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Curing the Incurable: Following the Healing Way, a Holistic Approach

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It's been 9 months since I've contracted genital herpes and genital warts (double whammy!). I tried the mineral detox from New Zealand with mixed results. It wasn't until I tried that until I got some relief, it did definitely help me. It made the outbreaks heal over in a matter of days and I was under the impression that if I continued the regimen the outbreaks probably would've completely stopped. They have for the most part, but I still feel discomfort every other day. And worse the warts were not affected whatsoever. So that's why the mineral detox was mixed results for me: helped the genital herpes but not the genital warts or oral herpes for that matter (these are the 3 viruses I'm battling).

I basically read and research information every night. What else does a man with genital herpes and warts have to do? I noticed there's two kinds of people that post about how they treat themselves: the ones that accept it and the ones that fight. Yea I guess I could give up and just "accept it" but wouldn't it be better to just finally be cured? Well how? How oh how do you do it? How do you do it when everybody says you can't and there's only rumors that some have.

As of this moment I am not cured. I have herpes oral and genital and I have genital warts. Make no mistake about that. It's this misfortune however that has brought me to where I am now: dedicated to learning about herbs and the nature of plants all day basically. Apparently the sap of a fig tree might cure my warts, as might the juice of dandelion flowers. Haven't tried it yet but it's on my list for sure. Turns out sarsaparilla is said to have strong curative effects for venereal disease since cowboy times. I'm considering using it as a poultice to treat my symptoms.

It turns out the truth about curing yourself of herpes and/or genital warts is murky. Very murky. Some of you on this forum are cured and don't know it. Some think they are and are not. And most of us are infected and contagious and not sure what the hell to do or where to start. Healing is a journey. Being cured is the destination. And I can get there. You can get there. We can all get there. But first you have to be optimistic to believe it's possible to get there in the first place. If you're going to whine and complain "There is no cure there is no cure!" then you might as well just give up and resign yourself to the stigma of being ill the rest of your life.

So here's what I've found. For one I am Mexican and being Mexican I come from a culture with a strong heritage in herbs and herbology. There is a particular art in Mexico known as Curanderia or Curanderismo, or 'The Art of Healing.' Basically what I've come to learn is that alternative medicine is not the alternative, IT IS the ORIGINAL way of healing, it is medicine itself. It's western science with its dependency on chemical solutions that is the newcomer and the 'alternative.'

As far as I can tell anybody who says they've gotten better on these forums almost always mentions the fact they eat raw organic vegetables and fruits and many do not eat meat and have gone vegan. I'm not there yet but the benefits do seem obvious. It was as I was researching herbs and herbology that I came across Dr. Richard Schulze's book, "There are no incurable diseases" (free at the bottom right here: http://herbdocblog.com) that I finally started coming across material I felt was powerful knowledge on the potency of herbs.

Basically herbs have different medicinal uses and functions. Some make you pee a lot (diuretic) to expel toxins, some make you sweat a lot (diaphoretic) to expel toxins, some relieve pain (analgesic), etc. Different herbs combined together can have a cumulative effect. Understanding how the body functions and fights viral infections what the goal should be is to give the body everything it needs to have a fighting chance.

Many will say there's no evidence of any of these techniques healing or curing herpes. That's true. But that's not to say the cumulative effect of say a bowel detox, an enema, a sweat session, a poultice, all these things put together, it's doing all these things that purge the body of toxins and virus that make a lasting impact. Basically some herbs do expel viruses, maybe one by itself won't have much of an impact, but a dozen herbs that are all designed to do the same thing make a potent concoction.

Even if you're only expelling toxins and not virus this at least allows your body to run at an optimal level so as to give your immune system its best chance at fighting any virus.

So putting all my research together and all the techniques and methods of healing disease, whether it be herpes, cancer, or aids, or anything really, it all comes down to optimizing the body's immune system, everybody knows that...but how do we do this? By these 4 methods: 1) Intake, 2) Expel, 3) Activate, and 4) Invoke.

Now I know this might sound esoteric, and it is, but whether it's a shaman in the amazon or an herbal doctor like Dr. Schulze they both "invoke" the will of the spirit of their patients by telling them to say affirmations outloud like, "I am happy to be alive and am grateful for today," etc. Belief that you can be cured matters. It's interesting that western doctors are so quick to tell a patient they have an incurable disease in this society, yet no shaman in Mexico or the Amazon would tell their patient they would never be cured, it goes against healing protocol.

