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Boyfriends afraid of getting herpes

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My boyfriend and i have been together for four months and i told him i hd herpes about two days later that i had oral herpes by sharing a drink.i remember crying because it was a scary thing he could either say never mind i dont want to be with you or okay its fine.luckily he says its okay but yesterday i broke out for the first time with him and hes been freakng out thinking he'll get it.honestly it make me wonder he doesnt deserve to worry biut this.he should be able to do things with someone and not think teice.he says he'll love me no matter what and not to worry.i really don't want him to recieve because of me.im confused if he got it id blame myself so much!!


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Maybe he needs to grow up a little bit. I realize you're both young so maybe lack of maturity on his part is understandable, but eventually he has to realize that he's the exception to the norm. Most people already have oral herpes. If he doesn't already have it, chances are that he will sometime down the road. I suggest pointing him to this website so he can educate himself that it's just a manageable skin condition, nothing more.

Maybe he will smarten up and see past the stigma and paranoia surrounding herpes infections, get tested, and invest into the relationship rather than concerning himself with fear. There's nothing wrong with you. You look great, you have a good heart, and usually when you have the second characteristic everything else fills in and you end up being a great partner.

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Thank you i needed to hear that and i am going to point out this website i dont want him afraid of doing anything then there is no point in Being with me.

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    • michelleloveyourself
      watch this maybe it will help
    • Theysaylifegoeson
      Thank you Slkxx. I want to talk to someone I trust but I am so afraid if I tell my best friend she will tell her husband, which is understandable. I completely trust her to not judge me but if her husband finds out his best friend is an ex of mine and I just don't want this to get around our group of friends. I have been lucky in the fact that the guy who gave it to me has been there for me but it isn't the same. Confiding in him is just making his own struggle more difficult as he feels terrible for what happened but he did not have any bad intentions. As it turns out finding out led to answering a lot of questions he has had about other health issues he had. So in a weird way this happening may actually help him in the long run with giving him an avenue for treatment. I don't want to pile onto his issues even though he has caused mine because at the end of the day he is a good guy who had no idea what was happening. I'm so glad you were able to talk to your friend and I truly hope the suicidal thoughts become a thing of your past. I am here if you need another ear.
    • Evaluate
      Various reasons are possible, including: genetics, immune system, triggers (e.g. stress), lack of nutrition/exercise, bad luck, etc. No one person has the exact same experience.  Have you tried antivirals?
    • 2kroc
      To hell with Notre Dame, let it stay ruined. I want herpes cured.
    • MJR
      Awesome. Congratulations, very happy for you. Thanks for sharing. 
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