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Hello all...

Never in my wildest dreams imagined myself on a forum like this, but who does, right?

3-4 weeks ago I noticed a small amount of painless irritation near the anal area, didn't think much of it, until last week when it hadn't improved I began to do some research and became strongly concerned about the possibilty of herpes. What is even more bizarre to me is that as a well-educated, health conscious (particularly sexual health) person how much I DID NOT know about the herpes virus and transmission.

I waited until my early 20's to have sex for the first time, only ever had one partner who I trusted and who I was in a committed relationship with for several years, used a condom ever single time. I haven't even had any sexual contact in the last 5-6 months since that relationship ended. Doesn't make sense, but I know you all know that this is how this thing can work.

I had heard through friends that he had cheated on me, so I planned to get an STD screening at my next yearly gyno visit, just for good measure, but then I get this surprise of what I am about 90% sure is a herpes outbreak.

My dr. appointment was today at planned parenthood. At first she didn't suspect herpes when I told her I wasn't experiencing any pain, but when she did the exam she said it looked similar to herpes. Didn't diagnose me today, but did a culture and gave me some acyclovir ("just in case") and sent me on my way. It will be 2 weeks to get the results.

I'm glad to have found this forum... I'm still somewhat in shock, but I'm ready to begin learning what I need to do to stay healthy and protect others.

I'm also sorry to hear about the experience that you've all had and appreciate the encouragement.


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Christy C

So you've got two weeks to wait. Can seem like an eternity. But at the very least if you turn out negative we know that we have someone out there who is also in the know and compassionate to someone else with herpes. Check out my website in my signature below. Some article son herpes. Very uplifting and positve ones.

I hope for you your results come out negative


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • RHP10003
      Ok so here’s my background.  I hade my first outbreak genitially about 2 months ago.  I got swabed positive for GHSV1. My blood tests were neg so I am assuming a new infection but who knows if I had it or not.  I been reading on here and other research. So I got oregano oil and started to use it on my lower back with coconut oil to dilute it.  I was putting the combo on and would use a couple large bandaids to apply it and keep it in place overnight.  Did it for about 5 days.  I peeled off my bandaids two days ago and had two sores where the sticky part is about an inch apart.  Does the oregano oil attract the virus to cause an outbreak like this in the spot on lower back or are the sores from irritation of possibly too much oregano oil?  Anyone have a clue if this is an outbreak and caused by putting the oil there?
    • Savannah069
      They said excision is a suppressor too
    • Savannah069
      Well maybe if we started funding and stopped talking we can finally end it, I want my love life back tf and I remember someone saying there was funding and we can fund but no one is taking steps far as I can see
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      Anyone seen or tried this before?   
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      Anyone from Chicago area? Message me 

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