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This blog post makes sense to me (re: ghsv1 & disclosure)

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A couple of the comments are spot on too. Here is one.

The medical community spreads a LOT of misinformation about herpes, and sex ed in school doesn't seem to cover the types of herpes and how it is transmitted. Education about herpes is sorely lacking! I have seen posters on other forums say that they feel it is the responsibility of hsv carriers to educate others in order to fight the stigma. Frankly, I feel that is asking too much, especially on top of dealing with physical symptoms, personal shame, embarrassment of disclosure, and the psychologically debilitating social stigma. The ignorant masses hear "herpes" and get hysterical. It should be the job of medical professionals and sex educators to calm that hysteria. And no, oral hsv carriers are NEVER instructed to disclose, even though they often have frequent outbreaks, are contagious at least 18% of the time, and they are the cause of ghsv1. Only 40% of ghsv1 carriers EVER have another outbreak, and of those, most have 1 or 2 more and then never again. Plus, genital-to genital transmission of hsv1 is RARE. Dr. Hansfield on Medhelp website states he has not seen EVEN ONE CASE of genital-to-genital transmission of HSV-1 in his 30+ years as an STI specialist. Given this, and the fact that only 25% of ghsv1 carriers shed, and of that 25%, they only shed 1-5% of the time, and the fact that 50-90% of Americans already have hsv1 and therefore won't catch it again, I don't see that the risk of ghsv1 warrants mandatory disclosure. The true danger here is the psychological damage that ignorant people can cruelly inflict by treating a ghsv1 carrier like a leper. I would recommend that ghsv1 carriers take some common sense precautions. Don't have sex during a primary outbreak (who would want to?) or the 1-2 outbreaks that follow. After a few years, most do not have outbreaks. I think preaching to ghsv1 carriers that they MUST disclose or else they are immoral dirtbags that shouldn't be able to sleep at night is just adding to stigma. It is making a huge deal out of a strain/location of hsv that does not pose a threat to anyone. Efforts should be directed at educating the public that cold sores can be transmitted genitally through oral sex. Then we'd see the end of this ugly stigma.

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Thanks for sharing! So true correct education is the key. With the amount of cases of H, I think it would be amazing that if people just take a moment to realize that those with H are their sisters, brothers, etc they would see that it really affects everyone!

It would be viewed a lot less like the plague if people would just take the time to listen to the facts!

Great post! Thanks Steve!

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I got ghsv1 from genital sex and not oral sex so it does happen and I think it happens more frequently than even the doctors are aware of. I slept with this guy once, he wore a condom that half came off and boom a few days later I'm covered in 30+ blisters. 

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    • MikeHerp
      Hey Guys, I prepared this draft message to the admin at the "+Support Groups" HSV community.  Pls let me know what you think if you have any comments or suggestions before I send it. ________________________________________________ Hello, Thank you for your message.   Perhaps I could run this by you here to get your view first.   In a nut shell, we are part of an HSV community which is helping to support HSV cure research.  I know "cure" is a bit of a dirty word in the HSV community, but please kindly hear me out and, if you don't mind, please check out some of the information I share. The Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center has been making some serious progress towards an HSV cure, even though commercialization is still tentative and some years away.  They are using a technique called gene editing, and with it, they have been able to target the latent form of HSV and destroy it by disrupting its DNA.  They've been able to remove over 50-90% of latent HSV when tested in mice, in effect partially curing mice from HSV. A lot of people are excited about this research.  It is partially funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), but it is also being supported through private donations from our community. Our donations have enabled their team to progress to testing in guinea pigs before the funding for that was available from the NIH.  I'd like to ask you and the powers that be here, whether it might be ok to post about their research and to also post the link to the donation drive.  Our own admins at Honeycomb.click, have let us post about it and even pinned our main post on this, which has helped us to get many people to contribute to supporting this.  Over 200 members have donated and this has raised $38,000 for this research this year. These funds are being put to good use, as explained in the last video presentation from FHC, where Dr. Jerome who heads up this research has noted that these funds have enabled them to proceed to guinea pig testing. I'd like to share some info links with you. First is a 2016 peer reviewed scientific research paper where they showed they could edit and deactivate 2-4% of latent HSV in mice. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5026126/ Next is an article from Mens Health Magazine about the progress of this research from earlier this year, noting that removal of latent HSV has reached up to 90% in mice. https://www.menshealth.com/health/a26306319/herpes-cure-gene-editing/ That article obviously isn't a scientific paper, but it does help to explain what they are doing in layman's terms. Here is The latest from a series of video presentations from the Fred Hutch team.  A little past the 46 minute mark Dr. Jerome gives an acknowledgment to the funds that we have raised and explains how the funding is being put to use.   Finally, a link to the NIH website which shows the grant that this research has received from the NIH last year (this grant will be active through 2023). https://report.nih.gov/categorical_spending_project_listing.aspx?FY=2018&ARRA=N&DCat=Sexually+Transmitted+Infections (Note there are 4 pages there, and the grant for Keith Jerome is on one of the pages only ("Endonuclease-mediated disruption of latent HSV as curative therapy - $450,000 in 2018). Finally, the link to the FHC donations page for supporting this HSV cure research is here:  http://engage.fredhutch.org/site/TR?px=1709211&fr_id=1574&pg=personal After looking at these infos, please kindly consider whether we would be allowed to post about the research and about the donation drive.  We think it is important to get everyone on board, even if it's just a small donation of $10 to $15.  This is now winding through animal studies with the aim of being tested in human clinical trials.  This is a legitimate effort and we think it's an effort that is worth supporting by our community of HSV positives and related stakeholders.  I know you have posted a disclaimer about not posting about "cures", but we presume that to mean fake or scam cures ("the great Dr. Okoloko's medicinal herbal tincture etc.").  This is real and legitimate research and it's exciting. Please kindly consider if you would allow us to share this with your community.  If so, we'd be very happy to share with you first the draft post and take any comments or feedback from you before posting it.   Thank you for your consideration.   
    • sub16610
      Imagine we're both HSV2 positive and we have sex. A few days later I have a huge outbreak. Is it randomness or could having sex with another infected person trigger an outbreak ?
    • vzhe
      400mg Pritelivir has been shown to be worse than a smaller dose daily (and that is what pharmacodynamics would predict as well). You'd expect the same with Amenamevir, though i'm not entirely sure about its half-life right now. TL;DR A weekly dose is for convenience only, i'd always prefer a more effective daily or bi-weekly dose.
    • needahope
      Yup.. Absolutely agreed! 👍 wilson has been helped many of us! 
    • MikeHerp
      Just posted to the r/cancer subreddit.  If you have a reddit account, pls also upvote it (and post a positive comment if you feel like it).   
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