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Another Treatment perspective

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I've had genital herpes since I was 24, and am now 41. It ruined my relationships, sex life and my self esteem in general. My outbreaks usually corresponded to when I was dating and getting close to having sex with a man. Ie I'd be seeing someone for a time, and when I thought we were getting close... Voila! a big, ugly herpes blister. I noticed that it was accompanied by the sense of being overpowered and being at the control of someone/something else.

Over the years I tried whatever I could, finding limited or intermittent relief and being frustrated with 'cures' that only stopped an outbreak but still having herpes lurking in my body ready to strike.

I started looking at the spiritual reasons why I got it. I knew I had one past lives as a nun and did a meditation asking about that life. In the meditation, the woman in that life was crouched down in a chair, powerless and following the expectations put on her. She had no self-esteem and no confidence in her own knowledge. She had made the vow to live in poverty, chastity and obedience. Except, I didn't make the vow just for that life, I made it for all my lives and the herpes was a way to enforce that vow.

I did meditations over about a month, giving her wisdom, love and support. In the meantime, I also read the book "Reclaiming the Goddess" by Barbara Walker. After some time, in the meditations I could see her developing her self esteem and trusting herself.

In one of the last meditations, I told her how her vow was affecting my life and she revoked it, making the decision to only live to her vow in that life.

Haven't had an outbreak since.

If this provides one person an insight which stops their suffering, I'll be delighted.


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That is an interesting perspective. It takes a lot of faith to work through those beliefs and to trust your spirit.

I'm happy that you are physically responding in a positive way - what could be better than no more ob's. :)

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Powerful Enlightenment

Thank you for bringing up past life commitments. I am a Spiritist in the Allan Kardec Society. Spiritists believe in karmic occurances, whether they are debts or not, committed from prior lives. We are given this present life to pay our debts and cleanse our souls of "progams" that where set in our minds/souls. These programs could have been forced upon us or we set them ourself.

We are obligated to educate ourselves of the truth in the Word of God; learning and abiding by His Universal Laws. Some universal laws are: Respect, cause and effect, thought creates energy, worship to the creator, working (earning a living) and pro-creation (creation of body to house new souls to Earth School).

We have the spiritual obligation to complete our mission in life; the spiritual reason why we are here on Earth in service to others, as well as to ourself. Some people are just naturally drawn to their mission and others are too facinated with Earthly stimuli to be bothered.

I believe my contracting herpes was to settle a debt, assuring that I respect others and not divulge in Earthly desires, such as sex, alcohol, etc.

I do believe that prior lives affect subsequent ones. I pray that your previous incarnation as a nun lets go of her need for chastisement. Sacrifice is for those who do not comprehend Our Creators compassion and forgiveness of His Children, Us.

Best Wishes and God Bless.

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I can't say that I'm a believer in reincarnation, but I also wouldn't dispute the theory. I am truly convinced, though, that the spirit is stronger than the flesh. Being a Reiki practioner, I've seen (and experienced myself) the healing power we all possess within ourselves. I'm happy for you, Rhiannon, that you were able to tap into that power and use it to heal yourself.

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how do you find who you were in your past life? how do you meditate? what are daily practices for someone to continue to keep a positive spirit and over power the possible re occurrences of OB's?

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I don't see that my getting herpes was part of a debt, or penance for doing something wrong, but that definitely was one of the spaces that I went through. My perspective on it now is that it is a opportunity for learning and completion of something from a past life.

My way of meditating for this was: Ask my mind (either my mind, higher self, greater self, or whatever you consider that part of yourself) to bring to your conscious mind the reason why you have herpes. I have to say that I asked this question many times before getting any answer or information that I would/could accept. I needed to be patient with myself.

To meditate, find a space to relax and be quiet. Then ask your higher self to go to the time/event and ask your higher self again what you need to do. In my case, I could see this nun who was disempowered, but first of all, I didn't know what to do. I started researching nuns and learning more about women's power (adding to the learning & experience that I'd had over some years...I started with the book Women Who Run with the Wolves). I read the Barbara Walker's book and mediatated a few times few the book, giving the nun knowledge from the book, and from my experience/life. The meditations were over about 3 months, and I noticed she changed over time, too.

