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it's a bitch

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well i started out bad found the oz med. .that makes huge differrence but i took turn for the worse and you get stress now thatcause s me trouble. i got of off the drugs cause i'm active and didn't want to risk killing off kidneys. took ozz pills seemed to work better but family trouble severe stress you go backwards. i got other meds to use yet plus gonna eat all cali flower and brocoli . some reason i got all sensitive . hopeing it gets better . beer oclock its bad for ya but it makes ya feel better .lol. take care . i promise get the topical oz med it's amazeing tempted to water it down and shoot it insinde. cause its a miracle worker and would be nice to have a product to go internal but tested and safer haha. that would be great if any docs are reading this.;). that would solve and cure everything .

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    • crookbristi
      Hi @Blahdittilyblah It's definitely a very hard and awkward situation. What I find myself now doing with people/friends that make fun of Herpes is launching into a whole speech about statistics. lol.  That throws the person waay off and I eventually hear 'I didn't know any of that' or 'you mean it's possible you and I could have herpes?' and I always respond with 'yep, we both could and you wouldn't even know it.'  This helps twofold for me 1. People don't like to hear someone lecture them when they are trying to be funny so they will never joke about it in front of me again  2. I've now educated them on H and will hopefully make them aware they need to actually get tested for it.  To the second part of your post.. I would say your friend should at least find a counselor or H support group to speak with about her diagnosis. While it's awesome you are there to support her, you can't be her only source of help.  It will eventually wear you down and prevent you from coping with your own diagnosis. There are a lot of H groups out there (especially in major cities) or recommend her coming to this forum. We are a great bunch here and would love to offer our support to your friend too    
    • crookbristi
      Great post!  Thank you so much for sharing! I wish I could give everyone on this site a giant hug and tell them they are beautiful and worthwhile regardless of having H  
    • thebear123
      Dang that must be what I have then. You must've swabbed it to confirm it was HSV, huh? Is it 1 or 2?   Do you have any photos? I tried to take one of mine but my camera phone doesn't pick up the detail well.
    • thebear123
      Could you please describe how it presents itself on both your face and genitals? Both the feeling and look?
    • crookbristi
      Really?!  I was thinking about applying it to the spot on my scalp.. I did just get some new hair conditioner that's infused with mint and tea tree oil and have been putting it right on my spot; it seems to be less itchy and has gotten smaller.   I'm gonna try the tea tree oil on it tonight before bed. I bed it burns like a mother though!  
    • LiveLife100
      HSV1 and HSV2 can be in either location although HSV1 prefers oral and HSV2 prefers genital. A large percentage of new genital herpes cases are in fact genital HSV1 transmitted through oral sex by a partner with an oral HSV1 infection. The other way around (transmission of a genital HSV2 infection to a partner's mouth to become oral HSV2) is very uncommon although technically possible. 
    • redhead71
      I had my first ob 3 weeks ago which is how I found out.  My doctor took a swab from the area. it tested positive for hsv2 and negative for hsv-1.   I read on the cdc website that it can be transmitted orally and it's very confusing because the info provided isn't specific to 1 or 2.  I just want to make sure I'm getting the right info
    • Motherhen32
      I had the swap testing done.. yes we had both I wasn't thinking of anything about it knowing we've been together for so long I don't keep track of our sexual activities 
    • WilsoInAus
      You are right in that contact with your genital area is required for there even to be a chance of transmission. What testing showed positive for you, did it indicate an older infection?
    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @Motherhen32 just a few thoughts that may help. First, how did the diagnosis come about, did you have a swab and blood test and what were the results? Do you have vaginal sex and/or receive oral sex in the week before the lesions appeared? It is important to know that your partner may very well have had herpes long before any relationship with you. The fact that you have just been infected is alone not a cause to question fidelity. Talk to your doctor about options, including taking antivirals for the remainder of your pregnancy.
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