A doctor in indigenous cultures, or shaman, always tells his patient that they will surely be cured by the grace of God so long as their faith is secure. Now this may be controversial on a forum like this but mind over matter is a very important element when it comes to the world of healing. The fact is miracles happen every day, you just have to know where to look. I recommend youtubing "shamanism" if you don't know where to begin.

And so what I believe is we have to use both a rational approach to physically healing the body but also a psychological approach to healing the mind that heals the body. This connection is never overlooked in shamanism.

So although I have not yet had the positive results that I myself am seeking I am sharing what I know here now to firstly get this off my chest! Second to clear my mind by writing this all out because it's been circulating in my head for a long time now. And third to find support for those that have chosen a similar path toward healing themselves.


First I want to talk about Dr. Richard Schulze and his herbal formulas. This guy has a free book with these formulas. He tells you exactly what to take to detox the body, how to do a full high enema, something called a Cold Sheet treatment, and poultices (to draw out toxins). You can read his book "There are no incurable diseases" for free here: http://herbdocblog.com/, it's at the bottom right. You can find more information, especially about his Super Food formulate (which is not in the book) here: http://healingtools.tripod.com/thn8.html#superfood.

So you can order the herbs or you can find them, grow them, and prepare them yourself...if you're hardcore. At this point I am in the hardcore category: I'm doing everything in my power and will to heal myself by starting my own garden and growing my own herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

The basics are this he tells you to Juice, to take tea to help clease the Liver, the Gallblader, the Kidney, and the Bladder, and of course the Intestines and Colon. There's enemas involved which help get rid of all that gunk in your colon, and also "implants" where you use a plunger to inject garlic juice into your colon. Hey nobody said it would be pretty...only that you'd be healthier for it.

At this point many people get uncomfortable learning more. I discussed this on the chat and the moment I mentioned "enema" some people were so upset they told me I was mad. Is it so crazy to believe flushing your system out and getting rid of old fecal matter, some people report getting rid of pennies they swallowed as children that had been lodged in their colon all those years, I mean if this really cures people of cancer and other horrible diseases why wouldn't it also be beneficial for someone looking to optimize their immune system to fight herpes or warts like I am?

What impresses me about Dr. Schulze is his thoroughness in hardcore detoxing. I mean how else are you suppose to do it? Certain herbs help clean you out and if your Intake helps you Expel and you do everything you can to optimize Expulsion at somepoint you're going to have a healing effect.

He also mentions a treatment of using Hot and Cold water on the affected area for several minutes and alternating between the two: hot and then cold, about 7 times or so. This is interesting and I am also going to try this.


But what really impressed me is what is described as the Cold Sheet Treatment. In a bathtub full of hot water you are to take an old t-shirt, make it into a giant teabag, and fill it up with 1 ounce of Cayenne powder, 1 ounce of Mustard seed powder, and 1 ounce of Ginger root powder. Tie it up and seal it and put it into the hot tub. Then do an enema with a garlic implant at the end, put Vaseline on your genitals and nipples so you don't get burned by the powders and get into the bathtub. Now you drink 8 cups of tea you prepared earlier of Yarrow, Sage, or Ginger and you're suppose to drink it fast so you'll be sweating profusely and that's the idea. Don't forget to keep Cayenne and Lobelia tincture on hand in case you need to use it if you feel like fainting or have any muscle spasms.

Finally you get out of the tub after 20-30 minutes and wrap yourself with 100% cotton sheets you had prepared in a bucket full of 20 pounds of ice. Head over to your bed covered with plastic (prepared earlier) in sandals so you don't lose any heat. Lay down and remain in the sheet for 3 hours if not until the morning. By morning the sheets are said to change color with the toxins and virus that was drawn up to the skin by the hot bath treatment and sweating and pulled out by the cold sheet.

As far as I can tell this is the only treatment I've ever learned about that has this sort of effect on the body, that is to say to draw up and pull out toxins from the skin in this way. It's said to help reduce if not cure many different skin diseases. Together with simple Cold/Hot Water treatment this seems powerful enough to deal with something as stubborn as herpes or warts, and it's said things as bad as cancer and beyond (such as heart disease). In fact Dr. Schulze himself was told he was going to die from heart disease before he turned 21 and this is why and how he became who he is. So in a way he's a walking example of this method, which he was taught by another natural remedy doctor.


