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Good Heavens

Greetings and an idea about female condoms

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Good Heavens

Wow, nice to know there are others out there in the same age range as me! I was just diagnosed 2 years ago and it has taken me a long time to NOT feel angry and upset about it. Nowadays my goal is to accept the virus emotionally, and to remain calm and accepting when I get an outbreak.

Having sex causes an outbreaks - ouch. So super sensitive down there. Is this typical for females?

I had this idea today about the female condom. It seems like if I used one, then I would have less irritation from having sex (intercourse). Any thoughts about that? I just ordered a pack to test my theory.

I misspelled my screen name! It is now the stupidest name ever!

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Hey GH, I waited two years after my genial h2 to have sexy times. After a few practice sessions, it will get better. Remember to grease the pole! Lube will help or just have good foreplay, oral pleasures, so when you receive him, the chances are you will have smooth sailing. We don't use lube, oral pleasures do the trick and he hates the greasy taste. Don't use the warming lubes, they can cause too much heated response and cause you to breakout. Welcome to the families :wavey: Hugs, Ace

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Good Heavens

Ace, my dear friend! It does not help. Oh how I have lubed. Lube lube lube! Saliva, whatever - the result is always the same so far. We shall see, perhaps it'll all fade away! Thank you for your ideas!!!

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