? they sound like herpes to me however i am not a octor i cannot diagnose you and it has been proven that signs of herpes can be mistaken for other things, like YI's, baterial infections ingrown hairs etc... these symptoms sound very common but at the same time you need your results!? crazy, just bizarre to me.. my blood work and culture came back within DAYS. are you seeing a right doc? many docs ARE idiots when it comes to herpes, and it pisses me off to read , all jokes aside, that the one doctor was laughing at you, thats just unprofessional.. are you seeing a real gyno? or just aGP?

sorry if i didnt catch that in your story... well i am glad you did more research but also try to stick to reliable and reuptable sources like this website if you havent already... honestly, like i said, you need those results.

also, was ita blood specific igg test? ask for one, and ask for a Culture Swab! if you still have those lesions.. this is so important and these tests are very accurate. im sorry for such a crazy waiting game... it could be that the guy you were seeing DOES know he has herpes, or doesnt know and really doesnt care.. thats unfortunate forhim because he is going around sleeping with people.

although sex ALWAYS comes with risks and responsibility as im sure you know, its still unfortunate that hes doing this..

i hope you get your answers soon, please ask any other questions you may have :)

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Thomas29
      I’ll stop doing it then hahah yeah mine doo too they are like milk spots but these bad boys have got a lot of them in them!! I think these are the ones that was under my skin I’ll stop touching them hopefully they’ll go away I’ve never had a blister/ spot on my lips or inside my mouth so i was just been curious if it’s on my face or so, thank you for advice tho lovely 
    • sameer82
      I would suggest you don t have to tell many people about it you have HSV ..May be you can tell people with whom you are in relationship now or any future partners ..telling anyone else will make unnecessary more worrying only ... 
    • sameer82
      Stop picking them or poping them and see does it goes away on its own ? i also get some of these on my forehead with white discharge sometimes ..but my poping them it spreads to more area of skin ..
    • Lilhurp
      Im from The Illinois side
    • Lilhurp
      No I’m kinda embarrassed to go pick up the prescription to be honest. How do they work for u?

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