Sweating has been a traditional form of detoxifying the body practiced by Native Americans for thousands of years. There are many plants that increase urination (Diuretic) and increase sweating (Diaphoretic). I'm still assembling a comprehensive list of these plants but one plant that has really caught my attention is sarsaparilla, said to cure syphilis and purify the blood. In fact there are a lot of plants that do just that: purify the blood. But to purify the blood its a good idea to help the kidneys expel urine so as to expel the toxins in the blood (that's how it gets purified). As well as the liver of course.

So at some point I'm planning on getting a bunch of diaphoretic and diuretic teas ready, wrap myself in a blanket, and sweat it out for a few days. A good sweat expels toxins and virus and if not virus at least the expulsion of toxins allows your immune system to fight virus more effectively. Steaming a room to sweat out toxins is different than using teas and a blanket. Sweat lodges use hot coals and water to create steam in the room. This is also an effective method, again used by Native Americans for thousands of years, to sweat out toxins and illness.


When I visited the chat earlier, and as I was criticized for believing in the existence of a cure, I mentioned the word "poultice" and was asked, "What's that?" A poultice is when you take fresh leaves of a plant, mash them up into a paste or powder, and apply them on a cloth which you place on the affected area. You can use castor oil which is popular, or as Dr. Schulze's recommends for tumors in cancer patients: 1 heaping handful of fresh red clover blossoms, 1/2 a handful of fresh chaparral leaf, 1/4 cup of fresh, grated poke root or 1/3 cup of the dried powder, 2 tablespoons of goldenseal root powder, 2 tablespoons of activated willow charcoal, 1 teaspoon tea tree oil, 1 teaspoon of bloodroot tincture, 1 cup Bentonite clay, and 1 cup slippery elm inner bark. I suppose you could apply a poultice to the groin and spine to draw out the herpes virus from all-sides so-to-speak.

What impresses me about Dr. Schulze is, again, how thorough he is in putting the body through enough hell to get it to reboot its system completely. I'm not surprised he's curing cancer with these methods and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised this cures herpes, warts, or anything else for that matter. If you look at the body as an input-output system....what you put in and what you take out matters a lot.

Everybody on these forums are very eager to discuss how to put things in their bodies that will have an effect on the virus without asking the question how do we take things out to ease the expulsion of the virus so that it leaves our system? These are some of the only techniques or methods that I've heard of or read about at least.

The body is the environment in which the virus lives. If you don't take out the toxins in the system the virus has an easy time hiding. You can't just add stuff and expect results. You have to take things out. Take out the toxins through juice flushing, enemas, cold sheet treatments, hot and cold water, poultices, and sweating. This clears up the environment so that your Immune System soldiers can march easily toward the battle site and fight more effectively. Like I said it's about giving your body the best fighting chance possible, even if it's not a total cure why not give yourself the best chance toward being cured possible?

And if it is a cure then hallelujah you can forget about posting on these forums for support and live a normal life again. Where do you guys think all the cured people go? Everybody says if there is a cure it would be common knowledge, but in fact there are cures, people are cured, but it's a long and complex journey and very individual and the ones that do get cured aren't obligated to explain it to the rest of us, they just move on with their lives and go back to life as normal, no big fuss.

It's not a one-pill cures herpes or warts kinda thing. It's a full-body detox, enemas, poultices, sweating, the cumulative effect of these methods of expulsion and selective intake that creates a quote "cure." Your body can heal itself you just have to give it all the tools it needs to do so.

And if that's not enough then I would like to tell you about these other sensible alternatives:


Every culture has its healers. Before there was Western medicine in all its surgical glory there was the witch doctor, the folk healer, the shaman. Not much has changed today shamans are still around just less understood. In Mexico we have an art called Curanderia or Curanderismo, or the "Art of Healing." Part herbal remedy part shamanic ritual it seems to get the job done. But this is where things get...a bit supernatural.

If you haven't heard of Ayahuasca, it's an Amazonian vine that is said to be the Vine of the Soul. When taken as an herbal tea it produces visions, but not before the practitioner expels his bowels in the outhouse purging his body of impurities, toxins, and virus. Ayahuasca has long been known to a healing herb. There's entire websites and forums dedicated to its use. I have not tried it, but if it has such powerful benefits from taking it, being that it does have a history of curing many diseases including cancer it is possible it has the power to cure other diseases such as herpes or warts. Some have reported entering their own bodies on a microscopic level (in the spirit) and curing themselves of their ailments from the inside-out by using this plant.

