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intentional infection!!

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I recently found out that I could be carrying HSV2, and may have been carrying it for up to 6 months!:(

See...there was this girl I was talking to months back, a girl my cousins grew up with and basically treated her like family. Anyway things were rly complicated. Thing of it is that she had a boyfriend already but came to me saying she liked me. So, I think by the end of that week is when it happened...I spent the night in my cousins bedroom with her and the girl and...well...things got touchy. Big mistake I made from the very start! I let her pull my penis out and pulls me inside her. Sorry for the graphic detail. But I only got in like maybe a whole minute give or take a few seconds, then I pulled becoz I refused to go on w/o protection.

However, the next week I had protection that time and my cousin wasn't there so it was just me and her. We must had been at it for like maybe 15-20 before we just gave up becoz the whole thing was frustrating and I couldn't stay aroused.

Now, come this past weekend my brother calls me and tells me that my cousin told him that she has HERPES!!! My heart sunk needless to say! So I looked it up on wikipedia and, frighteningly, a lot of the symptons matched! I felt sick!!

So the next day I call her and she swears up and down that she doesn't have anything...but then in the next sentence says she is gonna beat my cousin up. According to my brother my cousin was the only one who knew which would make sense as to why she would implicate her first!

So basically my cousin is mad me becoz we did it in her room, the girl swears she doesn't have anything (swore to God even) and says that my cousin made it up becoz they don't get along right now.

BUT! Thinking back over the last 5 or 6 months I've actually noticed something wierd about my breakouts from the past...whereas at the time I assumed they were nothing becoz I've had pubic acne ever since that last time I shaved becoz of overgrowth (and from what I hear shaving could cause that area to break out really badly).

I'm noticing my a certain part of my pubic hair never grows back and I see, like, little fleshy-looking spots at the bottom of the area w/ several little, lone scars from bumps I've popped. Its a mess down there right now! ;_;

So as anyone would guess I've been very scared and confused! I'm planning on getting tested Monday but it's gonna be a very long weekend, especially with a family reunion coming up on Saturday.

So what do y'all think about my condition or these happenings...? I'm feeling really lost right now!:(

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Christy C

All I'd say to you is in the meantimle read some very positive stories experiences etc. That way you'll pass the weekend knowing that this is not the ned of the world if you have it. It can be beat, outbreaks can be mastered etc. So either you don't have it and that's great or you don and its not so bad. All you can do right now is to arm yourself with positive information so that you can beat the unneccesary worry.

I'll send you to my website for a bit of positive life experience.

The url is in my signature. Don't sweat it.


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