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well i was looking online for advice on cold sores. i want to stop thinking about them there ruining my life. i cant get a job becuase i will be embarrased if im working and have a coldsore. I dont know what cuases me to get them, all i know i hate them. i have been getting them ever since 8th grade.

thank god i found this website. i can feel better by hearing other peoples problems. :p

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Many people find coldsores to be worse in the summer months. The sunshine effects our immune system on some level.

There are so many things in the world that are traumatic and I understand that how you feel about your coldsores is effecting your self esteem. Honestly at least 50% of the population lives with coldsores or loves someone else who does. This should not keep you from getting a job. Besides it does little good to live your life worrying about what others think. Try to put this in perspective - do you spend your day thinking about everyone you see? Probably not.

Read the link that gutted attached. Maybe pick up some lysine or some Abreva and get out there.

Jobs can be fun. You learn something new, you make new friends, you make some money (fun to spend) and you're not stuck at home wishing you were doing something. Not to mention that each new job skill you acquire makes you more valuable as an employee and that's good for your self esteem. You are not your coldsore.

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I'm new

Hi there. Just wanted to see if I could get some advice from some of you guys/gals.

I've been to the doctor 5 times since I thought I might have contracted the Herpes Virus. Two days after it happened, I started to get some weird discharge and some burning. I waited for three more days, then went to a clinic. She did an evaulation and took a swab of the mystery discharge/mucus. She took a culture, evulated it and then came back and told me that she was not sure what it could be. It was a type of bacteria, just unsure of the specific kind. So she gave me an antibiotic that would take care of a bacterial infection or chlymadia. She send the culture off and three days later the two tests (Chlymadia and Gonorrhea) she tested for came back negative. She advised that I wait to get a Herpes, AIDS, and Syphillis tests, as those take longer to show up. I still did NOT feel satisfied with that because I still had the burning. When I examined my girl downstairs, I noticed a lot of redness- it just did not look right.

So, I went to the ER and had the same tests run. The ER only tested for Tricinmonis (SP)-negative, gonorrhea-negative, chlymadia- neg. He gave me an antibiotic injection as well as oral antiobiotics as a precation for chlymadia and gonorrhea. He also thought it may be a yeast infection, but that also came back negative- He gave me yeast meds. anyway.

So, three more days past and I still felt burning, tingling, with no itching. So, I went back to the clinic and she did another exam, and said that nothing looked like herpes. I got dressed and left. Still worried, I went again yesterday and had another exam and decided to go ahead and have all three blood tests (herpes, AIDS, and syphillis).

I still have some burning, but it has gone down a bit.. I have been drinking a lot of freshly made juice with fresh fruits..

Is it possible that I had a mild outbreak for my first time? Could it be something else?

I don't know if my guilt, and major MAJOR worry has made me feel more than what is really there. Have you ever heard of things like this?

Or is this something that I am just going to have to wait out. Just like I have up to this point. It's been 16 days since it happened. I started feeling symptoms two days after and its getting better. Could that have been an outbreak? I am so confused. I just don't understand how there is a possiblity that my herpes blood test could come back negative if I was already having symptoms.

If anyone has any feedback, advice, guidance,or anything.. please feel free to comment back. I am at a complete loss.

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In order to get a true positive test result for hsv you must either have herpes specific antibodies showing up in your blood work or have a swab culture of the infected area at the exact same time that the herpes virus is present on the skin.

If you had never in your life been exposed to either herpes simplex virus (hsv) a blood test would show no antibodies to hsv. If you are exposed to hsv your body will begin to manufacture a defense against the virus but this takes time. Often antibody production is not sufficient to be detected in a blood test for up to 16 weeks after exposure. It is possible to have tests that record a false negative result.

The most reliable blood test is the Western Blot. If you have another type of blood test you want to look at the results for the IgG. Ask your dr to give you a copy when the results are back.

It is also possible to be exposed and not have an initial ob or for the initial ob to be anything other than classic. It is possible to go many years with the virus present in your body and not recognize symptoms or have very mild symptoms.

Ideally it would have been great had your dr at your first visit to have taken a swab of the reddened skin area. If you find that you have blisters or anything similar pop up make sure to have a dr take a swab of them to send for culture. A swab culture if taken at the right time is a very reliable way of testing for hsv. It is apparently difficult to culture in a lab and a positive is quite definitive.

Finally, why do you think you have been exposed? Does your current partner have hsv or an active ob? If you are not sure they should be tested. If they have a positive test this would be helpful to know.

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The reason why I want to be tested is because I had "relations" with a man outside of my marriage. I do know this man, but he has since cut off all communication when I asked about STD information. We had unprotected sex (both kinds). Two days after my mistake, is when I got the strange discharge and burning. After Chylmadia(sp) and Gonorrhea were ruled out and I was given antibiotics and my symptoms persisted, I thought Herpes because of the way my friend downstairs looked. She was very red, and I could see areas where it look as though the skin was rubbed raw, if you know what I mean. I don't know of anyother way to describe it. I went in to the clinic and she looked at it and said everything looked normal. I didn't know that I had to tell her to culture my "rubbed raw skin". I guess each case is different and mine may not have been a "normal" outbreak with the ulcers.

It appeared as sores to me. I looked again today, and it looks as though "she" is getting less red. So could it be possible that it was an ob?

I just want to make sure if I do or do not have it before my husband and I have intercourse. I have told him about my mistake, and I don't think he will stick around if I test positive for any STD, especially herpes.

I have been drinking a lot of freshly made juice with fresh fruit and vegetables. It seems as though I starting feeling better since then. FOr the past 2 1/2 weeks, I have not eaten a whole lot. I can not relax. I just feel so alone.

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    • Hiitsmeimtheproblem
      To give some context I hve been suffering with this for the last 6/7 years this came about after I had varicella zoster on the inside of my body a week after I started getting clusters of spots on the top of my buttock they are not painful as such can be itchy at times but majority of the time I don’t feel it when I have an outbreak. I’ve been to various doctors who say it’s a fungal skin infection or a bacterial skin infection. I’ve asked if it’s herpes but they will say it’s not without even testing it. 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hello there @momma267 and welcome. There is no reason to believe that what you have there is other than a pressure sore, something that has emerged from rubbing with clothing or butt cheeks and exacerbated by bacteria or yeast.  Note that the first you’d learn of herpes is unlikely to be on your butt, instead where it enters your body, this is usually within the vaginal lips for females.
    • momma267
      So to begin with, I am 26 and have been with the same partner for 8 years. I have only been with three people ever, one completely protected and the other we were both our firsts. I got this rash on my but while pregnant and my doctor said she was testing for it and I'm so confused. I've had two babies, breastfeed, and never had anything as much as a cold sore. Does this look like something anyone has experienced? I used fragrant soap down there and am hoping it's contact dermatitis or a heat rash from sweating and gaining so much weight.  Advice would be helpful. I'm stressing out a bit as I am pregnant. Blister https://picallow.com/blister/  
    • harrygauff
      @WilsoInAus could you kindly have a look :) also how long does it typically take for herpes blisters to develop into sores
    • harrygauff
      Hi, it is me again, apologies for the recent influx of posts. I've noticed a slightly raised area on the middle of my top lip with what i feel are some bumps. i do have a habit of biting my lips a fair bit and this area is frequented by my teeth. I haven't noticed any unusual/abnormal tingling or burning or pain sensations. the photos are a bit difficult to focus on them but do these seem like the start of cold sores? note: I will be visiting the drs for an std checkup in the coming week. https://imgur.com/gallery/YLVA5us
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