Another entheogen (plant that generates "God" inside you) is Iboga. Now where Ayahuasca is said to take you to other dimensions Iboga is said to take you deeper within yourself toward the voice of incontrovertible Truth and Reason. Iboga is said to give direct answers to questions and so priests of Iboga instruct their patients to write down their specific questions beforehand. Iboga is said to retune the entire body to a holy frequency. People report feeling like being retuned by a giant tuning fork. Some believe this is the reason it does well expelling viruses from the body. And some have even claimed specifically that Iboga does indeed cure Herpes. Among entheogens this is the only plant with this unique claim.

Aside from Ayahuasca and Iboga there are Mushrooms and Peyote, both of which are sacraments in Native American culture. These 4 plants all have the potential to help one reach a spiritual state in which one can find clear solutions to any problems one might have whether it be cancer or herpes. Entheogens are the backbone to shamanism and following a "Medicine Way." Cannabis is also reported to have superior drawing effect when used as a poultice as this was a traditional use it had among Native Americans and Mexicans.


What I did was I started to look up Shamans and Shamanism on youtube and all over the internet because I do believe in spiritual healers and have a lot of experience with them throughout my life. What I found was a man in Burma who claims to have rediscovered the Philosopher's Stone as is rumored in Alchemy. His name is U Shein and he claims to have transmuted mercury, copper, zinc, and other alloys into the mythical Alchemical Gold. Many of his patients, many many of whom have been diagnosed with AIDS have claimed to become cured of the disease and even tested negative after having tested positive before. The gold ash powder is said to fill every cell of the body and to expel all manner of toxins, virus, and other junk in your system. He is worshipped as a Buddha in his own country and says that the formula was given to him by the devas, or spirits, of the mountains and that he was given exact instructions for this gold ash powder by an alchemist who communicated to him from the afterlife. Who knows? What is certain is that many people continue to visit him because of those that are cured by him.


In Kathmandu, Nepal, not far from the big stupa in the city, is an old woman named Lhamo Dolkar who is certified by the Dalai Lama as the genuine medium of the spirit named Dorje Yudronma. When possessed by this unearthly spirit she is said to have such powers of healing that she physically sucks out impurities from her patients. Many times these impurities come out as stones, pebbles, or a dark liquid. Other shamans of the region are said to have a similar capability but none as powerful as she. She has been known to cure countless illnesses and is visited daily by those in need. She only asks for whatever the patient can give and nothing more.

In Curanderia it is said that those who charge are fake and those who don't charge are real. In general this seems to be the case because those that heal genuinely heal out of the goodness of their own heart and not to benefit from the hardship of others.


Intake can be divided into 2 parts: 1) Juicing/Minerals & Nutrients, etc, and 2) Plants, herbs (detox formulas), Entheogens (Ayahuasca, Iboga), Gold Ash Powder, etc.

Expel can be divided into 5 parts: 3) Enema & Implant, 4) Hot & Cold Water, 5) Cold Sheet, 6) Sweat & Steam, and 7) Poultice.

Activate can be divided into 3 parts: 8 ) Brush & Massage (brushing the skin with a brush to activate the lymphatic and immune system), 9) Meditate & Breathe (deep breathing oxygenates the body), and 10) Sunbathe, Grasswalk, Treehug (reconnecting with nature is very good for your health and rather self-explanatory)

Invoke into these parts: 11) Ritual and 12) Survival/Travel. Whether you believe in supernatural forces or spirits or don't at least for the psychological value a ritual has important implications for your mental health and can do wonders when it comes to building the will to heal yourself. The best place to invoke supernatural aid would have to be in the wild, a forest, jungle, or wilderness where you can reconnect with nature. In such an environment it would be best to know how to survive: how to hunt, gather, purify water, create fire, and build a shelter. And finally to Invoke the help of others who can help you heal yourself, to invoke the aid of a shaman or well-known healer, you have to travel to visit them and receive their aid.

