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diagnosed a few months ago..

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Hi everyone,

Got diagnosed a few months ago for hsv2, needless to say I was shocked and depressed..and am just coming out of a funk.

I dont know how I got it, I had a severe upper respiratory infection last fall that then led to a case of bell's pallsy which was quite frightening, and took a month to resolve with valtrex and steroids..apparently that can trigger the virus that is otherwise lying dormant..and since then I have had itching and tingling in the groin and lately on the face as well. No sores or lesions anywhere..yet..

Have been taking B complex/vitamin c/lysine daily and have been trying to eat healthy as well. Trying to up my exercise regimen as well. Will have to see how all this evolves.

I am not yet on suppression meds but am strongly considering it, am wondering if there are any adverse side effects to taking those that people have experienced?

Also, any advice for the annoying itching on the face and groin?

This site is a godsend and I thank everyone for contributing to this community. I hope to be a positive contributor here as well.

thanks !

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Are they certain the test is accurate? you may want to get a second test, maybe Western Blot or Bio Kit to be sure you have it. If it is a definite, there is no danger in getting on Valtrex or Acyclovere. I asked my doctor about this because I read where taking it daily can cause liver or kidney damage. There is no study that confirms this and she said its safe to take daily. The generic is less expensive than Valtrex, but you have to take it twice a day every day. Keep your spirits up and know you are not alone, like REALLY not alone. More and more people are finding out they carry HSV2, which means your pool of potential partners is also expanding. Thing is, HSV1 and HSV2 are nearly identical genetically, they just reside in different body parts (although they can switch places). No one freaks out or shun you if you have a cold sore, but genital herpes is so terrifying? No, its the same thing. Don't be depressed.

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    • Marie053
      I believe it’s type 2 but apparently either strain can be found either end! So I will hopefully clarify all this in the coming week! 
    • Lakisha
      @WilsoInAus https://forums.herpesopportunity.com/topic/8577-unprotected-sex-and-transmission-of-hsv2-with-no-symptoms/ Here they say we can shed the hsv2 virus up to 35% of the time. We are far from the 4% transmission rate. That rate is not for everyone. So if i always have prodome and i shed more than others my transmission rate is a lot higher than just 4% so please stop spreading false information. 
    • KikiB
      Pictures  http://imgur.com/a/uK7T8jt
    • John1988
      Unsure whether this is something to be worried about or not. Coming up to 3 weeks now. I’ve been to a sexual health clinic and they said there’s nothing to worry about. I haven’t had sex in 6 months I’ve also never done it without a comdom. There is no fluid in them even when I’ve tried to squeeze them. There’s also 2 of them near my belly button 
    • KikiB
      Apologies for lack of photos, all.pics I have exceed the size limit for the forum
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