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So, this isn't really about herpes, so much as it relates to this forum, and my brain, and how it thinks bizarre stuff.

Does anyone else hear the song "Technical Foul" from "8 Crazy Nights" when the two small elderly people sing to Adam Sandler's character, when they enter the forum, or is it just me?

And juuuust so this isn't removed.... Here's a question that actually makes it fit in this forum. But really, I'm more curious about the top question. So does anyone here know about what time herpes originated on earth historically, I know it is derived from a greek word, but the reason why I ask is because I was watching a documentary, and they were able to prove that syphilis (sp?) went back to the time of Mt. Vesuvius blowing in Pompeii. I guess I'm curious how far we've been able to trace herpes back in human DNA. Do/can we test new archeological skull findings for herpes by their dental records? It'd be interesting if herpes and our kind had always coexisted, and evolved with our species, or if there was a patient zero.

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Herps has been around for thousands of years. Noone really knew what it was. It's why I believe I now see many, married like me for decades, they say I have been diagnosed with herpes how's that possible? Then they follow up by saying my spouse has gotten fever blisters . They don't know those sun sore, are cold sores and are herpes simplex type 1 usually.

To answer the first question, I hear black eye peas songs when I log in, it's what I was listening to when I first joined :gigglegiggle: . Hugs honey Ace

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Lol, thanks!!! Hahah, so eventually I'll stop hearing the 8 crazy nights song. Lol, that's really good to know.

Yeah, I think my question is more of a herpes historical question, then technical, science-type of question. :/ But I still find it kind of curious to think about, whether or not we can trace how far back in human history how long we've been passing down herpes. In a weird way, it's almost a genetic trait. Meh, maybe I'm the only one who thinks so.

So your spouse had the cold sores, and gave you herpes? That's too bad, It's so hard to tell with some people if they even have it! Thankfully I didn't give it to my ex, I was with him for 8 months, and I didn't know it at the time, but I was infected with herpes by a partner before, (I figured this out now since my diagnosis of being herpes positive), but despite unprotected sex, he's fine. I guess it's all just a matter of chance. than statistical odds depending on your perspective. *hugs*

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No fire, my ex hubby gave me genital herps. We were newly married and he was a Chester I didn't know :dontknow: . I was 26 a new bride in love blah blah blah.... End results I divorced. Waited two years. Met my now husband and had a daughter and will celebrate 23 years come month after next. The ex.died., infected 5 more wives, three were my.ex best friends (who chastised me when I told them of h) and I'm quite certain he screwed tons of others. They called after he died boohooing he gave me h!. I just say you slept.with my hubby and now you want my sympathies? I laugh and hung the phone up.

I've lived a great life with h . It gave me what not having h didn't. A home. A family and my own little bundle of joy who is.apart of me, my only living biological family :) . God gave me the tough stuff first, he prepared me for life I think. Today I'm stronger, happier and still Hott and positive :gigglegiggle: . When I die they will have to surgically remove my smile. :) . Hugs sweety Ace :tee:

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Fire, thank you sweety. It's not beautiful, but it's life and shit happens and learn and grow! :) . Getting h is my blessing, it could.have been something really bad he gave me, but thankfully it was herps. I've learned a lot over these past 25 years. I've survived cancer , twice also had a miscarriage and had my gallbladder poison me :( . But thankfully I'm here to say having herps is better than all those other horrible experiences I've gone through. Nice meeting you by the way :hithere: Hugs, Acey

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I've read that the oldest known description of Herpes was in hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt. They had a relatively vibrant medical system which also had the first identification of cancer (though neither were understood as diseases until Ancient Greece) and there have been medical interventions for either only in the last century.

