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Went Vegan life has taken a huge turn

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Greetings everyone, I wanted to post an update on me hopeing to share some great information with others. I was diagnosed with herpes like in 2003, my break outs was frequent. I would say once or twice every month, skipping ahead to 2011, I started to change up my eating habits, I started letting go anything that pretty much does not grow in a garden, I was on the meats tho, but cheese,dairy, starches, soda, I let go, I noticed a change in my health after some months, my out breaks started to slow down, once every 3 to 4 months. 2012 I was working on becoming a raw vegan/nature. I never thought I would do so, but in dec of 2011, I had a spiritual awakening, life led me in this direction as I just woke up one day and decided to go cold turkey which by the way was a CRAZY experience.

Since 2012, other then being extremely happy everyday, I noticed my ob is really slowing down, sometimes I forget that I even have herpes, thats how long it would be until the next. As events in my life began to unfold, a lot of that unfolding was starting to make a lot of sense to me, its like you learn things in a backwards manner meaning that the events would happen first leaving you to experience them while trying to figure it all out, then once you gain the experience, that is when you are presented with the data of why this and why that, I would not have it any other way. But anywho,I began to be extremely happy, so I went even further, I started creating veggie smoothies and fruit smoothies. I ONLY drink alkaline water, as I study, I come to find out how important water really is. My alkaline water has the ph balance of 9.5.

So I am only eating, fruits,nuts,berries, raw veggies galore and beans, anything from nature that I can pretty much get my hands on. Late 2012 im almost completely off meats and I lost a hell of a lot of weight. Only meat I was eating was chicken. I went from 220 to 150 in a couple of months, I was losing weight in dec 2011 when I started and I fasted without knowing I was fasting, fasting is good, I did this on alkaline water for 30 days. I dropped the meats in Sep 2012, been raw ever since, only have a small ob 1 time ( they do seem to get smaller as you rise up on good healthy eating) since then and after that I have had none. Right now I am gaining my weight back only through healthy vegan eating and I love black beans..

I have learned that nature is key, my awareness is very high now, I believe it is these foods that is the problem, as I learn, they put corn syrup in everything, GMO, subway is not even all that healthy, the store bought water has added minerals when it should be pure, white and wheat bread is a prob and as for sugar and salt, its a lot of science behind this and yet most of us pass right by it. Since I dropped the meats, im not even hungry everyday anymore, people be like "Hay you need to eat" I tell them, im not hungry and they think im crazy. I am now growing my own garden now of food, I advise anyone who can do this to do so. Do lots of research, its a lot of stuff that exist that is not on the market like moringa leaves. Also Dr Sebi was RIGHT.

Dont believe crap on tv, do your own research I cant stress that enough. I enjoy nature now, I also plant my feet in the dirt. Stop brushing your teeth with crest, get natural toothpaste, get you natural deodorant, get soap that is of natural ingredients, I have awaken to know that we are getting poisoned each day. If you smoke, PLZ let that go, chemtrails every damn where now, why add on. Also learn about the chakra system, yoga, meditation, all this goes hand in hand. If I can do this, you can do this, I am nobody special. I am in a whole new world and if you can find any of my last post here, I am not that person anymore when I was down in the dumps. I think this has happened to us who have this for a reason, its up to us to find out why. Start questioning everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Including the medicine, I dont take none of that crap no longer, I was on valtrex hard, have not taking it in about 10 months now,possibly longer.

I love each and everyone of you and I hope I reached a lot of you, a lot of us tend to look at our past and we realized "Dam, I f'ked up". It is really time to let that go, let your past go, you are not that past no more, you are now, anyone you mad at, what ever it is, let it go, stop worrying, forget them bills, as long as you got water lights and nature food, YOU ARE GOOD. But most importantly you have YOU so Love you, love yourself and detach away from all distractions and nonsense. I used to be pissed off everyday, Im so happy now, I try to be mad and it dont work lol, trips ME out sometimes. The ironic part when I came here years ago, I didnt have peace, so my name is Iwantpeace never knowing I was going to actually find it. Everything here is my experience and it works, it works TOO much. Love you guys, hope this helps. So get to learning about this nature thing, lots of information out there..

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I am so happy to hear this story. It is so beautiful! Perhaps you are better of with the sequence of events, it forced you to make changes and discoveries of a whole world you otherwise would have not seeked out. I have had type 1 genital for a couple years but it was never much of a big deal for me. I just told myself things were gonna change-from now on you cannot afford to stress. Until recently. I had just spent a couple weeks learning intensive kundalini yoga, I quickly started noticing amazing changes. I started to focus on the chakras and was amazed with combination of what our mind and body can do. For some reason I stopped. I had a bo so bad, I had no idea it was possible- I came to see why sites like this are so necessary. I experienced more pain than I had ever experienced in my life. I think I had learned to open myself up, and when I stopped, my body didn't know what to do with all the excess energy. That and I let my guard down, I held on to bad situations and let stress build up instead of letting it flow. I know there is a direct link to stress and herpes for my body. Everyone is different, and I am hoping a diet change will help too. Reading this has really inspired me to make changes in my lifestyle I have already been feeling like needed to happen- maybe this was my push. Thank you so much for posting, and I'm thrilled to see that you really do have power of your own life and experiences.

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