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I'm not sure how to react

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I am interested in the Christian and Sikh faiths and I am a spiritual person overall, and have recently started doing some research on them in order to one day eventually be able to join. I was diagnosed two months ago with HSV. I think that contracting HSV was my rock-bottom. I had been spinning in circles after having a very difficult time getting through undergrad. I think that I was lost before this year, but this year has been one of the worst. My sense is that all that I've done wrong, all of my sins, were culminated into this immobilizing depression and period of literal immobilization - I couldn't get out of bed because I had no resources and no where to go. Instead of asking for forgiveness immediately, I was angry. I had casual relationships with two men my age and only afterwards did I realize that they weren't very nice people. One of them gave me herpes and both of them 'discarded' me after I told them what they had done. I was in a lot of pain then, for over a month. I still am in a lot of pain from the disease - it spread to my lungs and is causing me to be sick in my lungs, chest and throat and giving me constant migranes, for ongoing two months now. My outbreak was extremely painful.

Neither man showed any remorse or any compassion toward what they did to me and subsequently what the virus was doing to me. After initial rage, I turned to Spirit, to God. I prayed to God. And then I decided, which was really just motivation to get me healing and stronger even though it was inspired by anger, that the ultimate revenge would be to make my body incredibly strong and healthy. I would look sexy, I would feel great and my mind and spirit would be more concentrated and purified. So I did this, and my body does feel better, I'm a lot healthier and stronger and I am more focused on healing myself and more focused on finding God/Spirit, rather than the people and things outside of me, including the two folks who did this to me.

The conflict in my mind now is why did this happen to me? Did I do something wrong to deserve this? Will I ever heal from the pain this virus and my infectors caused me? Am I dirty and can I ever be a true student of God, of the Lord, with this incurable virus for the rest of my life? What if I want to become a minister, or a nun, can I do that and have this virus? What if I want to become a healer? Can I do that with herpes? I guess that I can pray to God for an answer.

I feel so bad, so ashamed, I feel so low, I feel like the scum and beggars along side the streets that God talks about in the Bible, and the evil people who do evil things to others. I don't want to be evil! I don't want to do evil things! But I feel so out of control with this virus and the pain and hurt I feel inside me and towards the men who so blatantly infected me and then left me to suffer in agony. I don't feel worthy of a good man's affection and trust. If I did this to myself (which 50% of it was my own fault because I wasn't being safe with sex), then how could any partner ever trust me with their body? They shouldn't. I'm not to be trusted. I have learned this about myself over and over again throughout my entire life, this message has been blatantly thrown into my face: I am not a good person and I should not, cannot be trusted. I just wish that there were something I could do to change, to become a good person, to become trustworthy, to be worthy of respect and a good, kind, strong relationship with a romantic partner. I just feel so dirty and I know that something like 70% of other people if they found out about my virus, would treat me as if I were dirty and disgusting, out of experience. If you have any insights, please share them with me.

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Forget the future for a minute.

Start with the good. For a lot of people that is their family. Be thankful that of all the people In the whole world entrusted to care for you until you were an adult it was them if it was a loving home. That is amazing kindness no matter what else has gone on.

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package deal 1957

you did not deserve this hsv and did nothing to get this hsv but make a wrong choice. The person who gave this to you was in the wrong not you. You are not dirty. you simply have a stupid virus that there no cure for

as for god will the god I know is a loving caring god who by the way nowhere in the bible does it say god will not accept you because you have herpies. it not in his rule book.

God will accept you herpies and all. God just wants and loves you period.