Puts bashing Valtrex as not good enough in context considering billions of people for at least the last 10,000 years just had to "deal with it"

Of course, in support of those who try something because it seems like it could work there was a Persian queen who likely saved her own life by having a slave cut off her malignant breast: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atossa

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    • vannen2
      Thanks for the answer, Wilson. Sorry for taking long to come back here, didn't really have the time to sit down on my computer and I've been trying to not think much about it.  I took a blood test and I'm waiting for the result. As of now, the redness covers a slightly bigger area and I feel some occasional itches. It definitely isn't herpes but at this point I've already accepted I have something, nothing like this ever happened before and honestly? If anything comes positive, I deserve it.  Maybe I'll come back with a current picture for the people that may end up in this post in the future. I will come back with the results as well, of course! I looked a lot into this forum and other people's stories have certainly opened my eyes to many things in life, so I'm thankful for that too!
    • WilsoInAus
      No problems @AlexUobby those queries are reasonable concerns and I hope these answers give you comfort. Every test has a minimum value (including between HSV-1 and HSV-2 from the same blood sample). This ranges from 0.01 to 0.80 in theory, but in practice more like 0.01 to 0.40. Any value in this range is very likely a minimum value and means an absence of the antibody being tested for. Hence if you get say a 0.3 value on this upcoming test, then the correct interpretation is that it is a minimum value and means no antibodies at all - negative. IgG testing is far from perfect in terms of them being a little too sensitive and generating false positives. This is because although they try and find the best antigen that attracts only an antibody specific to the virus being tested for, this is imperfect and other proteins may be present that attach to the antigen. This is true for all IgG testing. You will also find a very large number of people on this site whose low positives transpired to be negatives.
    • AlexUobby
      @WilsoInAusI know, and I have read a lot of posts recently. And I think I know it better, and it won't just come out on my hand. And I am planning to do another Roche test. The result may come out next week. If it was still positive, does that mean I have herpes? I mean the baseline was 0.06. Or I understand it wrong? And there are still one thing that concerns me so much. In the 6 week test, my HSV I igg was 0.02 and my HSV II igg was 0.06. I know they both were low. I was a little worried that HSV II igg might be on the process of seroconversion, since the HSV II igg was three times large than the other. I know it wasn't logical, but worried. I just don't quite get how they suddenly jump to 1.2 even 1.9 after 6 weeks if there weren't seroconversion. And I saw a lot of people in this forum, and their value almost stay in the same level. And that really concerns me a lot.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hello @Lou_95 and thank you for taking the time and having the bravery to come forward to seek help. I hope you find some assistance and find solace.  What has occurred here happens to many couples and it is important to note that it highly likely that this has absolutely no questions surrounding fidelity etc. The first thing to note is that your assumption is the other way around. When a person has their first herpes outbreak, then it is extremely likely that they have been just infected by the other party. Herpes does not wait around taking its own sweet time to cause an outbreak. When first infected, you are in a sense 'defenceless' against the virus so havoc can be wreaked - well the lesions that you experienced. If your partner is quite sure they have not been infected genitally with herpes in the past, then the most rational explanation is as follows. Your partner may well have an oral HSV-1 infection that causes oral cold sores, even if he has no living memory of cold sores! You hence may have become infected through oral sex about 2-6 days before you noticed the sores. Your diagnosis may have included the type of herpes involved, was it 1 or 2?  If my guess above is right, then you both now carry HSV-1 and cannot technically reinfect each other, or at least give your immune 6 months to get up to full speed. He is now already immune and is incredibly unlikely (if there is any chance at all) of becoming infected genitally). If this is the story, then that's kind if it for you two, no need to worry at all about issues of protection or antivirals etc. However hopefully you have the type data to proceed to that stage quickly. Otherwise it might be useful for an additional test by either you or he or both.  
    • Lou_95
      Hello, I'm new here and was diagnosed with genital herpes 2 weeks ago. I have a lot of questions but dont know where to start. My boyfriend and I have been in a faithful relationship for 6.5 years now, and I just had my first outbreak and he has never had one before. We are unsure of who had it to begin with, I assume it was me considering I had an outbreak first. I feel awkward and weird in my relationship, and sex life now, even though he was very understanding and accepting with the situation. He said it could have been either of us and there isn't anything we can do to change it.. which is true. I dont really know what I'm looking for here, maybe just some advice and others personal experiences with the same situation as myself. 
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