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Urinary retention, constipation. Help!

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I am now on day 9 of my first OB.

Went to my GP a few hours ago to inform him of my condition and inquire about the next step. He didn't seem too concerned with the state I am in and said no further antivirals were needed for the time being. Just let your body heal, he stated.

I have gone through un fathomable pain for the first four days, didn't sleep a minute, cried and spent pretty much the whole time in Epsom salt baths. The last few days have been much better, I was given morphine and was finally able to get some sleep. Now that I am off it and off the anti virals I would say my pain is at about a 4, definitely manageable in comparison. But having several issues which are hard to deal with. I pooped once in the past 9 days and the only way I could make it happen was to stick a bottle of saline water up my bum, (took several laxative and suppository -none worked) I also haven't been able to pee in days, even with a ful bladder I could sit on the toilet for hours nothing happens, the only relief I get is underwater. My doctor prescribed Lyrica for it but I am scared to take it. I can find any documentation online in correlation to herpes and the side effects are just too scary.

So my questions are;

-1 Should I be concerned that my doctor didn't want to extend my seven day antivirals trial even though my lesions are still around? Are they supposed to heal on their own?

-2 anybody else had severe constipation and unable to urinate? If so what did you do?

-3 anyone take Lyrica for herpes?

Thanks in advance.

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By my 3 month i couldn't take a shit ...for the longest time ...it would hurt to take a shit ...i wasn't aware that genetial herpes attacks your anus and your prostate but it does.. i caugth this last year and it be a year and i notice that am doing better pop i take a shit load of fiber ...with water try that !!! pron juice helps alot... but the lats time i felt really bad was few days ago i had jalepeno that really got to me ....so i plan to stay away from spicy foods... lesions never go away ...well at least mine which sucks ...am going back to my doctor wed to find out more about herpes ...yea to a lot of people its in medical community is not a big deal ...because they see everyday ...try to drink cranberry juice see if you can pee with taht ....

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