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A bit over 2 years ago, I went out with a group of friends and didn't drink anything alcoholic. Someone who'd we just met bought us all drinks. He got me a soft drink and spiked my drink with a rape drug (as I realised afterwards). I quickly got extremely sick (couldn't stop vomiting) and he offered to take me home. What I remember from the following hours are flashes of throwing up in a taxi, unwillingly having sex with immense pain in my vagina and myself shouting "No, stop! I don't want to!". The following morning, he was still there and was nervous and apologetic. I felt weak and sick and didn't understand what had happened and he said the bartender must have spiked my drink. I understood from his facial expression that he was lying.. He had done it himself on purpose. I tried to remain calm and asked if we had had unprotected sex and he confirmed we did. He then left. I was happy to still be alive but felt the worst I'd ever felt in my life. I stayed in bed the entire week and only went out to buy a morning after pill and pregnancy test. I wasn't pregnant. I looked at my area down there using a mirror and noticed it was red and looked bruised and there were wounds. After a week of panic, pain and crying, I decided to seek help and went to the doctor for numerous checks. He could tell that a lot of force had been used as there where some tears in the tissue of my vagina and the area was red. I remember the guy having what looked like herpes near his eye and was really worried. I've been tested for all STDs over the course of 8 months using swabs and blood tests twice and was clean. After my vagina started to heal, I began to have cold sores on my index finger. The doctor didn't know what it was as it's not very common, but it turned out to be a herpetic whitlow. It hurt like hell. The whitlow returned every month around my period and reminded me of the rape every time. It was awful. However, after a year, the symptoms stopped returning and I haven't had them ever since. So for you out there with a similar condition; there is hope.

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    • MaxTX
      Hello, thank you for your generous donation. I donated on Monday after finding the amazing work that has been done. I got a lot of answers from this forum and I hope more people get involved.  Donation send a great message of the interest that we have for a cure. Thank you and I really believe the cure is in the next couple of years. 
    • Inevitablecur3
      I’m bringing us to 20k; I really believe in the research the Jerome lab is doing and want it to cure everyone.
    • Inevitablecur3
      I think people are discouraged by past failures but remember in failure, new things are learned and the progress on understanding hsv is increasing. Up until Jerome’s lab devised a way to attack the latent virus in 2012 there was never a way to potentially cure it; now there is. Couple in the advancements in technology and I think there’s more hope now than ever that it can be cured in the near future.
    • infoguy123
      That's actually a comforting statistic
    • Misterx
      Because it is still a non curable threat in community. Whether it's a small group of people who experience the most severe symptoms, they're still people, just like you. Hsv prevalence will only grow due to lack of effectiveness of treatment and eventual resistance of virus. The virus will infect more and more people and this virus will and may affect your quality of life and in some rare cases it may lead to severe complications and blindness, meningitis etc. Last time I checked by 2025, US will have half of its population infected genital herpes. Do you think WOH and health community will like that?
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