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Heres the story. Just found out.

I had an encounter with a girl I thought (got around) so I got tested with HerpesSelect and it came back negative. I felt like I had something then, even cried a some points because I kept thinking I was seeing things. After tested twice, came back okay. I felt good.

I met a girl who is amazin, she was very quiet, and shy, but also isn't a whore so to speak. She was in a 4 yr relationship, another one of a couple months, and a recent 1 yr... that ended 6 months ago to some asshole who cheated on her.

We were involved with each other mentally, and started seeing each other, when we first engaged in anything it was a month or two after I met her. Here is where the story comes

We were on a trip, she had a crazy sun blister on her lip (looked mutated I swear).. for the 2 months prior.. there was many times she seemed distant, even on the trip I literally had to say, what the fuck, don't you like me. whats going on here. She would say i like you so much thats why. Im like, well if you like me then show it. What do I have to do? Do i have to rip your clothes off...well the answer was yes...

we had sex, oral etc. 5 days later (from the first time this happened on the trip)--- I took a piss, and it burned like no other. Then I seen what was..the first outbreak. I was sick, fever over 104, swollen glands etc.

She kept wanting me to come out after we returned home, and I said I couldn't cause I was sick. She kept persisting on seeing me etc but I was unable to, not to mention, couldn't even take a piss.

I go get tested and I came back negative for everything except Herpes which wasn't tested immediatly. I told him to see if I had strept throat and possibly if the piss burning was a Urinary tract infection. He swabbed my mouth and found the sores on the roof of my mouth etc was Herpes virus. I asked him if I needed to get tested for genital herpes he said ''Whats the point, you know you have herpes''...

I didn't tell the girl, (still feeling, maybe the tests were messed up from the girl before her I slept with). I Finally brang it up to her after saying...have you been with a lot of people etc, because... after the trip (the time I was sick)....i was pissing razor blades. She was mostly saying omg on text message how I musta been thinking like this forever...(being a few months after the first time).

I told her its a good idea to go get checked out, because I didnt want to pay the 120$ for genital, even though... i knew I probably had it.

Now, keep in mind, this is the type of girl.. i ask her to do something for me and she will always remember, and do it. After a month and still no test or even considering that option. I freaked out on her. I told her I went back. and got tested and they told me I have it and wrote this long email to her.

She msg'd me back saying Call me. I called her and she just didn't say anything on the phone.. like nothing. We met on my break from work and she just kept huggin me and didn't say much other then I swear I didn't know. This girl seems like a very honest person.

My main question is, could this crazy sun blister open wound be the reason I contracted herpes?

Keep in mind, within the week of me telling her I had it, and she does.. I found a Ointment cream in her bathroom of Zovirax Cream perscripted to her of November 2005!

Which seems like the time she first got together with her last bf who was an asshole and cheated on her.

She said she went to the Doctors, and they put her in a robe and checked her out and the Doctor simply said, no you dont have it. I told her, her doctor is an IDIOT, jus because there is no visible signs doesn't mean shit.

Now my gf tells me she gets cold sores every year from stress or the sun.

IS THIS GIRL FULL OF IT? She hasnt really brang it up since then, and really seems like it doesn't bug her at all. This girl wants to be with me...forever. I can tell and shes said it.


By the way, the box she left which showed the Zovirax Cream was laying on her counter behind makeup, then, the next time i went in it was stuffed in the back of the drawer, she hasnt brang it up to me at all.

What would you guys think of this?

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seems like she knew she had herpes and infected you.

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um. Coldsores=Herpes. Generally it is herpes simplex 1. She performed oral on you, so it appears she passed it onto you genitally. The fact she had a gnarly sore on her lip and STILL performed oral/kissed/etc is too bad.

And let this be proof....so-called "good girls" can have herpes too.

There are men and women out there who sleep with hundreds of people, and luck out and have NOTHING.

There are vestal virgins out there who have sex ONE TIME and contract herpes.

Nobody, no matter what "type" of person they are, is exempt from contracting a sexual disease, should they be sexually active.

You need to sit and have a REAL TALK with this broad....find out if she had genital herpes as well as god knows what else.

Good luck.

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I know cold sores is herpes. but, would a sun blister count?

What did you mean by that

I am completly wrong about the amount of partners is really irrelevant. Thanks for the reply

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Hi there...

Sunblister is usually another pretty word used to describe herpes, like "coldsore" and "fever blister". Unless she had a really bad sunburn on her face and was blistering all over her face, then it sounds to me like she had a herpes outbreak. Excessive exposure to the sun can cause a coldsore outbreak too. :-(

Sounds to me like she was in the midst of an active outbreak. And either she is unaware what they truly are or she knows and is not being honest.

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she could just be completely clueless cause evidently a lot of people are. the zovirax cream is for cold sores/fever blisters/sun blisters or whatever the heck people want to call them, but it's all really herpes and a lot of people don't realize that. as for her going to the doc, some won't do a test on you for genital herpes if you tell them you have never had symptoms genitally. Based on the nasty coldsore on her mouth, you most likely got hsv1 in both orally and genitally.

I guess the real question is to figure out what she knows and doesn't know... altho it does sound like maybe she was shy and you wanted her to "show" more... altho if she had a clue as to what she had you never should have contact with a sore and she should have warned you why she couldn't "show" you...

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People don't get a prescription without knowing what it treats. People don't hide something without knowing what it is.

If she's "the one" for you (as in forever), herpes is a pretty small thing to get in the way of a good thing. Is it a good thing if she lies and gives you permanent contagious disease? Sounds like she did lie to you about a pretty significant thing and she knew it was significant enough to hide it from you... which to me is a bigger red flag than even herpes.

If you had herpes, would you have told her? Do you hold her to those same standards? I think you need to force her to answer some questions instead of waiting around for her do something.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Here's the link again https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/30551986/ Bula, always include the http:// in URLs that you post so that we can just click on them instead of having to copy and past to the URL field.
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      Any views on this update on the trivalent vaccine candidate? Appears to show some promise including some effect therapeutically though not sure how much. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/30551986  
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      I was exposed as condom broke and after feeling funny I got us tested and she sure had hsv2 antibodies was like 15.5. I never got flu like symptoms. Just this mild burning sensation 
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      Thanks and yes I've been careful with towels and I take precaution as if I do have it. The thing is I don't have half the symptoms and maybe hsv1 is helping 

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