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First Partner since diagnoised

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hi, i need a little info. i am just starting to date this new guy since i found out i contracted the herpes virus. I have been on the valtrex pills daily for 7 months now. I was researching the precautions i must take if i become sexually active with my partner. is it safe to have protected sex with him?...will he not contract the virus? or no matter what any guy that i become sexually active with will get the virus even with me being on the pills. I haven't had any outbreaks since last year.

so really i jus need information on what the precautions and outcomes are for having sex with a partner who doesn't have herpes.

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its a lot of just luck...

never have sex during an outbreak.

you can spread herpes when you have no symptoms. valtrex can reduce the number of days that you are contagious like that, but the only 100% foolproof way is abstinence. Condoms can help, but for guys especially they can still get it cause girls often have it externally where a condom doesn't cover. Some people have the guy wear boxer shorts or something to cover the rest of the skin and wash thoroughly after.

I read an article about transmission rates, and over the course of a year, if people abstained from having sex during outbreaks and prodromal symptoms but otherwise had normal, unprotected sex, 4% of men got herpes from their partners (10% of women got it from their male partner). I would have to look it up again but I don't know if they did blood tests to confirm transmission... if they didn't the rates could be higher due to some people acquiring it asymptomatically.

4% is small except when it happens to you and your partner... if given enough time, probably most partners will become infected... but it's really just chance because you never know when the asymptomatic viral shedding occurs... it could happen the first time you have sex or the 2000th time...

it probably helps if your partner is really healthy, eats well, etc...

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