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PLEASE HELP Has Anyone been to the Ozone Hospital in Malaysia ?

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Has Anyone been to the Ozone Hospital in Malaysia and how did it go ?

Does anybody know if you need the clearwood for it to work or is anyplace that conducts ozone therapy ok ?

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I believe in ozone oxygen therapy, don't know anything about what you mentioned though. I know that clinics are really expensive though and don't know if it is a cure.. You may want to go to cure zone they have a forum just for this.

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Determined To Heal

Acton, I see you asked this question a long time ago, but I have purchased and attempted the entire protocol with Prof. Peter Jovanovic and Clearwood / Ozone. Please read about my experience on my blog here. My experience was a nightmare, I recommend you do not fall for the scam that is the Clearwood Herpes "Cure". 

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    • information seeker
      I will get it fixed. I getting some help from some former journalist to make ads
    • Friends
      My Neurologist prescribed me Escitalopram for the nerve pain. Really haven’t started taking it, I was hoping the nerve pain just stops. Some way some how he told me that I will never have an outbreak and I haven’t..Weird?  Anyway I’m married, for 15years. When I discovered I had HSV my wife got tested as we’ll found out she had it since college!! Didn’t know that the fever blisters she got in college was HSV...I trust that this is how I got it. But wouldn’t you know she has no symptoms at all other than she knows she has it. There maybe something to this that there is something else wrong here besides HSV.
    • oneday
      Dr David Knipe from Harvard I'm pretty sure
    • Lucy29
      It’s not our heads that cause the sores I think this wound be very stupid for doctors to say as you can clearly see a sore.. however I do think if you are focused on a sensation constantly you will zone in on this feeling and always notice it I suffer from anxiety anyway in general so I do think some of my sensations maybe anxiety related.. but no or course cuts/ blisters  cannot be  
    • blurneworder
      I've noticed a trend of people sharing stories about doctors telling them the tingling sensation is all in their head or caused by the patient themselves. My doctors did the same thing. I explained that I am not making myself confused and dizzy nor am I causing my skin to cut itself open on my penis and lips.

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