All-together that looks like this:


1) Juicing/Minerals & Nutrients

2) Plants/Herbs/Entheogens/Gold-Ash-Powder


3) Enema/Implant

4) Hot/Cold Water

5) Cold Sheet

6) Sweat/Steam/Exercise

7) Poultice


8 ) Brush/Massage/Reflexology/Acupuncture/Qigong

9) Meditate/Breath

10) Sunbathe/Grasswalk/Treehug


11) Ritual

12) Survival/Travel


Deep brainwaves and the alpha state are said to be the level at which healing occurs. If we could tap into this level of the unconscious mind we might experience miracle cures where mind truly overcomes matter. Right now I'm reading a book titled, "You The Healer," which describes such a method. It's basically how to self-hypnotize yourself to heal yourself.

I also downloaded and am listening to Dr. Robert Moore's Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience, in which is said that if you follow the methods taught in the audio program you will have out-of-body experiences. In Amazonian shamanism it is said that those that travel outside the body during an Ayahuasca experience will experience healing. Now we have a way to induce such experiences simply by listening to an audio program with headphones, pretty awesome.

Dr. James Hardt (author of "The Art of Smart Thinking") heads the Biocybernaut Institute where, for a very expensive price (far too expensive for most of us) he teaches you through use of biofeedback devices to control your brainwaves so that you can enter an alpha state at will. The Silva Method claims to do the same thing for a far cheaper price. And other books cover similar methods, specifically other researchers related to Dr. James Hardt's work discuss such methods in the following books:

"PEAT: Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence and the Neutralization of Polarities," by Zivorad Slavinski

"Peak States of Consciousness: Theory and Applications, Volume 1: Breakthrough Techniques for Exceptional Quality of Life," by Grant McFetridge

"Peak States of Consciousness: Theory and Applications, Volume 2: Acquiring Extraordinary Spiritual and Shamanic States," by Grant McFetridge

"The Basic Whole-Hearted Healing Manual," by Grant McFetridge

I don't have any of these books yet but they're definitely on my reading list. I'm also studying Transcendental Meditation by reading Mahirishi Mahesh Yogi's book "The Science of Being and the Art of Living." And am studying Buddhist meditation as well. I actually learned some Tibetan Yoga from a Qigong master in New York so I do a specific mudra and chant that puts me in a nice alpha zone. It's like a mental cleansing. Feels real good and puts me in a very positive state. It also has affected my dreaming somewhat, for the better. With more practice I'm sure I'll be capable of some amazing things...like fully healing myself.


What's great about these forums is the exchange of information. I'm going to keep going through the archive of threads to see what I can find. There's definitely a lot of good information on what to add to one's diet, I see most people taking this or taking that, some stuff works some stuff doesn't. What I'm not seeing is anything about Expulsion...not many people on here talking about enemas to cure themselves of herpes. I'm not surprised by this but at the same time it seems like an obvious step you'd expect people to try at some point. I'm just surprised more people haven't tried this approach.

I also don't see a lot on here about the spiritual approach as I'm sure it's the most controversial. When it comes to curanderia we use sweeping with herbs, sweeping with an egg, and various incantations and prayers. Happens every day all over Mexico and South America, people are cured everyday...if anyone has been cured of herpes or warts with these methods I'm not sure. I wouldn't be surprised if there were though. One thing's for sure and that is the books I have on the subject have plenty of treatments for these exact conditions so if there's a shaman out there that knows specifically what herbs and rituals cure these diseases I wouldn't be surprised one bit. People are claiming herpes cures from Iboga and African shamans, so hey I'd say that's a start. Iboga is definitely on my list of things to do.

And if all that fails you can find me in Kathmandu, Nepal one of these days visiting Lhamo Dolkar and Dorje Yudronma until I'm fully healed. Of course I'm going to start with something cheaper and do a full bowel detox, enemas, cold sheet treatments, poultices, and the whole enchilada with Dr. Schulze's method.

Well I think that's everything. I'll be updating my status and my results as I continue on this journey of healing.

Check out this video titled, "Healing/Shaman Voyage": http://youtu.be/vND5E-2aPrw. It's a documentary on some of the things I was talking about in this thread.

Peace be with you~

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Look at the thread for Tagamet under the treatment section. It has cleared warts on some although those were not genital.

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Hi. I downloaded this book. I'm very interested in improving my obs and overall health. Have you started a routine or currently in the process. I.would like to.know what your doing and your findings. Please keep in touch.

