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reject with a twist


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ok so heres the lowdown: i made friends with this guy at work.. we hung out once, i was into him, but got over it as i got to know him more and found other interesting men(especially one on the positive site!) but i hung out with him last week, alcohol was involved, after everyone else left or went to bed, we hung out more in the living room and watched a movie.. then we switched it to porn( im sorry, i watch it cuz its funny) and i was laughing about it.. then it started to get to that point when he kept talking about fighting urges and i was just like ummm ok, u know whatever.. we we started making out er what have you.. and i had to stop him, cuz he didnt know.. after i tell him the situation, he not only stops, but he jumps across to the other side of the couch, and dares to say "omg thank you, you couldf have just saved my life!" as if i am going to like murder him! like really.. ok well heres the twist.. i go to leave to go home, my car gets towed!!!! he had to call the cops to find out where it was towed to(which turned out to be like 20 mins away) and he drove me there.. whole time in silence! after i got my car($200 later!) he took off like a bat out of hell..

well im very open with having this disease.. most of my friends at work and outside work know i have it, so him telling is no issue to me.. i just thought it was so terrible what he said to me.. i even went so far as to tell him the transmission rates... yes i know theres lots of good people out there, and im not too bothered by him rejecting me cuz i have better on my plate during this boy flood im having right now.. i just thought it was messed up... we'll see what happens tuesday when i see him at work... hmmmm

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i applude you so much

it wasnt a very nice response, but u did the right thing, and no one can say otherwise!!

if everyone had your sense, most of us wouldnt be in this situation!!

his response is typical of sumone who doesnt know about HSV, most people think STDs = death. well we know they dont!

hope any future people u tell dont have that response...

chin up, he may think u saved him, but by his response, you saved youself...

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Your attitude is rockin' and I applaud you for being so honest and brave and OPEN about your status. For every scaredy cat out there, perhaps you will open the eyes of someone who doesn't know and understand herpes.

I do not blame him for being ignorant and/or afraid. But how he handled things was very childish.

oh well, no biggie. AS you said, better things are on your plate!!

good luck to you and stay strong.

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That was funny. If you're going to have a bad night - might as well have a REALLY bad night!!! :) I'm only sorry your car cost you $200. As for the 'rejection' - you had a lucky escape. :D

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yup, i know on the real.. worse off is that i work with him, luckily in a different dept. so far i still havent really talked to him.. worst thing that happened was that he yelled at me today cuz he overheard me telling his friend kind of what happened, but only pertaining to the tow situation and didnt even really bring up his name other than to say it happened at his house and he didnt want to give me a ride.. and this punk arse blew up at me.... i just laughed it off, then wrote him a note before i left that i didnt really mention his name and that next time he listens to someones conversation, he should listen to the whole thing.. lol i just thought it was hilarious.. some people are just ignorant and immature... DUMB! lol :lol:

thank you all for your wonderful comments, i hate when people make us feel dirty.. i think if we were all more open about our situations, perhaps the stigma behind herpes would be severely lessened if not dropped completely.. but i understand that a lot of people are much more conservative than i am.. and i respect that.:cool:

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    • tbc122
      https://imgur.com/a/cVi8yJY 2 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex. Few days later I wake up with a stinging sensation in my urethra. I don't have any blisters, lesions or redness, my penis looks completely normal from the outside, but the stinging in my urethra is always there. Urinating doesn't make the pain worse. From the research I've done and how my body feels I'm pretty sure I caught genital hsv1. To make matters worse I think I transmitted it to my eyelid by touching my infected penis and then my eyelid which did develop a blister. Can anyone look at my lower eyelid and tell me if it looks anything like herpes?  I forgot to add that the blister is painless, but my eye is a bit watery. Other than that it's fine and my eyesight is good. Considering how this all developed in a matter of a week after I had unprotected sex it can't be much else than herpes..
    • SuperSnap
      Hey I see that they also sell the pill form in 100 mg and 500 mg form. Do you think this is as affective? They have the regular and extract version of the pill. Which would you think is the right one to get? And how many pills per day to get the same effect of say 16 seeds?
    • Ric12321
      it's actually because of bareback bj...
    • scurrred
      I had an IGG test  and the ranges were out of range and high  HSV 1 was 42 and HSV 2 was 19 so I guess it was accurate but the problem now is I can't figure out when or who I got it from. In 2018 to 2019 when I was with my ex I was STD tested but not sure if herpes was included but my ex was supposed to get tested but refused. I experienced some trauma with him and didn't date until a year and a half later so I'm confused. The guy I dated after the ex who didn't want to be tested I told them a week ago about my results he was trying to be there for me and understanding,I told him to get tested but to request a herpes blood test , because he had no noticeable lesions or bumps ever is what he said and I never noticed any on him now he has shut down all his social media and I can't reach him. Hoping he's okay, I feel bad because in 2018 I did have what I was told it was an abrasion that tingled but at my doctor the day I was tested they told me it wasn't herpes but I think it was only a visible diagnosis. I keep having it reoccur from time to time 
    • CHT
      Hello "FeelingLost".... your fears and concerns are understandable but, nothing you've described regarding the sexual encounter would cause you to contract herpes.... further, your symptoms are not herpes related.  Best of all, your doctor is correct, your results don't show any herpes here.  You can relax.... definitely have your GP take a look at things and see what might be causing the symptoms but, again, none of them are typical herpes related.  I wish you the best in terms of talking to your wife about this encounter.... hopefully she will understand and you both can work through this amicably.  We all make mistakes.... be careful not to beat yourself up too hard over this.... you can become so racked with guilt that you start imagining physical symptoms.  Best of luck.... and take care..... come back to the site if you have questions.
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