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PHN or warning tingles of another attack? or "die off" from olive leaf tea??

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hi. I,m new to this page but have been reading your postings for some time now so thought maybe I could join in too.

Like some of you I do not have shingles but was diagnosed as having HSV2 5 years ago. I have had frequent attacks of blisters in my genital area which i have been treating with aciclovir

I decided to clean up my act and have radically changed my diet and pretty much cut out all the chocolate, nuts, wine etc n all things high in arginine other websites advise and now eat high lysine foods instead. I have a vegetable smoothie every morning and lots of raw foods during the day. I so miss wine!!!

I am lucky enough to live in Spain and have been drinking olive leaf tea

but since then i have been having a tingling sensation which started inside my vag. The doctor gave me treatment for thrush.Then it spread to my anus, then my buttocks and lower back. No rash. no blisters. Just a tingling sensation on and off every day

I have been taking swallowing a probiotic every evening and using the capsules as vaginal and anal suppositories too for a week.

Researching the internet I have come up with some confusing possibilities re foods, treatments and diagnoses!!!!!

could it be nerve damage casing PHN?

could it be "die off caused by drinking the olive leaf tea??

could it be the start of another attack (been going on for about a month now so I think not)

at the moment I am single but my uncertainty is making me hesitant about looking for another partner.

if this is PHN am I infectious?

I hope maybe some of you have the same questions as me?

and maybe some answers??

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Nerve endings/pathways get aggravated by viral activity. It sometimes causes PHN just like in the case of a Shingles aftermath. My doc told me it's sometimes what happens. There are treatments for PHN, stuff like cymbalta and related. Speak to your doctor about what can be done about that.

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thanks for your quick response. would rather not take any more drugs. its not painful. just there!! but am i infectious? will it always be like this? i thought a herpes outbreak every now and then was bad enough. now i have this as a constant reminder.......

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Are you taking the Acyclovir daily or just when you have outbreaks? I have daily tingling, but it goes away when I take Acyclovir (and comes back when I stop taking it). I do not have any outbreaks like you describe, though...

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thanks for your quick response. would rather not take any more drugs. its not painful. just there!! but am i infectious? will it always be like this? i thought a herpes outbreak every now and then was bad enough. now i have this as a constant reminder.......

Hey spangil, welcome honey. I've had ghsv2 for 25 years and have always taken antivirals for reduction in prodrome and outbreaks and shedding. I've recently just stopped the antivirals, But my Vit.b12. Complex I've also taken for 25 years too. They keep the prodromes down and support good nerves health and give energies. This vit.I'm still taking. I'm getting Shingles vaccine soon, I'll be 50, and the doctors want my system to be free of antivirals. Try it and see if helps, I thought my h had caused my nerves damages, I was tested and it was my epidurals I've had for numerous surgeries and child birth that caused the scarring in my spinal nerve area. Take care Truly, Ace

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    • Cas9
      Yes, FHC research is all about a full fledged cure (i.e. a sterilization cure). It's not a vaccine. The latent virus is the virus that resides in ganglionic neurons permanently. When the latent virus reactivates (i.e. replicates), it causes shedding, or an actual OB. There are the ganglion along the spine called the Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG).  HSV infection of the DRG, specifically at the base of the spine, causes genital herpes. Then there's the ganglion on the sides of the face/head.  HSV infection of that ganglion causes oral herpes. The FHC work involves transporting a gene editor to the neurons in the ganglion mentioned above. That gene editor cuts the latent viral DNA in two locations, to eliminate it; i.e. a sterilizing cure. A functional cure, for example, would be something like, stopping the latent virus from replicating, but the latent virus would remain in the ganglion neurons. Stopping it from replicating would prevent OBs and shedding. Of course any therapeutic vaccine is also welcome. I mean, if it reduces OBs and shedding by 80%+, that's very helpful, and it gets closer to a functional cure, but not quite.
    • AlexUobby
      @WilsoInAusI got a Roche test today. And my HSV II igg value is 0.07. It seems that I wasn't infected. Thank you so much for all those help!!! So grateful!!!
    • Honey7575
      Hello did you get relief? I have this problem and it begin afrer I got herpes. Recurring knife cutS on rectum
    • Honey7575
      I believe what you are saying. This is the forum that everyone can share their own symptoms. I am alsa having knife cuts regularly on my anal area afrer herpes and went many doctors. Now trying suppressive antiviral. Hope it works
    • Goran123
      I have my hopes on FHC, but a full fledged cure? This virus hibernate in our spine and can lay dormant there for a lifetime as our immune defense can not get there, I have high hopes but will take a functional cure for now ASAP i am tired of this shit.
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