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This blog post makes sense to me (re: ghsv1 & disclosure)

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A couple of the comments are spot on too. Here is one.

The medical community spreads a LOT of misinformation about herpes, and sex ed in school doesn't seem to cover the types of herpes and how it is transmitted. Education about herpes is sorely lacking! I have seen posters on other forums say that they feel it is the responsibility of hsv carriers to educate others in order to fight the stigma. Frankly, I feel that is asking too much, especially on top of dealing with physical symptoms, personal shame, embarrassment of disclosure, and the psychologically debilitating social stigma. The ignorant masses hear "herpes" and get hysterical. It should be the job of medical professionals and sex educators to calm that hysteria. And no, oral hsv carriers are NEVER instructed to disclose, even though they often have frequent outbreaks, are contagious at least 18% of the time, and they are the cause of ghsv1. Only 40% of ghsv1 carriers EVER have another outbreak, and of those, most have 1 or 2 more and then never again. Plus, genital-to genital transmission of hsv1 is RARE. Dr. Hansfield on Medhelp website states he has not seen EVEN ONE CASE of genital-to-genital transmission of HSV-1 in his 30+ years as an STI specialist. Given this, and the fact that only 25% of ghsv1 carriers shed, and of that 25%, they only shed 1-5% of the time, and the fact that 50-90% of Americans already have hsv1 and therefore won't catch it again, I don't see that the risk of ghsv1 warrants mandatory disclosure. The true danger here is the psychological damage that ignorant people can cruelly inflict by treating a ghsv1 carrier like a leper. I would recommend that ghsv1 carriers take some common sense precautions. Don't have sex during a primary outbreak (who would want to?) or the 1-2 outbreaks that follow. After a few years, most do not have outbreaks. I think preaching to ghsv1 carriers that they MUST disclose or else they are immoral dirtbags that shouldn't be able to sleep at night is just adding to stigma. It is making a huge deal out of a strain/location of hsv that does not pose a threat to anyone. Efforts should be directed at educating the public that cold sores can be transmitted genitally through oral sex. Then we'd see the end of this ugly stigma.

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Thanks for sharing! So true correct education is the key. With the amount of cases of H, I think it would be amazing that if people just take a moment to realize that those with H are their sisters, brothers, etc they would see that it really affects everyone!

It would be viewed a lot less like the plague if people would just take the time to listen to the facts!

Great post! Thanks Steve!

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I got ghsv1 from genital sex and not oral sex so it does happen and I think it happens more frequently than even the doctors are aware of. I slept with this guy once, he wore a condom that half came off and boom a few days later I'm covered in 30+ blisters. 

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    • WilsoInAus
      @MikeHerp what? That’s the article you put up in response? Thats fraudulent and we all demand an apology. You cannot go around saying that half of people with HIV have it because they have HSV? Jesus Lord man, you need to pull it together, I thought you actually had some evidence. But no you’ve just got paranoia. You simply like to use fear to spread your message. Also HSV is not the major cofactor in HIV infections. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are much, much stronger cofactors than HSV, multiple times so. But why let these simple facts get in the way of a bit of propaganda! Maybe we should all direct our funds to eliminating chlamydia according to your logic?!? Also you have not corrected your posts around FHC and viral research. Please do it quickly before you destroy any credibility in the article if it hadn’t already.
    • WilsoInAus
      Yes it is, did you actually read the thread and their other posts? Regardless this is a real life test.  The OP is ready to commit suicide if he has herpes impacting his anus. Based on negative swabs, negative PCR tests and the fact that herpes may not even be able to cause theses symptoms - are you prepared to make the call that he has genital herpes and it is causing the symptoms? Or is there room to doubt? Time to man up.
    • WilsoInAus
      And he eventually realised that his HSV-1 was oral and the redness from another cause went away. It is doubtful that anyone’s redness in that article was due to herpes, even those who have actually tested positive. This is a great lesson for @DJwah as you can see people get obsessed over herpes except those who actually have it.  That leads to the Henry Ford saying. Whether you think you have herpes, or whether you think you don’t, you’re right!
    • blurneworder
      @DJwah, here is a forum where someone says they have redness in the glans and they are also HSV1 positive  https://patient.info/forums/discuss/herpes-2-igg-test-3-1-569144
    • ayekayelle
      I’m on 1g daily and get OB’s still as well. I don’t understand  
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