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Help! Its Getting Worst Everytime!

Young one

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I am freaking out right now!

This is my fifth outbreak since September when i found out i had this.

All my outbreaks used to be minor, even my first one but my last one was a little worst than the ones before and took like 3 weeks to heal. This one i have now is MASSIVE. It covers a 2 inch area (length) and maybe .5 inch (width) on my outer labia. It seems as if its getting worst each time rather than better which according to what i've read, it should become less severe as time goes by.

Im so worried because im now thingk ing about HIV. Im frealing out.

Has anyone ever experienced herpes getting worst? Or even such a massive one that covers a 2 inch area. Mine were usually 1 or 2 little blisters now there are like...i can't count. :(


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i feel so bad for you. i think you should see your doctor immediately. are you on antiviral meds? are you taking lysine, vit c, b, zinc, etc. watching your diet? are you using any of the recommended topical treatments? maybe the summer weather/heat is making it worse?

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Im putting acyclovir 5% cream on it and i only have 5 200mg acyclovir tablets and my doctor won't be back untill Monday. I refuse to go to any other doctor. I take vitamins.

I did get some very upseting news a week ago and i came down with a very slight cold a few days before the outbreak but i'm fine now. Those are the only things i can think about that could have caused it to be so bad. But its REALLY BAD :s Everytime i look at it it seems as if there are new ones. I'm so sad.

I would really like to know id anyone has ever had it this bad.

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Hi just a quick reply. Im was using the same cream and the same tablets and it brought me up with the nasty rashes. Which are the side affects. My Blisters are sooo bad its unreal! im too scared to pee! so i no totally how you feel. Mine dont seem to get better either. They seem to do the oppisite which is very confusing. If the cream isnt doing anything go back to the docs and they will give you something stronger. This will make it so much better and you will feel less discomfort! dw u are not alone. Hope they get better.

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Overnight the whole thing just scabbed over and is now healing! I can't beleieve it, I'm really happy I dont have to deal with this much longer. I think I'm going to go on suppressive now because I dont think I could handle another one of these.

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Before you go on supressives, how about trying a natural method of rebalancing your body acid levels to an alkaline state which will prevent you from having any more outbreaks in the future, beef up your immune system, and allow you to live a healthy life.

Check out my article Outbreak Free and Proud to Be - How I did it


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    • WilsoInAus
      Hello there @momma267 and welcome. There is no reason to believe that what you have there is other than a pressure sore, something that has emerged from rubbing with clothing or butt cheeks and exacerbated by bacteria or yeast.  Note that the first you’d learn of herpes is unlikely to be on your butt, instead where it enters your body, this is usually within the vaginal lips for females.
    • momma267
      So to begin with, I am 26 and have been with the same partner for 8 years. I have only been with three people ever, one completely protected and the other we were both our firsts. I got this rash on my but while pregnant and my doctor said she was testing for it and I'm so confused. I've had two babies, breastfeed, and never had anything as much as a cold sore. Does this look like something anyone has experienced? I used fragrant soap down there and am hoping it's contact dermatitis or a heat rash from sweating and gaining so much weight.  Advice would be helpful. I'm stressing out a bit as I am pregnant. Blister https://picallow.com/blister/  
    • harrygauff
      @WilsoInAus could you kindly have a look :) also how long does it typically take for herpes blisters to develop into sores
    • harrygauff
      Hi, it is me again, apologies for the recent influx of posts. I've noticed a slightly raised area on the middle of my top lip with what i feel are some bumps. i do have a habit of biting my lips a fair bit and this area is frequented by my teeth. I haven't noticed any unusual/abnormal tingling or burning or pain sensations. the photos are a bit difficult to focus on them but do these seem like the start of cold sores? note: I will be visiting the drs for an std checkup in the coming week. https://imgur.com/gallery/YLVA5us
    • WilsoInAus
      To give everyone confidence that it wasn’t herpes related and conclude as the doctor did that it was a dermatitis issue to refer back to the dermatologist to continue with investigations.
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