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    • readytostart
      Hi everyone,  Just a thought, I'd like to read your take on that.  How can be possible, technically speaking, that in less than a year from the discovery of the Covid19, many vaccines are in phase 2, and research like the one in Fred Hutch  are still years away from human clinical trials.  It's been discussed before the possibility of doing peritions in order to fast track trials, but now there's an evidence that it just depends on the rush for finding a solution to a problem, my point being, don't we have still enough evidences of how many health problems do herpes cause, and how many people are infected... This is being a pandemic  for a long time now... 
    • Goran123
      If it gives you OB's you should just stop drinking it. Beer gave me OB's....stopped drinking it, no OB's any more HSV OB's is a lot like learn as you go, different people have different OB's for different reasons. If you feel you get OB from one thing, stop doing it and so on. Good luck, remember you are not alone. We are 2 billion strong positive members
    • LemonOne9
      I had a few things in mind... 1) Avoiding sex on days where the virus is detected could help to reduce long term transmission risk. I had also thought that if no virus is detected then at least sex could be more relaxing since the chances of transmission would be lower, though if the friction of sex stimulates shedding then I guess that wouldn't be fool proof. Of course, shedding could also spontaneously initiate between the time of the test and before sex is initiated even if it's on the same day. But at least I'd know the chances were lower. 2) I'd be curious to know how shedding rates differ between different genital areas. For example, do I shed more from the area where I typically get outbreaks (around the glans) and less toward the base of the shaft? If I could determine that very little shedding is happening toward the base then that would give me more confidence during protected sex. I'd also be curious to see if it's true that shedding only happens from the penis as has been said, or if the scrotum or pubic area do in fact shed. 3) I'd like to see if/how my shedding rate is reducing over time (I was infected only a year ago), and I'd also like to see how it responds to certain medications like Valtrex, Amenalief and to see if barrier gels like Viblok reduce the number of exposed virions as has been shown in some research. 4) I tested positive for oral HSV-2 via a PCR swab, and I'm also curious to see how often virus is shed orally since there seems to be little data on that. I've heard "1% of days" but I'd still like to investigate further. Part of this would be for practical purposes and part of it is also just for psychological purposes. With more knowledge of exactly how the virus is behaving in my body I would just feel a greater sense of control, and it would give me some data that could hopefully reduce my chances of spreading. Anyway I know this sounds "out there" but if it really is just a moderate sized machine that I could maintain myself, and if the procedure could be done relatively easily, then if such a device could be purchased for around 10k or less I'd honestly consider it.  
    • Roxanne11
      Firstly I’ve now realised after my stress in 2019 I can no longer have a normal sex life but anyway questions of possible transmission I engaged in a threesome 8 days ago. I was cautious throughout the act with my genitals however not oral! I refused to receive oral sex by either of my two partners and engaged in vaginal sex for only 30 seconds PROTECTED (Whilst holding the condom in place)! I did not allow any other rubbing of genitals against mine.     Assuming the male had herpes - with my encounter what is the possibility of getting genital herpes?    I was the giver of oral sex - what are the chances of getting oral herpes? Note the male was clear of any sores anywhere. i have now had a sore throat since (although I remember having one before the encounter due to tonsil stones). Having a sore throat without the presence of symptoms doesn’t mean herpes correct?    ive been having electric shocks, dull pain on my vagina but this doesn’t mean much in the absence of symptoms correct? Also does prodrome occur for first outbreaks?    my friend who was in the act, she accepted full intercourse without protection - it is 8 days and she has had no outbreaks. If either of us were infected, would one of us likely had an outbreak now?    How can I move on with casual sex without freaking the f out every time now? I feel like I should stay abstinent as my anxiety is getting the better of me and in the way of living my life!    @WilsoInAus I’d appreciate your input again :) 
    • Catherinr
      Hello everyone!!    I was diagnosed a month ago... Got my first OB that I was aware of and got it swabbed (came back positive). The first one was a year ago, but no one tought it might be herpes, even at the hospital...  Well... I started drinking ketones (from a company named pruvit) almost 2 months ago and I feel really great on them but since day 5, I have an OB and it’s not going away... I have tried to not drink them for a couple of days, and no symptoms when I don’t drink them... But symptoms come back has soon as I am done drinking them and other OBs are appearing...  I’ve read on another post that maybe the body comes acidic and it might me the reason... I will try to drink lemon water...    But was wondering if anyone had a similar experience.    thank you everyone!! ❤️
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