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Day 3 of Primary Outreak EXCRUCIATING PAIN HELP ME!

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This is only day three of my primary outbreak and I am desperate. Yesterday I mainly laid about the house and took it easy, the pain seemed more a discomfort and completely manageable (as long as I was flat on my back, spread eagle. Today I made the mistake of going to work (waitress) and after only one lunch shift I am in unspeakable pain. I had to call in for my evening closing shift and now even the tricks I found over the last couple days are doing nothing to help. Now even the epsom salt bath that soothed before is excrutiating

Is this just a case of I pushed too hard today and am now paying the price? Or does it worsen everyday? Do I have even more pain to look forward to tomorrow? What about the day after that? do I need to cancel my shifts for next week already??

Everything I am reading says to drink more water but urinating is becoming so traumatizing that I dread filling up my bladder! I am no sissy, but this is the first time in my life that I am craving narcotics. I'm afraid if it gets any worse I will end up in the hospital. Is this normal? I cant even sleep.

How can I survive 2-3 weeks of this? How can I pretend to be normal around friends and family? My fiance is sympathetic but doesn't really grasp how severe this is for me because his initial outbreak consisted of a fever and sore throat.

What were your first experiences like? Did other people do it without meds? How long should I expect this pain to last?

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I can relate to you a lot here. I'm also a waitress, and working was AWFUL during my primary outbreak. I was diagnosed about a month ago with ghsv-1, the outbreak that led me to being tested for herpes was traumatic. I had some really severe symptoms, which were paired with a strep infection ON the skin and that just made it all so much worse. I remember being in pain all the time, just breathing and existing in the world resulted in agony and I had to take sleep medication to be able to even fall/stay asleep. As I'm sure you've read, the first outbreak is typically the worse - so try and take comfort in that. It will never be this bad again. I waited too long to get checked and I was past the point of anti-viral medication so I had to ride out the first outbreak in all it's painful glory. It took me about 2 weeks, but the pain got better after a week. I just still had some residual sores that were healing for the last few days, it wasn't comfortable but it didn't hurt as bad as it once did. I took ibuprofen and tylenol basically around the clock, took about 4 ibuprofen every 4-6 hours and alternated with 2 extra strength tylenol.

Everyone is different and every outbreak varies. I hope your pain subsides soon and you are able to go back to work and your life. It's just hard to tell how much longer you will be out of it - be kind to yourself and your body and don't push it too hard. In theory, you could make in worse and be in more pain because you worked. Just all the friction from clothing and the stress from serving tables alone won't help to speed up the process of healing. Have you started to take any vitamins? I started taking a multivitamin and l-lysine when I was diagnosed, just based on everything I read online. I find it's helped me feel better, in general.

Everything you're experiencing is normal. When it comes to going to the bathroom, I've heard of people peeing in a tub of water, or even just pouring water over yourself while you urinate. The water will dilute the urine and make the process of "answering natures all" a lot more tolerable. When I had my outbreak, I had sores everywhere but the worst ones were around the anus. It was so awful - sitting down on the toilet alone filled me anxiety because I knew the pain to come. I used baby wipes with aloe afterwards - which I would recommend.

Best of luck to you! Remember - what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger and all. This won't kill you, but it'll hurt like hell. Most importantly though, you aren't alone.

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