As far as the daily practices for combatting outbreaks, I learned the mental processes (ie the thoughts/feelings) that I had either just before or during an outbreak, and tried meditating on these, too. This brought me closer to learning from it, because for me it was about not having control over my body and being controlled by something else. From this, I meditated on these feelings and I eventually got to the bit with the nun.

Also, every outbreak, when I was finished being philosophical and just wanted the &$^&* outbreak to be gone, I'd soak for 1/2 hour or more in a bath or bowl with at least 1/2 cup of colloidal silver. It would nuke any outbreak in 2 or 3 days.

Good luck!


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Karma Life after Life

I went to a past life regression therapist. The therapist coached the meditation and although I was viewing past lives, I was also awake enough to speak what I was viewing in my minds eye to the therapist, who was then recording on paper. PLR allows you to have clues on what you are working on in this life, or of any other question you might have regarding your past.

Ever hear that if you don't learn a valuable lesson you were meant to learn, you have to experience the same situation again until you DO learn it? That's a karma teaching...you were meant to learn something.

A coached meditation is a good start for the beginner. I used to attend yoga class and after the exercises, the instructor coached a short meditation. Yoga is meant to prepare the body for meditation.

I agree with Rhiannons wording on control. YOU are in control of your body. Herpes gets in control when you are OUT of Control. When you meditate, as described by Rhiannon, you make the conscious decision to be in control and as commander and chief of your mind, body and soul, you state (and mean it) that you never want another outbreak and that your immune system is in perfect condition.

You consciously maintain your immune system by eating right and staying in control (self-control of your emotions).

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    • Charlee
      No diagnosis yet. I haven’t had sex in 3 months, this just popped up yesterday. No warning. I have had sex with 2 men in the last 10 years and they were both this year. One unprotected, we both were tested and negative for everything. No hsv test since neither of us had symptoms. The ulcer is near my clitoris. The only thing I can think of is possibly friction from suction vibrator a couple days before this showed up. Please help, I’m terrified. 
    • Dawid
      Nath kiepsko z twoją nadzieją czarno to widzę. O ile patrzyłem sprawdź sam clinical trials Priteliviru. Badanie Priteliviru kończy fazę 2 w maju 2021 roku.Gdzie jeszcze faza 3 może 2024 rok to bym się zgodził. Też bym chciał żeby zatwierdzili Pritelivir za rok.
    • sadangel22
      I have had G-HSV1 for about about a year and a half now. I am a woman who recently started seeing another woman who also has HSV1 but only orally. She has experienced major health anxiety with fear of giving it to other people, as have I, but was wondering if we are completley in the clear because of antibodies or do we still need to be cautious? Does anyone have any articles about this? She is concerned about giving me something oral and I am concerned about giving her something genital so any research or reassurance would be helpful! Also when I got diagnosed I got swab tested and it confirmed I had G-HSV1 and nothing has ever came up orally but is there a possibility I have it orally too and it just has never shown up? Apologies if these are dumb questions in the wrong place but any help would be appreciated. 
    • Laguna
      My apologies is this has already been shared and discussed, but I saw that Fred Hutch is making some headway in the Epstein Barr/ mononucleosis /Herpes 4 research!!    https://www.fredhutch.org/en/news/center-news/2020/06/epstein-barr-virus-antibody.html Another study I read (& can't find again) shows that the presence of another virus in the body enhances HSV. That's why an OB occurs when we get a cold or flu, not just a basic drop in immune function. So, I'm thinking that this could be true also if someone has several herpes viruses 😓
    • madman
      Hi Cas9. I requested this test on my own in a laboratory, because I was having pain and burning in my penis glans (without having any lesion visible).  I've talked to my doctors, and they say that I shouldn't worry, that this is something normal in the population. In short, none of them have suggested any other tests. In this post I explained what has been happening to me. Regardless of what is causing me this discomfort (which has been going on for more than 5 months) according to the test I am a carrier of the virus. Now what should I do in my relationships? Telling girls something like....  hey look I can't kiss you because I have herpes but I don't know where it is..... Its awful... man
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