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CELLFOOD oxygen treatment is working

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So, I've been taking this "high performance oxygen/nutritional supplement" known as Cellfood for about 3 months now, and it is the first product that has positively ended my active symptoms. I've tried just about everything, including Valtrex, an array of herbal supplements, topical treatments, and dietary changes.

This is not an ad. I really have nothing to gain except the feeling of helping people out. I just joined this form the other day after having looked at it for who knows how long--at least 3 years by now. That's how long I've been trying every plausibly popular or effective herpes product on the internet. I was compelled to post this the other day after having laid off the Cellfood for about 4 weeks to try one of the most hyped-up supplements on the market, Resveratrol.

The reason I decided to stop the Cellfood was because it wasn't really alleviating my external symptoms--and by symptoms, let it be known that I've never had a sore or blister or anything like that. My symptoms for 4 years have been nothing but varying degrees of rashes and "micro-lesions" and little bumps. Red and pink discoloration here and there--notably under the skin. I know the virus is active when my skin feels like there's something crawling beneath it. My skin will get slightly pink and then peel. That's about it. It still sucks, and even during the time that I was taking Cellfood, I still had the "permanent" (?) discoloration in certain spots. The difference was--and this is how I know that the Cellfood was actually doing something--was that I never had any tingling or active symptoms while taking it. Indeed, after about 3 months on the Cellfood, even the chronically pink parts of my skin were starting to fade, a little. Anyway, about 2 weeks after I stopped the Cellfood and started taking Resveratrol, I began to have ACTIVE symptoms. Part of me thought that maybe the symptoms were indicative of a Resveratrol-induced "die-off" reaction, but I no longer think this is the case. The reason is because, just a couple days ago, I went back on the Cellfood (it was essentially an experiment at this point), and now the active symptoms are basically stopped, and the places where I was beginning to break out are returning to normal. In other words, I now know for sure that Cellfood HAS been suppressing the virus all along to an extent that I have ZERO active symptoms while taking Cellfood.

My herpes is now simply a matter of removing the discoloration this virus has caused that seems to be permanent, though I think I can beat it by discovering the right TOPICAL treatment, while Cellfood takes care of things from the inside. If you're wondering, Cellfood is an oxygen treatment, but supposedly it's the best one on the market, with patented technology. Just Google it. NuScience Corporation is legit and states that their Cellfood is the number one oxygen and nutritional supplement in the world. This very well may be true. The company is in like 50+ countries. The first regimen I tried when I first got this virus some 4 years ago was the "Never an Outbreak" program with DMSO and hydrogen peroxide. I never stuck it out. I don't know if it really works or even if it's safe. I don't think it is. If you read the literature behind Cellfood, you'll find that what makes it unique is that it GENERATES oxygen within your body by neutralizing free radicals (O+) with O- molecules from the Cellfood, thus creating O2 gas, which your body can use. In effect, Cellfood kills two birds with one stone: it removes free radicals and makes oxygen gas molecules out of them. H2O2, ozone, and all the other oxygen therpaies I think might actually be dangerous for you because many of those oxygen species CREATE (dangerous) free radicals in the process of generating oxygen gas. The sciencific literature behind Cellfood is not as thorough as I'd like, but I'm willing to overlook that considering that Cellfood is the ONLY product that has effectively ended my symptoms.

So... has anyone else had success with Cellfood? I encourage people to try it and report back if it works. NuScience Corporation provides a lot of literature backing up the product. I guess what I'm trying to say is: If you think oxygenation is a means to eliminate herpes (and improve health), check out Cellfood because it's basically the leading oxygen product on the market. You can buy it off the internet. The cheapest place is can get it here for $20/bottle, which will last you about a month. I encourage people to read up on it and provide input. There's an audio interview with the vice president of the corportation on this website:

I found it really interesting.

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im kind of confused you said

""My symptoms for 4 years have been nothing but varying degrees of rashes and "micro-lesions" and little bumps. Red and pink discoloration here and there--notably under the skin. I know the virus is active when my skin feels like there's something crawling beneath it. My skin will get slightly pink and then peel. That's about it. It still sucks, and even during the time that I was taking Cellfood, I still had the "permanent" (?) discoloration in certain spots. --I now know for sure that Cellfood HAS been suppressing the virus all along to an extent that I have ZERO active symptoms while taking Cellfood.""

you were taking this stuff and still had the color= so wouldnt that mean that it really wasnt working at 100%?

also- free radicals, and co2 cant get rid of herpes. you would need your body to "lyse" them and oxygen doesnt do anything for that.

its possible that the treatment itself, if making the rest of your body healther, which in turn is causing you to have less outbreaks, since better immune systems fight off things better.