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Would hot and cold apply to.the site of an outbreak. Have you tried this yet

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Warts are nothing. You freeze them off or get creme you put on every other day for 3 days. No more warts for ever. DynamicleR for herpe.

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qtip if it was that easy I wouldn't be here. 'get creme over in 3 days'....this is a foolish comment and unless you've gone thru this just shut the f up buddy. I've been thru enough already alright so take ur trolling someplace else. dynamiclear is no cure just a treatment.

and yes hot and cold hydro would apply to the site of an outbreak, more than that though its should help you flush out your cells. you should message me happyreality. I don't like posting about this very much for obvious reasons

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Wow thats some serious research man! I am very interested in your healing journey and would love to see how it goes, If this is what you will attempt I don't see anyone else going through these methods, and I would be interested to see the results then good luck to you. I wish you the best and if we never try we will never know the truth. please keep me posted!

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Hey DorianGrey,

First of all, great post! I have been thinking about many of the same things, and you put it into words very well. I acquired my new "friend" a few months ago and have been looking into possible cures. I firmly believe there is a cure for herpes (probably several ways to take care of it). I believe that the body has the means to cure itself if the right conditions are created in order to facilitate the cure. But right off I recognized that, according to conventional medicine, there is no cure for herpes. Therefore, the answer (assuming as I believe that it does exist) lies somewhere outside of "conventional medicine" - or at least it has not been developed by those means yet - and alternatives must be sought out if we wish to cure this condition. So, yes, I think this needs to be approached with an open mind. Ultimately I agree with the holistic approach that you present, but I wanted to mention a couple other possibilities that you did not cover.

One is Rife technology (which of course is discussed on these forums). I started using a Rife machine very early on and do not have OBs. I can't say for sure whether this has helped or cured the condition since I don't have a history as a point of comparison. I know that also these machines are controversial and some may be scams. Anyway, it's an "alternative" technique to directly target the herpes virus and I think has merit. One webpage mentions that a holistic practitioner cured 3 out of 3 people using particular frequencies and waveform (incidentally a spiking wave, which I don't have with my machine although I've been trying the frequencies). Whether or not this is true I don't know but thought it was worth mentioning.

The other thing I am starting to investigate is another spiritually-based one. It's called Emotional Freedom Technique, and is a system for releasing blocked energy that seems to have helped with a variety of conditions. Traditionally, they used tapping on certain body parts to induce healing. The newer system dispenses with tapping. Everything can be accessed online for free at: http://www.emofree.com/.

I'm planning to do an ayahuasca trip early next year (was planning that even before my "friend" appeared on the scene), and I find your comments about iboga extremely interesting.

Please keep us informed about your progress.

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thanks for all your research. I have done yage (ayahuasca) for several years and can attest to its effect on my overall health including abating the psychological effects of living with herpes. Ayahuasca purges bad energy and disease and opens us up to nature so that we can be cured by its abundance, in acknowledging and being grateful to Mother Earth. This is a great help to our physical and mental well being which go together. However, living in NYC I cannot take ayahuasca too often and thus it hasn't yet cured herpes. Nonetheless, the plant's spirit, the overall experience and faith that it sparked in me brought with it what you so ardently express in your post which is the willingness to heal oneself. Ayahuasca made me more curious about everything and patient to and willing to try those things that might help me and so it brought me to another plant that has been amazing in lowering the frequency of outbreaks and maintaining a strong immune system: enters turmeric. I take a spoonful of turmeric a day with some black pepper and coconut oil. This combination helps the body digest curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric). It has been a great addition to my life that also treats my depression, knee pain and it even whitens my teeth when I brush myself with the paste of coconut oil and turmeric. It also works topically, so smother away! However, I must warn you that turmeric is a natural die and your clothes and bedsheets will fashion a beautiful yellow mark. The mark of healing? Try it.


my life has improved tremendously with both of these plants. One is a teacher, healer and spiritual guide. The other a companion that keeps my pain away. 


May at the earth heal. Aho!

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I found this thread fascinating and so encouraging. Thank you very much for sharing your approaches to healing. It would be great if you could report on your advances sometime

I have a specific question for Sisas with regards to your experience with Ayahuasca. Do you know if there is any incompatibility with Acyclovir? I was planning on doing Ayahuasca but I thought I should previously spend 1 month out of Acyclovir in case there is some sort of conflict.


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