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I started taking Cell food as well. Been on it under a week. I did the therapy as directed - 8 drops in purified water 2 to 3 times a day.

Warning: I experienced what the called a "healing crisis" for 2 days. I felt like I had a really bad flu. My joints ached. I had a fever. My throat got swollen. I had bloodly mucas comin out. I had splitting headaches for 2 days. I was so weak and even my organs seemed to hurt. Yep it was bad. I could barely sleep from the pain.

I'm a big alternative medicine fan and I agree though this is a detox. Things get very bad (stiring up and cleaning out past wrongs) before things become better.

I made it through and am staring again on 1 drop and will try slowly to build up to 8 drops.

Cell food has been used in cancer as well (which they are starting to believe is a nasty virus like herpes). I will report back in a few months how I'm doing.

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      Rational Vaxxer thank you for your message. It brings tears of happiness to my eyes. How great you must feel after so many years of suffering.  Many of us here wonder about shedding. Is it too early to ask? Can you tell anything about that? Enjoy your new life! And thank you for sharing here!  
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      Yes, he has seen a full remission of symptoms, but hes here now! So I'll let him speak for himself
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      The Vaccine for Herpes. The Id and the ego.  We have all heard the proverbial sales pitch in regards to relieving symptoms or even some products claims to “Cure Herpes.” For me, I have seen and read ads ad nauseam for almost 30 years. This instant Snake oil that can or will be considered a cure seems like a good idea at the time.. You spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in desperation to get relief, only for the endeavor to end tragically at the bottom of the cliff of disappointment. This does not come without a mountain of buyers remorse. These events have left many empty and not without an awful taste in their mouths. If I may be crass, It’s not much different from dating a bunch of assholes your entire life and every experience ends the same. Sad and empty. For many years this was my experience with many attempts to find relief from this Herpetic disease. The countless hours and money wasted is just too much of a burden to grant it any more thought or remembrance.  This story however, has a happy ending. This solution I thought was too good to be true, actually worked. I received the vaccine for HSV2 from my friends at Rational Vaccines, as a trial participant in phase 1. Honestly I have tried everything under the sun and this was the only relief I ever received.  After the public press release of the trial information, I was granted permission to talk about my experiences in public. I knew there would be doubters and haters but I was surprised at the anger I received from some of the people I called friends, who frequent in the social herpes communities. I was called a bull shitter, liar and threatened ( cleverly I might ad ) to a fight in order to kick my ass for giving false hope. In the end, I am not worried about telephone tough guys or keyboard bullies who talk a tough game online, but in person, they say nothing. The reactions were very interesting non the less. It is interesting to me that some who suffer from an ailment for an extended period of time begin to become a victim of its grasp and this disease becomes part of their personality. It becomes about them, their life and their very being. In a way, a slave to ones captor, a sort of Stockholm syndrome.[1]  I wouldn’t be as so bold to say this is a great comparison, but its just for relation to the topic and discussion and of course, I am not saying this affects everyone. It was intriguing to me that a vaccine, that may be a therapeutic cure, would be so threatening towards a person. That is unless it threatened who they are or who they have become. This is just an opinion, that some who succumb to the hard grasp of this disease, can not help the end result of being consumed buy it. In the end, they are simply doing the best they can. They are in a struggle that is hard to win and one that is hard to accept. I know this because I lived it for over 25 years and many moments in great pain.  When I spoke about the vaccine and how relieved I was, the expectation of doubt should have been automatic and expected. Even though I was met with a few disbelievers and haters, I can’t say I could blame them for being skeptical. If I was on the other side, would I be the same way? Would it be just as easy to say “ Its bull shit?” I would like to think that my love of science would allow me to be more open minded but I have to be honest. If I heard someone say they received a vaccine for herpes, that not only relieved all of their symptoms but they no longer had outbreaks, I would probably say something similar to “ that has to be bull shit!”  Looking back, it’s very troubling to me that I allowed this disease to become a part of who I was and part of my personality, instead of it just being a nuisance. It would seem that the infection in my body, also infected my personality and became a major part of what I identified with. It didn’t just infect my cellular structure, it infected my Id and my ego. It seems I was not that much different from the haters after all. we both share the same issues but with different responses. HSV didn’t just change our lives, It also changed who were are. The good news is every new day is an opportunity to learn and grow from the past and reflections of new ideas. This experience with Rational Vaccines has been a game changer and It is my hope that many will feel as good as I do from this experience.This vaccine didn’t just give me my health back, it gave me my life back and gave my ME back.      [1] Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon first described in 1973 in which hostagesexpress empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors.   hsv2 herpblr cure herpes vaccinerational vaccines hsv1 genital hsv1genital hsv std 1 note         See rational-vaxxer's whole Tumblr
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